Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its GO time! - Trip Log Day 1

Mystery Trip

5:45am DFW Terminal E Gate 20

We are sitting at the gate in DFW. When we checked in at the ticket counter, the man said, “Flying to Los Angeles?” So, I knew the direction we were going pretty quickly after stepping foot in the airport! Now, we wait. The plane is here, and my boarding card says we will start boarding at 6:30. Let the ADVENTURE begin!!!


Holy Cow! I am in LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA! Hollywood, Baby! Everybody has a dream… Our flight landed at 8am, and by 10am, we were on the 405, headed to the Pacific Coast Highway. And thank goodness for GPS – I don’t know how they did it before that nifty little invention! :) So, we headed down the PCH to Malibu! MALIBU! We drove around – marveling at the homes and the sites, and then found a fun beach-side seafood café to have lunch at. After we ate (we had been up since 3am Texas time, and it was not 1pm Texas time, and we had not eaten a THING! STARVING!!!), we went down on the beach and took our shoes off and put our toes in the ocean. It was COLD! It was only 68 air temp, and the water felt shocking when it first hit your skin, but we got used to it.

After some frolicking in the sand, we loaded up and left the beach. I knew we were headed to our hotel, but I wasn’t sure where that was – until Britt had me look it up in the GPS. HOLLYWOOD! We are staying at an historical Hollywood hotel – and we can see the big wooden Hollywood letters out the window! Very cool! Once we got checked in to the hotel, we were unpacking a bit and resting when I was presented with a gift – a full color hardbound book of pictures of the last 5+ years of our lives together. It was AWESOME! Such a perfect gift for this occasion – for so many reasons. I was ready to take a short nap at this point, but Britt had one more surprise for me…

He handed me 2 tickets. I was so nervous about them; I didn’t even want to look at them. I thought they might be to see WICKED again, but I really had no idea AT ALL what they were for. They are for a performance at 3:00 on Saturday at the Staples Center. We have GREAT seats. The performance? GLEE LIVE! Oh. My. GLEE!!!!! I could not have been more shocked, more surprised or more excited! I think I said SHUT UP and YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME like 100 times each! So excited for that!

This trip has been one dream come true after another. I love being 1/5 of the Five Dream Weavers, and the #1 Dream Weaver is REALLY making it happen this week! He deserves HUGE props! Best Husband EVER!

Taking it all in

It is now 8:00pm California time, 10:00pm by my body’s clock. After a nap this afternoon, we ventured down to Hollywood Blvd to the shopping area at Hollywood and Highlands. Talk about sensory overload! It was so crowded – and SO COOL! We had to drive by Paramount studios (which is like 2 blocks from our hotel) to get there. We walked up and down Hollywood Blvd looking at the Stars on the walk of fame, laughing at the street performers and checking out the stars’ hand and foot prints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. We had wanted to go see a movie at the theater tonight, but they weren’t showing it for some reason… We saw the Kodak Theatre, Hard Rock Café, the El Capitan Theater, and ate dinner at Baja Fresh (I know, right?) I still think my favorite part is the giant letters up on Hollywood Hill! This is so surreal, and SO FUN!

We are back in the hotel now. It’s an Historic Hotel so that means its old, creepy and weird, and quaint and unique all at the same time. We have a mini fridge, so we stopped at a grocery store for some snacks, water and soda. We are tired, and worn out, and ready to catch up on TV we missed from the Tornadoes back home and then from traveling last night. We have not seen the finale of Biggest Loser or American Idol! So, we are going to sit back and relax tonight. Get some sleep – and can’t WAIT to see what tomorrow brings!


  1. Glad my wife doesn't read your blog ...that a tough act to follow for us slacker-husbands!

  2. Totally AWESOME!! You do for sure have the greatest husband ever!!! What an awesome honeymoon!

  3. YAY!!!!! What a fun trip!!! I can't wait to hear all about the GLEE LIVE!!!! I hope its awesome!!!! And, I'm so glad you're blogging about it. Be safe and have so much fun!!!! (Good job on the vacation, Britt!!! Everything sounds so thoughtful and perfect!).