Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Giving It Up For Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday.  It would be my brother’s 42nd birthday if Heaven hadn’t needed him more.  And most relevant to me today is that it is DISCHARGE DAY!  For Lent this year, I am giving up room 8114 at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center!  That’s right; the Six Dream Weavers will soon all be together under ONE roof again!  We have been on this adventure for 12 LONG days.  We are so thankful for the care we have received here, and so happy that Finn has recovered fully!  This has been QUITE a ride, but one we are sure happy to be getting off of.

Last I wrote it was Sunday morning, and we seem to have been in a holding pattern of sorts since then.  We had been told more than once that it was all up to Finn, and we know better than anyone that he is on his OWN (unpredictable) time table.  We had been told on Friday that we would possibly go home Sunday.  Well, here is is Wednesday, and we are finally on the way! Here’s what the last few days have looked like:

Sunday, February 10 – Children’s Hospital:  They attempted a room air test not long after Finn woke up.  He failed.  I cried.  Back on .25L of flow for O2 support.  Britt encouraged me to go back to Stillwater to regroup, so I did.  I got to see my parents and my kids – helped shuffle them from one play date to another.  I also went to work for a few hours and got some work done.  It was a break I really needed.  I was back by dinner time, and I sure had missed my boys!  I had thought we might go home Monday, too…

Monday, February 11 – Children’s Hospital: Today, Britt got up very early and headed back to Stillwater for a day of work.  I now the big kids (and my mom) were happy to see him and have a bit of normalcy.  That morning we were told one more night.  His chest was sounding better and better – just had to get off that oxygen support!  He was down to .03L (next seeing is off), but he was relying on it.  We were going to have a room air test at 10:00am, but he fell asleep so it was postponed.  But, he needed ADDITIONAL support during the nap, so he would have failed anyway.  But, after lunch, they turned it off, and he did GREAT on room air the rest of the evening until bedtime when they turned it back up to .03L flow.   They also pulled the IV out, so that’s one less nuisance to worry with.  Britt decided to stay in Stillwater and get a work day in on Tuesday as well, so I spent a long lonely night in the hospital.

Tuesday, February 12 – Children’s Hospital: SNOW DAY!  Finn really enjoyed watching the GIANT snowflakes fall outside our window!  But that’s about all he enjoyed!  After a good night of sleep with O2 at .03, he was awake early due to dispensing of meds, and was super fussy while we waited on breakfast (but he was on room air!).  After he ate, he fell back asleep.  And only got about 30 minutes in due to rounds.  Once things settled down again, about 11, he went back to sleep – and O2 support!  UGH!  Woke up at 1:00, mad at the world.  Took FOREVER to get a lunch tray, then he ate a good lunch before puking all over me.  TWICE.  I was tired, frustrated, and weepy.  I called for reinforcements.  Seems that was JUST what Finn needed!  Once Daddy got here, he was in a much better mood, stayed off the O2, and was FUN to be around!  It was a GREAT afternoon – and an EXCELLENT night!  We were both nervous all night watching his O2 saturation number.  We needed it to stay above 90.  Every time I woke up it was 92 or higher!  So exciting, but nervous it might not last.

Wednesday, February 13 – Children’s Hospital.  WE DID IT!  No O2 all night – AWESOME saturation numbers!  He didn’t just accept the task, he EXCELLED at it!  First Doctor was in about 7:30,said we would probably go home today.  2nd Doctor was in about 7:50 – said we would most likely go home today.  3rd doctor was in at 8:10.  Said we were GOING HOME!  He said everything was almost ready.   They would round, and then “push the button” to get us out of here!  Probably around lunch time.  WE MADE IT!  YAY Finn for all his hard work!

Wednesday, February 13,- HOME!  They finally discharged us to go home at 2:00pm.  After a stop for cupcakes, we headed back to Stillwater. SO happy to be home.  We are weary, we are tired, but we are HOME!  So thankful for a successful conclusion.  

Thank you SO MUCH for all the prayers!  I hope the next Finn update is NOTHING but GOOD NEWS!

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