Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Appointment – 22 weeks 2 days

BP:112/72 Weight: 221 (+4)

Short and Sweet!
I like 9:30 am appointments – you get right in and the Dr. is right in to see you. The nurse took my vitals (all good) and “dipped” my urine (all good) and had me wait for the Doctor. He was right in! First thing he did was listen for the heartbeat. He had a hard time finding it – and asked me if I could turn my own heart off for a minute so he could hear better. LOL! Found it! It sounds strong and steady! Then, he looked to see if it was time to measure my fundus, but decided he would do that next time. He did feel for the top of my uterus, and it is right where it should be. Then he looked at my chart, looked at a calendar and said, “So, we’re doing this thing January 25th?” Britt and I were both caught s little off guard with that one! But after further discussion, we remembered that our doctor’s surgery day is Thursday, and that is a week and a half before my due date, so that will probably be Jake’s Birthday!

As I checked out, they gave me the gross orange drink for the Gestational Diabetes test next time. That stuff is so bad! But, at least I get to take it home and drink it an hour before I go in. I remember with the twins I had to drink it in the Doctor’s office, then SIT for an hour! UGH! That was so frustrating!

So, I go back on HALLOWEEN! My lab appointment is at 9:20, then I see the Doc right after that. I can’t believe how quickly this is going now! Found out today that my brother and his wife will probably be delivering their baby girl on December 18! What a GREAT Christmas present!

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  1. congratulations Bets! Love the name Jake too heehee!