Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Still a boy!

We got to have our sonogram this afternoon! Here is a peek at Baby Jake:

Everything went really well. We were right on time, and got right in. After a few seconds trying to figure out if we had the right kind of DVD (we didn't - had to borrow one from the Dr's office), we got things underway.

She started off my measuring his head and his heart, looking at his kidneys and legs. She examined the cord, and we got to hear his heart beat - at a rate of 146 beats per minute. According to my calculations and the original due date we were given, I am 18 weeks and 3 days along. According to Baby Jake's measurements, he is 18 weeks 5 days. We really enjoyed watching all of the measuring and examining, and of course hearing the heart, but then she zoomed out and just let us watch him PLAY! We saw him grab at his feet several times, wiggle around, raise his head, and even smack himself in the forehead once or twice! And the best part? We have it all on DVD! When we got home from church tonight, we had my parents over, and we let Emma and Lara stay up and watch the whole thing. The miracle of life - SO AMAZING!

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