Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting tense around here

We are a mere 24 hours from finding out the fate of our family!  It’s been fun asking the kids what they think and for name suggestions and such.  It has been fun to hear their thoughts.  Emma is wavering back and forth  - has been for a few weeks; I think right now she is on team PINK.  Lara is solidly on Team Pink – her toes are even painted pink!  And sweet, sweet Jake.  He wants it to be a boy SO BAD!!!  He’s had a rough week.  Starting Pre-K in a new school, his nap is apparently non-existent at school, and he has regressed a bit in his overnight potty training (which he mastered 2 and a half years ago!), besides still climbing in to our bed a couple of times a night.

Due to all of those crazy circumstances, and the excitement over finding out what the baby is, he is a bit wound up about all of this.  So, right before lunch, Britt was asking him about his thoughts and feelings on the boy v. girl issue.  THIS is the video I captured:
So – is it worth a submission to AFV?  I could sure use the $10,000!

We are 9 hours away from the end of our contest from earlier in the week!  Right now, the vote stands at 8 on Team Pink and 13 on Team Blue.  There is still time to get your vote on!  Head over to the original post and check it out!


  1. That is awesome. I have a four and half year old girl that really wants a sister and that reminds me of exactly how she would act if she were tired. We will find out if our Jan. baby (found you on baby center) is a boy or girl next weds. I have 3 girls ages 6, 4 and 2 so a boy would be a shocker for us!;)
    Congratulations!!! So happy it turned out to be a boy for your son. PS I have three brothers and I remember crying when the last two were born and I was 12 and 16 when they were born but I still was hoping for my sister. I guess that is why God gave me three girls now!!!