Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We're all set for Thursday!

We have both worked our last day, and we are all registered at the hospital! I left for my appointment at the hospital about 2:15 from work, and won't be back there as a full time employee for 12 weeks! YAY! I do have a few responsibilities to take care of sooner than that, but I am OK with that! Britt is off for the rest of this week, and the 2 weeks following.

We went to the hospital and made 3 stops. First, we went to administration to pre-register for our "stay." That went well. Since I was in the ER there about 2 months before Britt and I got married, all my info was in the system - just had to change my last name!

After we got done with that paper work, we went up to Labor & Delivery for a medical history and more paper work! The fun part of this step was that the nurse was the same nurse that taught the girls' siblings class and our breastfeeding class, so we already felt like we knew her! Plus, she took my blood pressure (140/72) and we listened to Baby Weaver's heartbeat (about 150 BPM). All is GREAT there! We got a tour when we were at the siblings class, but it was nice to get another one without 4 year olds in tow. We really have a nice facility, so we are excited.

After the tour and last minute surgery reminders, it was down to the lab. This was sure to be my least favorite part of the afternoon. But, God is good once again! The phlebotomist was the best I have had in YEARS! She asked me which arm - I told her to choose since it is always a challenge. She picked my right arm, applied the tourniquet, poked with her fingers twice, put in the needle with one try (NO PAIN), and filled the 2 vials she needed. I was SHOCKED! And THANKFUL! It was over before it began. She was realty chatty, too, so that was almost a FUN part of the day.

So, things are on a roll! I got a fun bracelet to wear that I have to keep on and keep track of until Thursday identifying my blood work. The girls keep asking about it. How I got it on there and how they'll get it off. LOL! We are 33.5 hours away from meeting our SON! We are excited about our relaxing day tomorrow with taking the girls to school and just hanging out with each other. I think we have a few little errands to take care of, but other than that we are READY TO GO!


  1. Coming out of lurkdom to wish you guys luck and an easy recovery.

  2. Good luck Betsey! I know you can't wait to meet baby Jake! Prayers for a smooth delivery.