Friday, April 20, 2012

Back on the Roller Coaster

Life with our precious six month old has been something to cherish.  We have thoroughly enjoyed (OK – except for the colicky nights – which are fewer these days!) the time we have had with our FREE baby!  It’s so nice to be able to take him places and to not have to worry about oxygen or monitors or anything like that!  And with a smile like this, how can we NOT be enjoying our baby boy? Now, if I could just remember to take extra burp cloths with me when we leave the house, that would be most helpful!  I always have a change of clothes, bottles/formula, and plenty of diapers, but it seems every time we turn around and need a burp cloth, there is none with us!  I’ll get it together one of these days!

Along those same lines, this going back to work thing has proven to be a bit of a challenge.  Finn is still not on any kind of schedule (really), so mornings are very unpredictable.  It’s a challenge to get Finn taken care of, plus get Jake, Lara and Emma dressed, packed for school, forms signed, library books found, hair/teeth/shoe issues resolved, and still get to work on time (for both of us).  Some mornings go well, others, not so much!  We are super lucky that our Babysitter/Nana/personal assistant/Mom-of-the-year comes to us in the mornings – she can just walk in and pick up on whatever chaos is going on so Britt and I can get out the door!  I had a couple of rough days this week, but I am starting to see the light.  I am settling in at my new job, and I am starting to learn more of “the ropes” so I am not as stressed about being here on a daily basis.  New jobs are just HARD to get used to!

As for Finn, he has had quite a week, too!  Hence the roller coaster... After we all survived the threat and reality of severe weather last weekend (shout out to all my LTC ladies and a WOOT WOOT for the fun ladies night we had last Friday night!), we took him to Tulsa on Monday morning for his surgery consult.  We were all very impressed with the facilities, doctors and staff at the Children’s Hospital at St. Francis.  We even ran into one of our FAVORITE NICU nurses from Mercy that is now working at Children’s in Tulsa!  It was a great experience, and we are set to have his inguinal hernia repair next Thursday.  Our pediatric surgeon is a great guy, and we have all the faith in the world in his abilities and his concern for our family.  But, having said all that, we are still apprehensive about putting our child under and having him intubated again.  It's still scary.  We have to be at the hospital at 5:15 am next Thursday, and they will keep Finn overnight for observation.  We hope to be back in Stillwater mid-day on Friday.  Just in time to start the NEXT adventure!

We move NEXT WEEKEND!  We got the keys to our new place this past weekend, and we have been over once to look things over again (the landlord is completely repainting the house and doing some other needed maintenance) and to measure some rooms.  It is really going to be a great place once we get in there and personalize it.  We hope to start moving things Friday afternoon, and we need to be done by Sunday!! Anyone who is willing to help – whether its move boxes or wrangle kids – we would love the help!  Moving 6 people is quite an undertaking!  To help prepare for the BIG MOVE, we are having a garage sale tomorrow morning.  7am start time!  Lots of good stuff – including a CAR!  Come check us out!

I also got the link for Finn’s TV debut!  If you have not seen the piece, here it is!

Here’s to a GREAT weekend!

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