Saturday, June 18, 2011

Made it to 11 weeks...

"I am 11 weeks today (Friday). My baby is now the size of a lime and I have completed 28% of this pregnancy! 3 days till the ultrasound!"

I sent this message in an email to a few friends and family. One responder was shocked the baby was already the size of a lime (time flies when you are almost 9 weeks when you find out!), a couple are just excited (as we are) for Monday's appointment, another asked if we were going to find out gender when the time came (still on the fence on this one - advice?), and the last one said limes reminded her of Margaritas, and since I can't have one, she would have 2. NO FAIR!


  1. Love the fruit ticker. Will have to use that one for me too!

  2. wait. Posted that too early. Don't read too much in that. Can't delete post.

  3. I vote surprise on the gender! I've made it almost nine's so much fun!! Although, I think Kevin and I are the only ones having fun with it. Everyone else is dying to know and gives me a hard time. :)