Sunday, September 23, 2012

You Can't WIN...

... if you don't enter!

So, I entered Finn in a fun Facebook contest to try to win some photos of him.  This contest requires friends to help by liking 2 pages on Facebook and liking the photo of Finn that I entered in the contest.  Three short clicks is all it takes to cast your vote, and I made it super easy by putting all the direct links to the things you have to "Like"  in the rules I've posted here:

1. Go "like" Shutterfly PropShop

3. Find the Ultimate Dream-Baby Contest album and "like" this picture of Finn (&tiny Finn) :) 
My "story" is in the caption of this photo as well.  As of Sunday afternoon, we are about in the middle as far as votes on the picture go, but I have no way of knowing if those voters followed all 3 steps!  Finn needs more votes!  (Voting closes September 30th at 10:00pm.)  We truly appreciate your help with this!

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