Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 3 weeks that I knew, but not all of you did

This is a little  "catch up" post from the past 3 weeks. I kept a blog, of sorts, going on my computer to record what was going on before we went public. And now I am sharing it here:

THAT was unexpected!

It is 2:00 on Tuesday, May 24, 2001. I am writing this now, while the emotion is FRESH – knowing I won’t post it for awhile. But, this is too big a secret to keep, so I have to tell SOMEONE, even if it is a keyboard and a monitor! I am alone in my office today, and the “weather event of the century” is due to hit in about 2 hours. I am leaving on my “Mystery honeymoon” tomorrow afternoon, and I figured now was as good a time as any to find out for sure.


WHAT?!?!?!?!? I know, right? It has been a crazy month, and I knew I hadn’t had a period in awhile (Since April 1, to be exact), but I hadn’t put a lot of thought into it. I am still grieving my brother’s death. I still have 3 kids barreling towards the end of a school year. This is a very busy time of year for me! I was SO looking forward to this trip, and I decided I needed to know. I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of weeks – nothing specific, just BLAH. Then, the last few days I have been SO SLEEPY! I fell asleep at my desk on Monday – and I fell asleep in training today. Every night when I get home for work I just sit down, and it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open. Sometimes, even when I am not pregnant, that happens, but every day for a couple of weeks? Plus, the BLAH – and oh yeah, I’m like 4 weeks LATE!

So, I was running errands at lunch today, and decided to hit Walgreens. I bought the cheapest one they had (I’m so late, it will either be positive or negative, no real need to the fancy stuff here), and came back to work. I read the instructions, headed for the most private public potty I know of in Engineering North, and did the deed. The box said 2 minutes. It took 2 seconds for the “positive” line to show up. NO QUESTION!
I am now trying to figure out how to tell my husband. You see, he’s been planning a mystery trip for MONTHS! I hope to figure out some sort of little surprise of my own for this trip. I’m so impatient, though, I will probably have to reveal my secret tomorrow night when we are in Dallas. I don’t want to steal his Thunder, but this is HUGE!

Off to look for fun “How I told My Hubby” stories! Oh – and I did a due date calculator. I’m due the last week of December. “Right now you're about 7 weeks pregnant and your baby is the size of a blueberry.” Holy Cow. FOUR!


It is 6:00am on Thursday (May 26) morning, and we are at the terminal in DFW waiting to board the plane.  I was informed upon arrival at the airport that my destination was Los Angeles!  SO EXCITED!  But, little did Britt know, I had the SURPRISE of all SURPRISES for him.  You see, I knew he was going to be a father again soon, but he did not.  I had looked up some stories about how other expectant women had told their Baby Daddies, but nothing really struck me, and I was under a time crunch.  So, I made a card that “invited” him to the birth of his fourth child.  (It included a picture of the positive pregnancy test in a Christmas themed border, as Quattro will be born around Christmas time.)

I made a video of him opening the card at the airport.  The gate was still pretty empty at that point, so we had a little privacy.  He opened the card, read the inside, and was SHOCKED.  He still is, and it’s been like 10 minutes.  He hasn’t asked any questions, so I am sure it is still sinking in.  I asked if I had surprised him, and he said “I don’t think anything I can do on this trip will top that!”  I hope it sinks in soon… I want to TALK about it! LOL!

Hotel California
It is 2:00pm (Cali time) on Thursday, May 26 and we are checked into our hotel in Hollywood.  We had a wonderful flight, drive up to Malibu, and lunch on the beach – which gave us time to talk “Baby” – who we will be calling SHOCKER in utero – and even called to make our first appointment with the OB back in Stillwater.  While he is still in shock, Baby Daddy is coming around to the idea and we are excited about our future as a bigger family.  So, here we are in the hotel, resting from a crazy morning of travel and site seeing.  After we got settled a bit, I gave Britt a gift I had wrapped and stuffed into our luggage.  It wasn’t HALF as cool as the gifts he gave me (a hardbound full color book memorializing the last 6 years of our relationship and tickets to GLEE Live!), he was touched by the 2 baby toys I had picked out for SHOCKER.  I had also put the pregnancy test in there so he could actually see it.  It’s still positive 48 hours later!!!  We still have the one from Jake; I thought he might want this one, too.  Funny thing about this trip – someone actually said something on Britt’s Facebook wall about him using this trip to talk me into another baby.  Little did we all know…  ;)

Shopping for Shocker

It’s 8:00 pm in Hollywood on May 26!  We are back in the hotel for the night, and we had a BLAST exploring Hollywood and Highlands – including some souvenir shopping.  I found a onesie for Shocker that I could NOT resist!  We passed it up the first time by because it was a bit pricey, but I didn’t find anything else I liked as well, so I talked Baby Daddy into it.  SO CUTE!  Black and sepia and all HOLLYWOOD!  I can’t wait!

A Little Scare

This is our 3rd day in LA, Saturday, May 28th.  Britt is still not over the shock of the news I sprang on him Thursday morning, but it has hit me HARD.  I’m thinking a fast paced trip to Hollywood at 8 weeks pregnant is not the greatest idea, but it wasn’t our plan, anyway!  ;)  The food is not agreeing with Shocker, I need a nap every day, and I wear out very easily.  Today was the pinnacle of the trip: GLEE Live! at the Staples Center.  We got there an hour early, and found our seats.  We hadn’t had lunch yet, so we bought outrageously expensive concessions, and I got a BIG drink.  So, of course, 10 minutes before the show was to start, I had to go to the bathroom. 

Once in the bathroom, I discovered I was spotting.  YIKES!  I was terrified, but this show was not going to be missed by either of us, so I headed back to my seat, and told Britt the news.  He was worried, too.  But I reminded him this was not uncommon, and I had spotted around this time in the pregnancy with both my others.  So, we sat back and enjoyed the concert.  I used the restroom again later, and all signs of my previous scare were gone, and we both felt so much better! Enjoyed the show, and are looking forward to the rest of this pregnancy!

Digital Age

We are back home and settling into a routine again.  It is now early morning on Wednesday, June 1.  12 more days until my first appointment – it needs to FLY by!  The human mind is a powerful thing.  I suspected I was pregnant a good 2 weeks before I tested, but I dismissed any slight symptoms as PMS or my impending period, or STRESS.  Then I took a test.  And told my husband. And now my life is nothing but one pregnancy symptom after another!  Once my mind gave my body the freedom to BE pregnant, things have really taken off.  I don’t know how we are going to keep this a secret 18 more days (waiting till Father’s day to tell family, then Monday to tell friends; Tuesday – THE WORLD!).  Anyway – the one that is really kicking my butt is FATIGUE.  I don’t think I have ever been this tired.  Well, I guess about 5 years ago, but I digress.  Yesterday evening after I picked up all the kids and got back to the house, I sat down in my recliner and I was totally asleep within 2 minutes.  Never even heard Britt come home.  UGH!

At one point yesterday, Britt asked if I was sure I was pregnant.  This is all still a bit shocking and overwhelming.  I said yes – a positive test is a positive pregnancy.  Then, I added something about the cool digital tests are even more fool proof, but they are more expensive and when I bought my cheapo 2 weeks ago I only had $10 cash on me.  So, he made a grocery run right after work yesterday, and he came home with all the groceries we need this week, AND a digital test.  While I thought it was a bit of a waste of money, I was pretty excited to see a digital test work!  When I got ready for bed last night, I did the deed on that stick, and the instructions said to wait 3 minutes for results.  Again, a mere 15 seconds after I set it down, it registered pregnant!  Pretty cool to see, and I showed it to Baby Daddy just to affirm to him that I am, indeed, with child!

Perpetual Narcolepsy

WOW.  It is Sunday, June 5 and I am 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  I guess once I finally confirmed it to myself, and told my hubby, the symptoms felt free to LET LOOSE.  Kind of proves that the mind is a powerful thing.  I am dealing with some not so fun digestion issues, bloat ALL OVER from the added blood volume, and a laundry list of others, but the worst is the fatigue!  I cannot even begin to describe how sleepy I am.  I fall asleep at the craziest things, too.  I fell asleep during my daughter’s dance recital yesterday afternoon.  I slept in the car this afternoon from Cushing (we were at the water park) all the way to Guthrie (where we were dropping the girls with their Other Dad) – and I slept through my kids bickering, Jake whining, and the girls talking on their cell phone.  CRAZY!  I sleep or feel sleepy all the time.  I don’t remember it being this bad the other 2 times.  Maybe it’s age, or how out of shape I am, or WHO KNOWS!  I’m just ready for the 2nd trimester when my energy returns…

So, we are a week from my first appointment with the doctor.  I think we will get to hear the heartbeat, so that’s the thing we are most looking forward to.  It will make things seem more REAL, I think.  We are also hoping they will schedule an ultra sound for later that week – we don’t want to tell our families until we have some concrete evidence.  But, it is killing us not to tell anyone!  I have told 2 people, and Britt has told 2 people.  I think I will tell my boss soon – she might start thinking I am losing my mind if I don’t tell her what’s going on.  But, it is hard to keep this secret silent.  2 more weeks until Father’s Day – and that was my original goal.  We may have to move that up depending on how the next few days go! LOL!  If I can stay awake that long…

Keep on Movin’

SO, I am trying to fight of this crazy sleepiness and narcolepsy, so I decided to revive my walk at work. Today (Monday June 6) is day one.  I take a few minutes 2x a day to walk the stairs and floors in the 5 story building I walk in.  This morning wasn’t bad, but the afternoon kicked my butt!  Plus, I’m still here with 30 minutes left to my work day and I feel like I could fall asleep for the night any minute!  I thought the walk would help energize me.  WAAAAAAAAH!


It’s Monday (June 6) night, and I need to be heading to be soon.  But, I guess I found a second wind!  That hour long nap when I got home from work was helpful! LOL!  However, I have a headache, so at this point I guess it’s never easy! ;)  Last week, Britt and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some iron-on lettering and a cute iron-on owl applique to make a “Big Brother To Be” shirt for Jake to wear to our parents’ houses in a couple of weeks.  I got ambitious, and worked it out tonight!  It was fun, and really pretty easy!  It looks SO CUTE, and I can’t wait to see it on him and for our families to see it!  

Earlier this evening, I scored an AWESOME Craigslist find – thanks to the amazing and talented Britt Weaver!  He saw a woman’s listing in our town for miscellaneous XL and XXL maternity clothes!  She was selling tops for $1, pants for $2 and blazers for like $5.  So, he contacted her and said I was interested, and she gave him her number.  I called, and we met this evening.  She had a HUGE tub of pants and shorts, and a giant bag of tops.  (And I didn’t feel bad meeting her alone as she is a woman I know and have worked with during our local children’s clothing consignment sale!)  I need more pants at this point (after going through my own tub of maternity clothes), so I got several shorts/capris/ pants, a couple of shirts and sweaters, and a CUTE black velvety blazer for winter – all for $27!  SO STOKED!  I tried everything on, and it seems like everything will be good, except for one pair of black capris that are too tight in the thigh.  Not bad AT ALL!  Good Craigslisting, Baby!

10 Weeks!

It’s FRIDAY!  Friday, June 10 to be exact, and I am 10 weeks pregnant.  That’s still so weird to say.  We are getting close to being ready to tell everyone.  I’m still just in SHOCK and not quite believing it, so I am apprehensive about telling our families.  We each have told about 3 people (I have kind of lost track), but that’s just because it is a lot of pressure to keep a secret this big!  We have our first appointment on Monday, and I called yesterday just to find out what happens at the first visit.  Come to find out, I don’t even see the doctor, so  I am a little stressed about that, but it’s the way they do things, so what can I do.  I see a nurse, do some labs and a ton of paperwork and a medical history and a family medical history and talk to the insurance coordinator and go home.  No ultrasound.  No Doppler to listen for a heartbeat. Nothing.  They just confirm the pregnancy.  Well, I’m here to tell you, I know for a fact I am pregnant.  The laundry list of symptoms is staggering, and I’ve done this before!  But, I will get to make my appointment to see the doc when I am there on Monday, and I think the front office thinks I should be thrilled just knowing this. LOL!  I’m not.  I want to see a doctor, I want to hear a heartbeat, and I want to see my baby on that little black and grey fuzzy screen.
I think we have decided to tell our families Monday night.  #3 has a T-ball game at 6, and Britt’s parents are coming over to watch him, and to return some clothes that were left at their house from when we were in California.  After the game, I think we will all go out to eat somewhere and make our announcement!  Our kids don’t know either, so I’m not sure how that will go telling all 7 of them at once, but we’ll figure it out…  I had wanted to wait until we had at least heard a heartbeat and maybe even had the first sonogram, but since his parents will be here and I will have at least had a medical professional confirm my condition, and I will be 10 weeks and 3 days, the timing will just have to work.

I took a nap under my desk earlier this week.  I was that tired.  I can say the last 2 days have been slightly better in that area.  I still get nauseous when I eat too much or wait too long to eat.  And my sensitive nose is once again on Super Sensitivity mode.  So, everything I smell makes me gag.  Which is AWESOME since the dog puked yesterday morning and my son did last night.  And the dress I tried on smelled like an old house and the garage smells like – I have no idea just grossness.  But – 10 weeks!  Just a few more weeks until the 2nd trimester kicks in and some of my symptoms either lessen or become routine.  AND, by then I hope to have visual evidence of the life inside of me, so I just might calm down a little.  In the meantime, I am a nervous wreck!

That was FUN!

So, tomorrow is my step-grandfather’s 90th birthday.  To honor him, we had a birthday party for him at my parents’ house today, Saturday June 11.  I have no idea how many people were there, but my mom’s house was crowded and the cake was GONE!  Well, as everyone was gathering, Britt said something about how a lot of my family was all going to be all in one place, some that we don’t see very often, and it would be a good time to tell them.  So, I thought about it for a while and agreed.  But, HOW?  We had a plan to tell my mom, but didn’t have the “props” we needed with us.  And, now the party was in full swing, so we would have to figure things out.

Almost on cue, my oldest had one of her crying jags, where she has to be isolated to gain control of herself.  Plus, we discovered I had left my right hand cell phone at the house, so Britt excused himself (with Emma) on the premise of taking her for a ride to calm down and going to the house to get my phone.  While there, he also got the “present” for my mom.

A little family history is needed here to make the story make sense.  My grandmother grew up with her first cousin, so they are more like sisters and called each other sisters.  We are very close with this section of the family, and share some fun traditions with them including a lengthy list of flower girl / bride parings that goes back 5 generations. This cousin (the matriarch of this side) has always been crafty, and has been making felt stocking kits for YEARS and years for her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, etc.  She made some for members of my family along the way – including the ones for my brother and I that hang at my parents’ house every Christmas.  Some time, my mom got the bug, too, and she started making them as well.  She made one for me and my hubby to hang at our house, plus the 3 for my kids.  So, 18” Bucilla stocking kits are a rite of passage for the babies in our family.  My mom even whipped a pretty extensive one out in about 4 weeks last winter for a cousin who was born in October and needed one by Christmas!

The prop?  You guessed it?  A brand new stocking kit!  I had this brain storm on Tuesday, and thought we would be telling on Monday after my first appointment, so I had a friend with Amazon Prime 2 day free shipping order it for me!  BEST IDEA EVER!  I had it on Thursday, so our impromptu telling worked out.  After all of the family we didn’t really know had left my parents’ house, we gathered “our side” of the family in the living room.  In attendance were the 5 Dream Weavers, my mom and dad, my grandmother and her husband (the birthday boy), My Aunt who started the trend, her daughter, 2 of her granddaughters, and her 6 month old grandson, my uncle and his son; and my great aunt and her husband.  PERFECT – but still missing a few key player that had to be told by phone later.

Once every one was gathered, Britt presented the box from Amazon to my mom saying,
“We have a present for Nana.”  He handed it to her and sat down.  I had already opened the box, so it was easy to get to the contents.  She looked at it, thought for about 5 seconds, and SCREAMED!  The Aunts/Cousins who also know the stocking tradition were of course the 2nd and 3rd to “get it,” and it trickled down from there!  My mom was SHOCKED and I have 2 great pictures of her reaction!  Everyone was thrilled and excited and so happy!  Emma had been told on her ride with Daddy earlier, but the other 2 little Weaver’s had NO IDEA!  Jake’s reaction was so cute and priceless.  He is VERY excited about being a big brother.  After the hubbub died down a bit, I told a short version of the story about how I found out and how I told Britt.  After some of the people cleared out, those that were left even got a special screening of the video of Britt finding out.  It was all PERFECT!

After the initial shock wore off of the folks at my parents’ house, we broke the news via text to several close friends.  Still not ready to go COMPLETELY public – I want to wait and see how the doctor appointment goes on Monday.  But for today, it was PERFECT!  And so fun!  LOVED that so many of my family were there and that Hubby convinced me to tell while the opportunity was ripe!  GREAT day!


It is now early Tuesday morning.  Yesterday was, well, anti-climactic, and downright frustrating.  The visit to my clinic (while exactly as described to me when I called last week curious) was tedious, and uninformative.  I got there, checked in, peed in a cup, filled out front desk paperwork, sat in the lobby for 20 minutes.  Got called back to the nurse’s office, did medical history paperwork with her, she gave me some pregnancy magazines and office protocol type stuff, then sent me to the lab.  The lab lady stuck me TWICE, dug around for a vein (I have a huge painful bruise this morning), and took 8 vials of varying sizes, then had me pee in another cup.  The made my appointment for 2 WEEKS later, and sent me on down the road.  So, I am no more informed now than I was 24 hours ago, and it is another 2 weeks before I see a doctor.  Honestly, I don’t feel good about this.  I leave for Phoenix in 8 days, and I really would like some peace of mind before I go…

The rest of the day kind of followed the same pattern.  I had ordered some belly bands off ebay, and they arrived, but they were the wrong size.  I got it worked out and the lady is sending me new ones, but it’s frustrating.  I was home with the girls all afternoon, and I wanted to take a nap, but phone calls, visitors, and learning about a friend’s sister who died prevented that.  Everything I went to do was just, off.

Britt’s parents came over to watch Jake’s T-ball game and to return some clothes that got left there the last time he stayed with them.  Before we went to the game, Jake had on his “Big Brother” shirt.  He showed it to them, and they didn’t really have much to say. ;)  I guess it’s still pretty shocking!  We had dinner with them and some more family to cap off a busy day.

I think I will call the doctor’s office today and see what I can do.  Never hurts to ask, I guess…


Wednesday, June 15, 2011 – getting ready to post the EPIC post that will catch everyone up on the pregnancy, and I am excited to report that my OB’s office did work me in for an ultra sound before I leave town!  I am going in Monday morning to see my little SHOCKER!  Still no Doctor visit for another week, but at least I will hear a heartbeat, see a baby and be a little more at ease on my trip (I hope!)


  1. The due date you wrote in the sand (12/27/11) will be CoffeeCozy and my 25th wedding anniversary!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas present!