Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for the Help

 Today is the first day of Thanksgiving Break.  Well, for my kids, anyway.  Husband and I both have to work.  Because that’s what we do!  So, where are the Little Dream Weavers, you ask?  Let me tell you…  The Twisters are with their Nana and Grandpa on a shopping/road trip.  LUCKY!  They are going to Oklahoma City to shop for Christmas themed T-shirts for Santa pictures, then on south to Paul’s Valley to pick up my niece who will be here for the next few days!   And Jake?  Well, he’s with my co-worker/LTC friend/sister in Christ and her kids at the ZOO!  NO FAIR!  She says the day before Thanksgiving is a great day to go to the zoo – all of the animals are out (it is like 70 here today), and they all get a Turkey day “treat” from the zoo keepers.  Plus, it’s not crowded.  Awesome.  She has already texted me and told me how much she loves my son.  That leaves Sweet Baby Finn.  He’s here.  On campus.  In my office.  On my lap.  Yup!  I’m ON CLOUD NINE too!  He has been around “visiting,” but that means like 6 people as we are on a skeleton crew here today!

We are gearing up for our first Thanksgiving feast with family tonight.  On the menu? Hideaway pizza, of course!  These are out of town-ers (New York and Mississippi) who don’t get it whenever they want it like we do!  ;)  We are gathering at my parent’s house.  8 adults.  7 kids.  Already glad there is basically a 1 on 1 pairing.  It could get crazy!  LOUD!  And that’s just the grown-ups!  LOL!  I kid… But, with 2 of the children being babies (both born prematurely, BTW), we need all hands on deck!  I can’t wait to start the festivities!  And tomorrow, we FEAST!  More on that later…

In the meantime, I have been reflecting on what I am thankful for.  I am so thankful for the people in my life who truly have a servant’s heart.  Those that are willing to help at the drop of a hat, or on a very tight schedule.  My parents first and foremost.  They help with my kids every day of the week!  My mom watches Finn daily, which we pay her for, but she goes above and beyond by waiting at my house for the big kids to get on the bus, and being there for them when they get home in the afternoon, plus running them to all their appointments and classes, practices and games when needed.  Thankful for my dad taking over for my mom when she has other volunteer things to do or needs to take time for herself.  Both of them chauffeuring the kids to dance, clubs, games – and showing up for competitions almost every time!  Plus, if it’s broken, Grandpa can fix it, Nana can mend it, and they always have the tools we need for chores around the house!  But beyond that, we have friends who help, too.  Someone takes Lara to choir every Tuesday and Friday morning before school.  Another parent takes Emma to her Odyssey of the Mind meetings.  Friends take 1, or 2 (or even ALL FOUR) off our hands for a few hours so we can get some stuff done.  The volunteers in LifeKids at our church who pour into these kids life weekly.  All my sorority girls who offer free babysitting.  ALL the offers we get for any and every kind of help.  So THANKFUL!  All of you.  You know who you are.  I am so grateful for you all and your generosity.  THANK YOU! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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