Saturday, December 30, 2006

Home Again!

We got home last night about 7:15 – after HOURS of driving in the pouring rain. We were in some sort of rain from the time we left Shreveport, and it rained here all night. Made for a VERY long day. Once it got dark, the driving was just hard – and there was lots of wind, too, so it was a bit stressful. Did I mention the 2 four-year-olds in the back seat? But, we are home, safe and dry now. And the Pokes pulled out a victory at the Independence Bowl game!

It was a fun trip, and relatively uneventful pregnancy wise. Other than I wore out easily, and I took up a lot of space, I did the best I could to rest as much as possible, and to have fun when my body would allow it. I think the trip was about one day too long for me, and for the Twisters. I did have my blood pressure taken several times while we were down there by the team doctor, and it was pretty good each time. The bottom number was great, but Doc wasn’t too pleased with the top number any time. But, it was close to what it has been at my OB/GYN, so Britt and I weren’t too worried. We go back to my regular doctor on Tuesday, so we’ll see after that!

We got in to Shreveport late last Friday and went to dinner then off to bed. Saturday was fun just getting acclimated to our new surroundings. Sunday was Christmas Eve and they had a lot of fun tings planned for us as a group – including and inspirational church service that night. Here are the girls in our room Christmas Eve:
Christmas Day we had a brunch at the hotel, and then just hung around the hotel all day playing with our friends. That night we had a dinner at a Casino and a Christmas Party back at the hotel. Tuesday and Wednesday were the long days. Tuesday was “Kids Day Out” and we left the hotel at 9:30 am and didn’t get back until 4:00 that afternoon. We went to an exotic animal petting zoo/alligator farm, an arcade and outdoor game place (With mini-golf and a HUGE slide), a science museum where we watch an IMAX movie about hurricane Katrina, then finally back to the hotel for Happy Meals. Sometime that day, the baby “dropped.” He was MUCH lower in my abdomen that night, and has stayed there ever since. I think I look a little smaller due to this, but other people think I look larger. Then on Wednesday morning, I was just sore all over from the day before. Plus, we think I lost a small amount of my mucous plug that morning as well. Luckily, that day I was able to take it pretty easy. Thursday was game day and it was LONG, but I hung in there and found a way to enjoy myself!
I was never so happy just to SIT on a charter bus after the game as we waited for the rest of the party to get on their buses for the police escort back to the hotel. I was WIPED OUT! Friday morning we got up, loaded up and headed back home.

We are very glad we got the opportunity to experience this trip. We were just thinking on the way home how it could be next year with a toddler in tow! WOW! This past year has been an amazing one, and we know the next one holds lots of first for us as well. We can’t wait to hold our Baby Jake in a little more than 3 weeks!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

We are off for our adventure soon! Santa came to our house last night, so we are opening presents this morning, then it is off to Shreveport for our Cajun Christmas! Here's hoping Santa doesn't bring us a Bayou Baby as a surprise.

We are excited to see what the girls thing about the things Santa brought, but we are also excited to stop in Dallas and meet the newest member of our family, Kayliegh Elizabeth. My brother and his wife just had thier first - a baby girl - on the 13th. YAY!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sickies and Blood Pressure and Parties, OH MY!

Well, now Britt is sick, too. He went to work yesterday morning, but was feeling awful. One of the doctors gave him some medication, but he couldn’t take it as he had just had some day-quil. He toughed it out through lunch, and then decided he needed to go home and rest. We ran a short errand at lunch, then he was off to bed and I went back to work. That’s when the fun began

I had been feeling kind of shaky and light headed since late morning. I had eaten breakfast, and had plenty of water, so I was sure lunch would fix my problem. But, I was still feeling that way after I had eaten a good lunch and got back to work. There was a chocolate chip cookie on my desk, so I ate that – thinking the sugar might help, too. No such luck. So, about 2:15, I went down to the training room and had the head trainer take my blood pressure (Again – lucky that I have that so close to me!). He has 2 small kids at home, and his wife is 31 weeks pregnant with twins, so he is well versed in pregnant women. My BP was something like 153/80. He said it was on the high side, and if I were his wife he would make me go see my doctor. I went back up to my office, and put a call in to my Dr’s office. I then asked my boss if I could lay down on the couch in the head coach’s office. That way I could still hear what was going on (we are trying to leave town after all), and help if need be. I grabbed ANOTHER bottle of water, and laid on my left side. I called Britt – who was home sleeping – and woke him up to tell him what was going on. He decided to come up to my office and at least sit with me. After an hour had passed, (and still no call back from my Doctor’s office) I decided to go down and have my BP checked again. BUT – everyone had left! So, I told my boss I was done for the day. Britt took me to my Dr’s office, and I had a nurse check it for me. It was down some, but not as low as it was last week. I did FEEL a lot better, though. This nurse said she would tell my Doctor I had come in, and of course she told me to go home and take it easy, but she didn’t really seem concerned.

I came home and took a nap, then felt good enough to go to a Christmas party last night that we had promised the girls. It was really a lot of fun! But we stayed well on the other side of the room as to not get anyone sick!

Britt is home again sick today, and I have today “off” from work to get ready for the trip. I still need to go to my office this afternoon to finish some things up, but I also need to clean and do laundry and such around here. Oh yeah – and REST to keep my BP down! UGH! LOL! But, I am really feeling good today – as far as my cold goes and as far as my pregnancy goes. Here’s hoping that holds out so I can get stuff done! Time to go PACK!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rx relief is on the way!

I have the worst cold I have had in a long long long time. I guess it started late last week, but it wasn’t so bad. I even had a good day on Saturday – very productive! Britt and I did a lot of “nesting” type activities getting things ready for Jake – painted furniture, put things together, organized, etc. But then yesterday was not so good, and today I am MISERABLE! Very little voice left, deep chest cough, throbbing headache, clogged sinuses, sniffles, you name it, I’ve got it. Called the nurse this morning to get the ball rolling and she spoke with the Dr. who called in 2 prescriptions for me. I think she said Zyrtek D and an antibiotic. Since Britt works in the University student health clinic, he has an in house pharmacy right there, so he has my drugs for me really quickly! I sure hope it helps! I leave town in 4 days!

And for a little nursery update and what we did Saturday:

Jake's furniture is really close to being done! The dresser, rocker and changing table are black, but need a coat of clear coat. The crib is about 1/3 done. We bought the quarter round for the floor, and the crown molding for the ceiling. The quarter round just needs to be installed, and we got all the crown painted, so it needs to be installed. AND, super DH of mine, cleaned out the garage! It looks AMAZING! All the summer toys are in one corner, and (although one side is still full of Jake's furniture) lots of things got thrown away and it is all pretty and USEFUL space now! YAY!

I was inside all day wokring around the house. I got all our Christmas presents wrapped. That took a LOT longer than I anticipated! We are doing Santa Claus Thursday over night and opening presents Friday morning before we head out. I am still waiting for 2 shipments! They need to get here SOON! Then, I got out E&L's old pack and play, cleaned it throughly, and set it up in our room! Jake's room is all blues and greens and blacks, and we had several Oklahoma State (orange and black) things, so all the OSU stuff in with the pack n play - looks kinda fun in our room! I also opened several accessories (Mirror, mobile, etc) and put them together and put batteries in them. We also put the travel system stroller together!

Then, we also went to Wal-Mart to buy the clear coat for the furniture, and we found the PERFECT rug for Jake's room! And it was LARGE, and ONLY $20! We were so excited! Got home and unrolled it on the beautiful flooring in there, and it could not be any more perfect!
So, Britt still needs to to clear coat the dresser, rocker and changing table, while I need to organize the closet. I need to make little markers to indicate the different sizes of clothes! I am also going to figure out what I want in each dresser drawer, so we can at least bring the drawers for the dresser inside and load them up. Can't bring the WHOLE dresser in until the trim is done in the room. OH! And we finally got curtains that fit, so we hung those, too! I took a pic of the curtains and I will post it soon!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I made it 32 years without…

Ever having to use a men’s restroom. I have been tempted many times, but yesterday was a FIRST!

After dance classes were over, we took Emma and Lara to Hobby Lobby to pick out Christmas tree ornaments for their teachers. We had started looking (and touching) the ornaments and I told Britt I HAD to go to the bathroom. He said, “Just go, then!” I was hesitant, as I didn’t want to take one (or both) of the girls with me. But, I snuck off – to walk ALL THE WAY TO THE FAR BACK CORNER of the store. I knew where it was, but the further I walked, the further it felt like I had to go. And I had to GO! I was so happy Britt had talked me into going. I would have never made it to our next stop (out for a quick dinner). SO, the restrooms are in sight. I am already starting to feel the relief. And what to I see?


On the women’s restroom. The whole room was blocke off with a cardboard barricade. I started to tear up, I was literally about to wet my pants. I paced a few times in front of the restrooms, trying to decide what to do. CELL PHONE! I called Britt and told him I needed him to come there RIGHT AWAY. I think I kind of scared him, but once I knew he was headed to my side of the store, I told him what was up. Once he was there, I had him check the men’s room, then stand guard while I took care of my business.

I no longer felt the need to cry. But, I was kind of sad to have to break that streak. 32 years without a men’s room. *sigh* The legacy has ended! LOL!

Oh – and Jake has the hiccups again! It’s a weird sensation. And this time it’s almost annoying! If I drink water, will they stop? LOL!

Jake has the hiccups!

I was just sitting here this morning after I checked my email, and my computer was downloading some sort of update. I was sitting pretty still - staring off into space and trying to wake up - when I felt the rhythmic little flutter low on my right side. At first, I was wondering what it was, but after about 10 regularly patterned sensations, I realized what it was. He tried to move - probably to make it stop, but he is still going! I made Britt come over and check it out, too! I remember Emma having the hiccups when I was pregnant with them, but I think this is the first time I have felt it with Jacob!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Appointment - 32 weeks 2 days

BP: 124/70
Weight: 236 (+5)

Another short and sweet visit to the OB! I like these first thing in the morning appointments! We got there on time, had to wait a little bit, but then went right back for the vitals. My BP was down for the last couple of times! That was GREAT news! Urine is fine, weight gain, although pretty significant, is good!

When the Doctor came in, we got to hear the glorious sound of Jake's beautiful heartbeat! It sounded strong and fast - just like we like it! Fundus is right on track, no major swelling, the Doctor is confident to let me travel to Shreveport, Louisiana with my work for Bowl Week in 2 weeks! We are going to roll over the Tide of Alabama with a good, old fashioned Cowboy kickin'!

My doctor did say I need to have my BP checked on Thursday before we leave on Friday, then to have it checked periodically when I am down there. I am scheduled to have a holiday lunch at Britt's clinic on Thursday, so I will have a nurse check it at that lunch, then I will be sure to go into the Training Room every other day or so while we are down in Shreveport. Sure is nice to have all those people in my corner! There is a team doctor on my trip (as well as 2 other late term pregnancies), and heck - babies are born in Shreveport every day! We would just come home with a little Cajun Baby! LOL!

I should go back to see my doctor in 2 weeks, but that's when we will be down there, so my next appointment is in THREE weeks - January 2, 2007! WOW! Then, it's just 3 weeks from then till we get to hold our new bundle of joy! WHEW!

Friday, December 1, 2006

Finally had a chance to sort through SHOWER PICTURES!

Britt's sister and family hosted a shower for us the weekend before Thanksgiving. A friend of ours took TONS of pictures, and it has taken me this long to sort through them and pic ones to post online. But, I did it!

Click on this LINK to the rest of the pictures!

We have also gone thorugh all the gifts we have gotten at our showers, and have a list of all the things we still need for baby Jake. So, we hope to take our gift cards and get some of those things taken care of soon. This is just such a busy time of year! I can't believe we get to meet our little man in just 8 weeks!

ETA: Look at the picture in this post, taken on November 18. Then, the one at my appointment this week - November 28 - 10 days later. I was MISERABLE the day of the shower because the baby was so low! And now, thnakfully, he has moved back up! YAY! It's just funny to see how different my body looks!