Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some things never change

#1 and #2 - May 2002 - 2 days old
THIS has been "one of those" weeks!  Over scheduled, over stressed, over worked, and now, over IT!  There are a thousand reasons why I try NOT to have weeks like this, but the one I am focusing on right now is just because evryone gets so out of sync!  I didn't see my kids at all Tuesday night or Wednesday night.  #2's gymnastics class was changed to Tuesday nights - and we found out 2 horus before it started.  I was off my 8-5 job for 2 days (doing my "second job" that I absolutely LOVE), so going back to that meant going back to a desk full of projects and tons of emails.  Add to that, #3 started a new activity - T-ball.  So - crazy schedules, not enough time as a family, and WAY too much fast food, leads to one CRAZY household!

And one member of this household always seems to fare the worst when things like this happen.  And, believe it or not, it's not me!  While I have been known to have a meltdown (or two!) during weeks like this, I felt I was prepared this season.  But my #1 daughter (pictured, above left) does not handle the chaos very well.  She is also my child that requires lots of sleep.  She's about the only 8 year old / 3rd grader I know that still has an 8pm bedtime - and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  Her body's defense to not enough sleep is to run a low grade fever, so we try to make sure she gets plenty of rest.  Add to that medication that steals her appetite, and a heart that she wears on her sleeve, and her attitude tends to the negative when things aren't as expected.

I remember when the twins were about 2 months old, I was home alone with them one afternoon, and a friend came over to hold babies and change diapers with us.  She was asking me how things were going and to tell me about the girls.  This was the first time I had ever been asked to describe them as far as personality traits.  After thinking about it only a few seconds, I summed it up like this: "Well, #2 lets life happen to her, while #1 MAKES life happen to her."  At the time, I was mainly thinking about feedings and naps.  #2 had been diagnosed as failure to thrive, so we had to wake her every 3 hours regardless of what else was going on to feed her, and she just let us.  She didn't mind being put down or put in the swing or left to her own devices while I tended to other matters.  #1, on the other hand, cried incessantly, fussed about her feedings (which were soon after this time being supplemented with formula to keep her happy), had cried herself to sleep on more that one occasion, and always woke up fussing about something!  And today, after the week we've had and the battles we've fought, I would have to say THAT is something that might never change!  #2 still lets life happen to her, while #1 MAKES it happen.  She tugs, and pushes, and pulls, and argues, and stomps and stares trying to get things to go her way.  I am trying to teach her to not fight it all so hard!  She's making things much harder than they need to be.  Any suggestions?

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  1. My only suggestion is to EMBRACE it!! Remember in those moments of struggle that her fighting spirit, strong will, and determination are good qualities in many ways - and the people who are determined to make life happen instead of letting it happen are also the people who don't give up when the sun doesn't stand still right away. :-) Love you friend!! You can do this!!