Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Ok – I am over it now! I just got back from my first pre-natal visit, I’d guess you’d call it. It was just the medical history and insurance part of things, then they took blood for my lab work. I was there almost 2 hours though! SHEESH! There was a LOT going on in that building! They were running late and over booked and just random things going on. It didn’t help that I was trying to get them to change my name on all my stuff there as well…

So, here’s how it went. Britt went with me, and we had to park at the ER across the street and walk to the Women’s Clinic – that was my first clue they were busy. First I went into the “Business Office” of the clinic. That’s where the name change fiasco started and where I gave my first urine sample. (Part of the lab is in this area as well.) After a short wait, we met with the nurse that did a medical history with us, and then went over my insurance benefits and payment plan. Luckily, I do have good insurance, so this won’t be too bad!

After we answered 2000 medical history questions, she took us upstairs to the backed up lab. The lab tech told us it would be a 15 minute or so wait, and she gave me my little cup and wipes for my sterile urine sample and told me to try to get that done while we waited. Unfortunately, I had held it for so long before I came to the visit, then peed so much downstairs, I was OUT! I went to find a water fountain, but that didn’t help much. When it was finally our turn in the lab, she gave me a BIG glass of water while she worked on the blood draw. I was a little more than nervous as she got out the needle and the FIVE vials that had to be filled. This is my FAVORITE part. NOT! She poked around on both my hands and arms, and finally decided she liked what she saw in my right hand. Poked me, drilled around a bit, and got it to flow. For one of the larger vials. She started the 2nd one, and got nowhere. Pulled that needle out, and started prodding again to find another site. She finally decided it wasn’t her day, and went to get “help.” The second lady was rougher, but got results! She found a spot in my left arm, and got the rest of the blood they needed. I had sat there all nervous and anxious for so long, I really did have to pee after that – so it was off to give my sample. After that was all done and we FINALLY got to leave. WHEW! I was so glad to be done with all of that!

My next appointment is Wednesday, July 12, and I actually get to see the doctor that day! Maybe we will get to hear the heartbeat!!!

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