Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Appointment – 14 weeks 2 days

BP: 122/76 Weight – 218 (+7)

Britt and I took the whole morning off from work. We had to go to the elementary school and complete Emma and Lara’s Pre-Kindergarten enrollment early this morning, then off to our Doctor’s appointment. We were a few minutes early, and every thing happened rather quickly! By the time I was done peeing in the cup, the nurse was already calling me back! She weighed me, took my BP, and asked about concerns. Then we waited a few minutes for the Doctor.

Once the doctor came in, he looked me over, then got the Doppler out to listen for the baby’s heartbeat. It was HARD to find! Baby Bullet is all the way over on my left side – almost under my pelvic bone! He was pressing HARD with that little wand thing. OUCH! But, we got to hear the miraculous sound of a baby’s heartbeat – OUR baby’s heartbeat!

After that, we talked about my swelling, then the doctor started talking about an appointment in 4 weeks. Thanks to my attentive and aggressive husband, we got some more answers. Britt reminded him about the hernia we were concerned about, and asked if we needed to check on that. The doctor’s face lit up like a light bulb, and he said that he wanted to take a look at that – TODAY if possible as he was leaving town tomorrow! So, he filled out the sono form, and walked us to the front. He saw the tech just standing in the hall and asked her what she was doing. She said nothing right that moment, so we were all whisked into the room!

Once we got all settled, the tech took a look at the baby. Things are PERFECT! That hernia problem has resolved itself! We were THRILLED! Once the Doc was satisfied with what he saw around the baby’s belly button and abdomen, he left. Well, the tech decided since we were in there, she would go ahead and take some measurements. So, she looked the baby over, listened to the heartbeat – 162 bpm, BTW – and just generally checked the baby out. Then, she asked us if we were going to find out the sex. Britt had asked earlier in the session how far along we had to be to be able to tell - and she had said 18 or 19 weeks. But when she asked if we were going to find out, he said yes, and I said “I think so.” She said she had asked because she thought she could tell us today. We were both so excited and said YES! Please tell us! LOL! I think she had already seen what she was about to show us on the screen. The pic in the post below shows what we saw. His “package.” IT’S A BOY!!!!! And she was kinda funny about how BIG it was! Britt, of course, was SO PROUD of his boy! LOL!

So, we got a few pictures (link), and we were off to spread our good news! We go back in 4 weeks for another appointment, and the BIG sonogram – DVD and everything! YAY!

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