Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guest Blogger Day!

Today, I am 4 weeks old!  I am weighing in at 2 pounds and 8 ounces, and I am working hard to grow, grow, grow!  I woke up this morning with some “eye gunk,” so my doctor sent it off to be cultured, and in the mean time my nurses keep slathering my eyes with some sticky ointment.  I mean, I know I can only see like 3 inches in front of my face, but now even THAT is blurry!  And my eyes are all sticky.  BUT!  My Mommy got to hold me today for the first time in over 2 weeks!  While I was on the baby shaker (oscillator), She couldn’t hold me.  It was so nice!  She even put my fuzzy OSU hat on me to keep me warm.  AND, while she was holding me, guess who showed up?  DADDY!  We were both so surprised!  He sat with us and talked with us for a long time before the nurse put me back in my bed!  (Oh - and if you haven’t figured it out, this is Finn, and I hijacked the blog for the day!)

So, I decided I should give you a little tour of my room.  The NICU at Mercy is really nice.  There are 2 sides - “A” quad and “B” quad.  (Not sure why they are called quads when there are only 2 of them, but whatever...).  I am on “B” quad, where each room has 2 babies.  My suite-mate is named Shannon.  She was born the same day I was, but her Mommy was further along than mine was.  The nurses used to call us boyfriend and girlfriend, but my Mommy told them we broke up.  The whole “Room Divided” thing wasn’t working out for us.  (They are huge OU fans; We bleed orange...)  It is usually very dark in our room, and we have lightweight fleece blankets over our isolettes, but they day Mommy took these pictures, all the lights were on.  So, here we go!

View as you walk into the room
All my equipment

From the other side   
The "BAD BOY" oscillator (turned off)

The regular ventilator (back on)
ME!  Sleeping in my bed
So, there you have it.  My room on the B Quad.  I heard the doctor talking to my Mommy and Daddy this morning, and he said things were right on track.  I just need to grow, grow, grow!  I’m working hard at it!  We just have to keep me healthy and keep moving forward.  Thanks for reading my guest post today!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us Finn!

  2. Finn your story is awesome. You look very handsome in your OSU hat!! keep growing stronger and stronger!!

  3. How awesome you are Finn. Keep growing stronger. Your Mommy and Daddy and the rest of us are ready for you to go home!!!! Know that you have lots of prayers coming your way. You have your own army of people thinking of you everyday.


  4. Finn you are SO CUTE!! I've been reading your mommies posts for awhile now and praying for you and your family...

    and wouldn't you know, shortly after you were born, I had my daughter and now we are in the NIC-U! Her name is Lily and she is only 2 pounds 8 ounces! You both have a lot of growing to do but I know you can. Keep up the hard work little man, I know this growing/breathing stuff can be tiring but you can do it! :) just take your time!