Friday, December 15, 2006

I made it 32 years without…

Ever having to use a men’s restroom. I have been tempted many times, but yesterday was a FIRST!

After dance classes were over, we took Emma and Lara to Hobby Lobby to pick out Christmas tree ornaments for their teachers. We had started looking (and touching) the ornaments and I told Britt I HAD to go to the bathroom. He said, “Just go, then!” I was hesitant, as I didn’t want to take one (or both) of the girls with me. But, I snuck off – to walk ALL THE WAY TO THE FAR BACK CORNER of the store. I knew where it was, but the further I walked, the further it felt like I had to go. And I had to GO! I was so happy Britt had talked me into going. I would have never made it to our next stop (out for a quick dinner). SO, the restrooms are in sight. I am already starting to feel the relief. And what to I see?


On the women’s restroom. The whole room was blocke off with a cardboard barricade. I started to tear up, I was literally about to wet my pants. I paced a few times in front of the restrooms, trying to decide what to do. CELL PHONE! I called Britt and told him I needed him to come there RIGHT AWAY. I think I kind of scared him, but once I knew he was headed to my side of the store, I told him what was up. Once he was there, I had him check the men’s room, then stand guard while I took care of my business.

I no longer felt the need to cry. But, I was kind of sad to have to break that streak. 32 years without a men’s room. *sigh* The legacy has ended! LOL!

Oh – and Jake has the hiccups again! It’s a weird sensation. And this time it’s almost annoying! If I drink water, will they stop? LOL!

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