Friday, January 28, 2011

Guess Who’s Back?!?

Well, after a little hiatus and some technical difficulty resolution, the blog is back! I am sure you wanted an update on my week back in the real (food) life, so here is it. IT WAS HARD! We had left over birthday cake in the house from our son’s party on Saturday. And chips. And white bread. UGH! I still did Shakeology for breakfast as usual, but I have to admit I had a pretty indulgent sandwich for lunch more that one day this week… And Tuesday night we went out to a Mexican food place for #1 son’s 4th birthday dinner, and they gave him fried ice cream. I ate some… But, I also worked out! We had some neighbor issues and a sick kid on the same night earlier this week, so I didn’t get sleep that night, and therefore the workout hit the back burner that day, but I have a plan, and I am sticking to it as best I can! I am doing my best, and forgetting the rest (Thanks, @Tony_Horton). I’m even breaking out my Team Beachbody work out of choice (Shakeology The 50) and pressing play after the kids are in bed since I will be in a car, a gymnasium or a church all day tomorrow (from 6am to 9pm…)

Up to this point, I have been weighing every Monday morning. I am not sure I am up to that this week, though. I don’t want to be disappointed. I let myself have a (food) break after the fast, and I am almost afraid to see the results. So, I have all weekend to decide, but I think I am going to skip the weigh in on Monday. Mandisa (American Idol season 5 and EMI/Sparrow Records Christian Recording Artist) (@mandisaofficial) is 7 pounds form losing 100 pounds, and she only weighs every other week. I might use her plan…

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