Monday, January 15, 2007

Appointment - 37 weeks 1 day

BP: 132/76
Weight: 241 (+3)

10 days to go!

Today's appointment went well! Emma and Lara went with us since they were out of school, so they were excited to hear the baby's heartbeat again! The doctor told them it sounded like a choo choo train, or a running horse, or a washing machine. Lara told him it sounded like her brother's heart! LOL!

All was fine and normal - good news. We did freak the nurse out a little bit when I told her I had a few contractions last night! But, I had 4 in about a 1.5 hour time span - never closer than 15 minutes apart. And I was resting the whole time this was going on, so I knew it was no big deal.

Anyway - back in a week! We go to the OB on Monday, the hospital for paperwork on Tuesday, and BABY DAY is THURSDAY!

We wsent shopping after the appointment, and we got the CUTEST outfit to bring Baby Jake home in! I have also packed his bag, and thought about packing mine. We are getting closer!!!

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