Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Power of Prayer

It wouldn’t be a pregnancy for me if it didn’t include a trip to the ER.  With the girls I had unexplained bleeding at about 10 weeks, then food poisoning at 7 months.  With Jake, I never went to the ER, but we had a scare at our 10 week ultrasound which led to additional scans in the first trimester (which all issues resolved themselves).  And now, this pregnancy. We had some things happen in the middle of the night Monday night which led to a 4 hours trip to the ER, as well as some tense hours – and they’re not over yet.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I had two episodes of waking up feeling wet (and cold due to the air from our ceiling fan blowing on me) – almost as if I had peed myself.  The first was about 1:30, and the second, which was much worse than the first, was about 3:15am.  I was not really sure what was happening, but whatever was coming out was not urine, so I had to assume amniotic fluid.  There was also some blood the second time, so I woke Britt up that time (He had a rough night Sunday night, so I was trying to let him sleep).  While I cleaned myself and my messes up, he got on the internet.  After about 15 minutes, he said, “I think we should go to the ER.”  I tried to wave him off and told him to wait and see if it happened again, but (because he is smarter than me) he insisted.  We decided to wake the girls and tell them our plan, but to just leave the kids sleeping for the time being and call my mom when the hour was a bit more decent.

We were at the ER by about 3:45, and in our little room by 4:15.  I was so glad that the ER doc on duty was someone we knew, and was a man if faith.  (He was also the ER doc on duty a few years back when Britt dislocated his shoulder!)  The first thing they did was send a nurse in with a doppler, and she pretty quickly found a nice steady heart rate of 153 for my baby.  Then, they ran several tests, including a pap smear.  The fluid that was leaking came back positive as amniotic fluid, but there was no infection, and I was still bleeding a little bit.  Things move slowly in the ER, and it was about 6am when we got the last of the test results we were waiting on.  It was then we were told the ultrasound had been ordered for 7am.  In the meantime, I had called my mom at 5am, and by 5:30 she was at my house with the kids.  That right there eased my mind a bit!

So, 7am took forever to roll around, but I was never more excited to see one of those machines.  And the technician was so great!  Shocker was awake and moving and flipping and dancing.  Heart rate was up to 160 (that’s what happens when you exercise!), things looks great.  The ER Doc poked his head in to ask about my fluid, and she said it looked great.  After she was done, the ER doc came in to discharge me.  Told me I was on pelvic rest (indefinitely), and to take it easy, and to call my OB’s office when it opened for a follow up.  I was at the Bagel Shop by 8am for some good breakfast, then home to rest.

I called my doctor at 8:30, and was in the office by 9.  We had a hallway consultation, and he told me to come back at 11 for another ultrasound.  We went back home (which is like ½ a mile from the clinic and hospital, thank goodness!) and napped until it was time to go to the scan.  Again, everything looked GREAT on the screen.  Shocker was back to just chillin’.  Heart rate was 154, and she measured everything.  She agreed that my fluid level looked good, too.  So, afyer she consulted with my Doctor,  we got to chat with him for a few minutes.  He ordered bed rest, and to come back on Thursday for another ultrasound and visit with him.  And prayer.   

While there are 2 issues here, placenta previa (the placenta is covered the cervix – causing bleeding) and leaking amniotic fluid, the fluid is the more pressing.  The baby cannot survive without amniotic fluid.  And there is no way to stop a leak or repair a tear.  At 15 weeks, this baby is not viable outside of my womb.  This leak has to be resolved.  The placenta previa, while worrisome, usually corrects itself.  As the baby and womb grow, the placenta will move.  I already know this will be a C-section delivery (my 3rd), so even if it continues to cover my cervix, it won’t change a whole lot, but it does need to move and resolve itself.  And I need to not be stressed and worried.  Please pray.

<-- This is who you are praying for.  This is our Baby.  She or He is 15 weeks and 4 days old in this sonogram picture I got yesterday.  S/he needs to stay put, and to stay growing.  We covet your prayers.  My doctor boldly said in his office yesterday as we were leaving that he was declaring this event as no big deal, and that we should own that, and pray it into being so.  That’s where you come in, my prayer warriors.  I invite you to pray with me, Britt, My kids, my family and friends.  Pray our Sun Stand Still prayer with us.  Pray for the amniotic fluid to stop leaking and the fluid level around the baby to remain at a good level.  Pray for the placenta to move away from my cervix as the baby grows as to not cause any more complications.  And pray for the general health and well-being of the baby, and this nervous mom.  To quote my good friend Jesus: "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns." (Matthew 16:23 NIV)


  1. Praying Betsey!!! I had a similar issue my placenta, like you said it usually resolves itself but praying fervently and specifically for the amniotic issue- and your nerves! Rest as much as you can handle- I know you are a BUSY lady!! love to all!

  2. My prayers will be with you. I stumbled across your blog this morning while I was looking for any information I could find on the subject, since I too am going through a very similar situation and have been given only a 27% chance for my baby's survival. Keep the faith and although I don't know you I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Found you through Jan. Birth club on Baby center. I am also due in Jan. Praying for your little bean to stay put and for your amniotic fluid to stop leaking.
    Hugs and Prayers
    rachel in Tn

  4. Betsey....How awesome is it that people all over the place are praying for you. Even another mom going through her own struggles. God is so good and I pray for your baby as well as the other mom who reached out to you.