Monday, January 1, 2007


Welcome to 2007!

Jacob Alan will be joining us this year – this MONTH even! We can’t believe it is already here!

Today, my parents are here helping us finish the nursery. Emma and Lara (after spending almost 24 hours stranded in Denver) are in Montana with their father, so we have “help free” time. I think my parents thought they would be here for a few hours – home in time for lunch. Well, they have been here since about 9:45, and it is now 3:00. Mom and I made a Wal-Mart run for baby supplies, batteries, and medicine and brought back burgers for lunch. The men finished the floor while we were gone (YAY!!!!!!!!), and were contemplating the crown molding when we got here with food. After we ate, us girls started MORE laundry, and the guys stared the molding. But then ran into some complications. Basically, they are at Lowe’s now – seeking help! LOL!

But, by tonight, the floor and molding WILL be done. Britt hopes to seal the changing table and dresser tonight, so we can move those pieces of furniture, plus the glider rocker, in tomorrow morning. The dresser drawers are done, so my mom and I have filled them (and the closet) with the laundry we have been doing. I am 99% sure I have washed everything I will need for the first few weeks. I think she wants me to pack my bag for the hospital (and Jake’s), but I am just not ready for that yet! I still have 3+ weeks!

The room is AWESOME! I can’t wait to get some more things in there so I can snap some pictures. We were all just standing there visualizing it and LOVING it a little while ago! Won’t be long now!

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