Monday, November 28, 2011

Changes for good!

Well, one of my worst “Mommy of a Preemie” fears came true over this past weekend. Mommy got sick!  Almost worse than not being able to see Finn for a few days, it made me worry it was going to mess up my surgery (tubal ligation) that is scheduled for this coming Wednesday!  Luckily, I used my resources, and I am currently in OKC between “visits” with my little man.  I started feeling a bit “off” Friday evening (lost my voice for a while, even), then had a pretty good day Saturday, but was worried about the upcoming week, so I texted my OB (yeah, we’re that close) and he called in some antibiotics for me that night.  I took my meds and slept all day yesterday, and I am feeling much better today!  Good enough to drive down to see my baby, that’s for sure!

Over the weekend, Finn “graduated” from his high-tech incubator “Giraffe” omni-bed (pictured above) to a regular nursery crib!  That happened overnight Saturday night, so while I was sleeping yesterday (and Emma and Lara were with their AWESOME Aunt), Britt and Jake came up to see him in his new crib!  They keep him pretty wrapped up, and with the SiPap on his face and head, there’s not much to see!  He has on his clothes (a sleeper), then a snuggle blanket thing, then he is covered with another blanket!  He’s still learning to maintain his own temperature, so they like to keep him very cuddled up.  While Britt and Jake were there yesterday, Finn got his 5th blood transfusion.  His numbers had been hovering on the low side, and he was borderline anemic, so they went ahead and transfused him, even though tests had shown he was making new blood cells.  This just gives him a head start and keeps him on the right track.

Today when I got to the NICU, I learned that the SiPap is no longer providing breaths for him!  This is SO BIG!  All of the breaths he is taking, he is initiating.  Such a big boy!  Now, the SiPap is still in use as it is holding his airways open, but we are definitely making progress.  They checked his blood gas about an hour ago, and it is GOOD, so he is doing what he needs to be doing!  YAY!  While I still get the lovely honor of taking his temperature and changing his diaper at the hands on times, we are really at a point where Finn doesn’t need a whole lot of attention (unless he loses his pacifier!), and the time seems to drag on!  He just needs to grow!  And we know he is because he has also graduated from the purple pacifier to the ORANGE pacifier!  Or, they may have done that since the Cowboys have a big game this weekend…

I was just thinking the other day how I haven’t told the story of giving him his first bath.  Last Sunday, I was in the NICU late for some reason (like past 8:00pm), and our regular nurse was at a delivery, so the charge nurse was working with Finn in the meantime.  Well, during the hands on, she decided he needed a bath.  I was perfectly content to stand back and watch, but she INSISTED I do it, because I had admitted I had never done it before.  Well, it was quite comical.  He was still in the BOX at that time, and while they had “popped” the top for full access to the baby, at 6 feet tall, it was hard for me to bend over and reach him very effectively.  So, in the awkwardness of the moment, and trying to not mess anything up, either Finn or I (probably me), pulled out his feeding tube!  The nurse was not too pleased with me on that one!  She got what she needed to replace it, and we got on with the bath, but I was not comfortable with it, I am pretty sure Finn got very cold, and we messed up his feeding.  I won’t be doing that again until he is without all the extra wiring!

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