Sunday, August 13, 2006

Baby Kicks

So cool! I have been feeling a few twinges and pokes here and there, but nothing consistent or completely recognizable. The other day after the Doc was rough with me finding the heartbeat with the Doppler, then the u/s tech pushed that thing on me FOREVER, I felt him move some that afternoon, but nothing since then. But last night, Britt and I were walking through Lowe’s – looking at ceiling fans (20 days of over 100 degree temperatures will do that to you!). I FELT IT! It was big, and exactly what I felt the first few times the girls moved. I called out to Britt, and he put his hand on my belly, and SWORE he felt something, too! It was SO COOL! I love that feeling!

And, I felt it again tonight a few minutes ago when I sat down to type this. Baby Jake must have known I was talking about him! :)

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