Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Appointment - 18 weeks 2 days

BP: 126/78 Weight: 217 (+2)
Today's appointment was really pretty uneventful. Got to the appointment right on time. They have a new computer system, so I had to fill out some paperwork - AGAIN! I peed in the cup and waited my turn. The nurse tested my urine and took my vitals - everything was great. I did tell her about the headaches I have had, and she said she would let the Doctor know.

Once the doctor came in, we got to hear Baby Jake's heartbeat on the doppler. Music to our ears! It is just so beautiful to hear that sound! The doctor told me the headchaes could be chalked up to several different things, diet, stress, sinuses, etc. So, we decided mine were probably due to stress, and he (jokingly) told me to quit my job! LOL!

Since my ultrasound had gotten cancelled for today, we re-scheudled it for 3:30 tomorrow. I am glad I didn't have to wait too long! We are so ready to see our baby again! I really can't wait to show the DVD to Lara and Emma - I bet they love that!

Oh - and one more fun thing! As I was laying on my back on the couch last night, I had my hand resting on my tummy. And I felt the kick (movement) from the outside! I immediately called Britt over, but he didn't feel it this time. I am hoping he gets to feel it soon! I don't ever remember feeling the girls move from the outside, only from the inside. This is really getting exciting now!

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