Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Appointment – 30 weeks 2 days

BP: 130/78 Weight: 231 (+3)

Well, another 4 weeks has gone by! Today’s visit was uneventful, but it took FOEVER to go back and see the doctor. My appointment was at 9:30 (we got there about 5 minutes early), and I didn’t get back to work until 11:05! I am not sure what time we left, but it was a long time! UGH!

Anyway – all was well. To quote my doctor, he said “Everything is great! You are so easy!” We loved hearing that. We got to listen to the heartbeat, and he measured my fundus as well – but he didn’t tell us what it was. Must be about right, though! I was DREADING getting on the scale, but I only gained 3 pounds! WOW!

I go on the 2 week rotation now. I go back on Dec. 12. 2 weeks after that is the day after Christmas, and I will be at a bowl game, so we have to decide how and when he will see me around the travel schedule. As long as my pressure is good and I am still feeling good, I am clear to travel to our bowl game! We find out this Sunday where we will be going!

And a little update on the room… We have FABRIC in there now! We have a really neat rug on the floor in front of the crib, and we bought curtains for the window. We are going to have to re-hem the curtains to make them fit lie we want them too, but that shouldn’t be too hard. The dresser is all painted and as soon as the floor is finished we can move it in there. We also did some of the baby laundry this week, and made a list of all the things we still need. The nesting has begun! We can’t wait to meet our Baby Boy in just over 8 weeks!

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