Sunday, June 18, 2006

The past two days...

The past two days have been LONG and scary.

Let's start with Friday. I woke up feeling the worst I have this whole pregnancy. But, I ate something, pushed through, and went to work. Actually didn't feel all that bad at work most of the morning. However, I was on a 12:30 deadline. (That's when Britt and I go to lunch, and my project had to be done before I left.) So, I was working my butt off, and I forgot (neglected to) have my morning snack - or my morning water. BAD, bad Mommy! So about 12:15, one of my co-workers asked me a simple question, and my answer was pure babble! I couldn't get the words to come out of my mouth! I left for lunch, and I know my blood sugar was crashing and my blood pressure was on the rise. I was seeing spots in front of my eyes and having a horrible time concentration. Food helped, but only minimally. I went back to work at 1:30, but thought I was going to DIE. I got a few loose ends wrapped up, but my boss wasn't there to ask if I could leave. I debated whether to just leave or not, and at 5 till 2, I bolted. And probably shouldn't have driven myself home! I was in my bed asleep by 2:05. We had car pooled, so Britt called at 4:45 to see if I could come get him, and that was the first I had woken up! I still felt a little googly all evening, but the nap helped. I learned my lesson! I have to eat more often and DRINK MORE WATER!

So, that leads me to Saturday... We did not sleep well Friday night. There were bad thunderstorms around here, and Emma and Lara were up several times. Add to that I wasn't feeling well (Still), and it was a long night. Only to be interrupted by my mother calling at 8:15 in the morning! UGH! So, that' how our day started. Well, when I went to the bathroom mid-morning, I noticed small stain in my underwear. When I wiped, there was some brown blood on the tissue. I didn't think much of it, and didn't mention it to Britt. We had to drop the girls off with their dad, then go to a wedding yesterday afternoon. I was still having some spotting when Britt and I were getting ready for the 4:00 wedding, so I decided to tell him then. I still felt OK, and I wasn't concerned about the spotting. But I put a pantiliner in my underwear just to monitor what was going on. I tried to sit a lot at the reception and just let other people take care of me. It was a beautiful wedding and a GREAT reception! (The dinner and reception were at Paula's house just like Britt and I did!) Later in the evening, I went to the restroom at the house. And this time I noticed a bigger, redder spot on my liner. I was getting tired anyway, so after I told Britt, we decided it was time to go home - it was about 9:00. When we got here, we both went straight to bed. We were so tired, we fell asleep with the overhead light on, the TV on, I didn't take out my contacts, or take my vitamins, we didn't pray (our nightly ritual) or even KISS goodnight! WOW! I woke up and tuned off the light at TV at one point, but I don't know what time it was!

Anyway - I woke up this morning feeling tired, but better. I went to the restroom when I first got up, but I didn't look. So I don't know if I am still spotting or not. I did have an "unexplained bleeding incident" when I was 10 weeks pregnant with the girls. I am 7 weeks today. I am still not worried about it, but I am going to take better care of myself - that's for sure!

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