Sunday, March 13, 2011

So many words in so many places!

I had almost forgotten about this blog! I had started another blog on another site when I had ambitions to be more than I can be right now. I am thinking about cleaning this blog up, and moving my posts over here... Keeping it all in one place, as it were... This week is Spring Break, so it seems like a good time to make it all happen. I wonder how hard it will be to move it, since it is on a totally other service. Hmmmmm... I guess I could just cut and paste and cut and paste??? YIKES! LOL! We'll see...

OK - UPDATED!  If you are reading this in the middle of other posts and it makes no sense chronologically, it's because I made the plunge and decided to move the other blog over so I only have one.  It's tedious, but I am so excited about it.  So, it's not midnight, and I have to leave this house in less than 7 hours, so I have to go to bed.  I will revisit this again tomorrow.  And blog about it when I'm done moving things. LOL!  Happy Spring Break!

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