Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still walking it out!

The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY! Bad weather, short work weeks, training events, illnesses, a deadline looming at work, and a freak car accident involving my daughter, and my walking has not been what it was the first two weeks! I have been lucky to get one set of stairs in each day! I still have the alarm set on my phone, and I am still determined to get the walks in! We missed 2 days at work for snow, then I have had 4 2-3 hour training sessions, Dr's appointments for all the kids (Jake's well visit for turning 3, Emma had strep and laryngitis, Lara's car wreck follow-ups), and with this deadline coming up, I have just been working fast and furious to keep up at work, so sometimes the walk gets shoved back. My trainings are all over campus, so I have gotten to walk that way, plus I am always speed walking to and from my car to pick up the kids for appointments! LOL!

Things should slow down this week - barring any OTHER unforeseen problems! So, I am back on the wagon! I have 2 days of Shakeology left (I think), and I am going to make this upcoming week COUNT!

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