Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sickies and Blood Pressure and Parties, OH MY!

Well, now Britt is sick, too. He went to work yesterday morning, but was feeling awful. One of the doctors gave him some medication, but he couldn’t take it as he had just had some day-quil. He toughed it out through lunch, and then decided he needed to go home and rest. We ran a short errand at lunch, then he was off to bed and I went back to work. That’s when the fun began

I had been feeling kind of shaky and light headed since late morning. I had eaten breakfast, and had plenty of water, so I was sure lunch would fix my problem. But, I was still feeling that way after I had eaten a good lunch and got back to work. There was a chocolate chip cookie on my desk, so I ate that – thinking the sugar might help, too. No such luck. So, about 2:15, I went down to the training room and had the head trainer take my blood pressure (Again – lucky that I have that so close to me!). He has 2 small kids at home, and his wife is 31 weeks pregnant with twins, so he is well versed in pregnant women. My BP was something like 153/80. He said it was on the high side, and if I were his wife he would make me go see my doctor. I went back up to my office, and put a call in to my Dr’s office. I then asked my boss if I could lay down on the couch in the head coach’s office. That way I could still hear what was going on (we are trying to leave town after all), and help if need be. I grabbed ANOTHER bottle of water, and laid on my left side. I called Britt – who was home sleeping – and woke him up to tell him what was going on. He decided to come up to my office and at least sit with me. After an hour had passed, (and still no call back from my Doctor’s office) I decided to go down and have my BP checked again. BUT – everyone had left! So, I told my boss I was done for the day. Britt took me to my Dr’s office, and I had a nurse check it for me. It was down some, but not as low as it was last week. I did FEEL a lot better, though. This nurse said she would tell my Doctor I had come in, and of course she told me to go home and take it easy, but she didn’t really seem concerned.

I came home and took a nap, then felt good enough to go to a Christmas party last night that we had promised the girls. It was really a lot of fun! But we stayed well on the other side of the room as to not get anyone sick!

Britt is home again sick today, and I have today “off” from work to get ready for the trip. I still need to go to my office this afternoon to finish some things up, but I also need to clean and do laundry and such around here. Oh yeah – and REST to keep my BP down! UGH! LOL! But, I am really feeling good today – as far as my cold goes and as far as my pregnancy goes. Here’s hoping that holds out so I can get stuff done! Time to go PACK!

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