Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What’s in a Name?

Finn and family update first!  Finn did AWESOME after his ear tubes!  We can really tell a difference in what he can hear, and he is trying SO HARD to walk!  He has gotten 2 new teeth this week - brings us up to 8.  But there is no rhyme or reason to the ones coming in now.  They are not symmetric nor in order, so I bet he gets more in the next few weeks.  He had his first evaluation at Hearts for Hearing in Oklahoma City yesterday, and scored in the range for normal for the tests they performed.  We go back in six weeks to do it again once the tubes are “settled” in more.  After a pretty calm weekend of typical activities, we had a bit of a crazy Monday and Tuesday!  OSU campus closed at 12:30 Monday and all day Tuesday due to a “blizzard” – that turned out to be nothing more than a cold rain and about 2 inches of wet snow!  Free time off!  The kids got Tuesday out of school, too, but we had the appointment in OKC, so it was basically a wash.  They went to Nana’s and played in the snow water and mud at her house while we went with Finn.  Tuesday afternoon I put them to work tagging clothes and items for the Adorable Affordables consignment sale!

Earlier today, I was chatting online with a new friend (who made this AMAZING shirt for me!) and I asked her about how she chose her son’s name.  She, in turn, asked me about Finn’s name.  I’m not sure I have ever really told the “long” (I’ll try to keep it short) version of how we came to decide on his AWESOME name, so I thought I should write about it.  And if I am doing his, I can’t leave the BIG Dream Weaver kids out!  It’s kind of heady to think that I am (at least partially) responsible for saddling 4 humans with the monikers they will use for the rest of their lives.  I hope I served them well in this task…

Finn Ricker Weaver: (en utero name: Shocker.  Because we were SHOCKED!) Fourth child.  LAST child.  The story of how we came to decide on his name is not really all that glamorous or exciting.  We had decided along the way early in the pregnancy that we were pretty sure we wanted a 4 letter name for this (genderless at this point) baby.  Emma and Lara were 4 letters, we called Jacob by his 4 letter nickname of Jake, so it stood to reason – 4th kid, 4 letters.  So, we printed lists off the internet.  Off name databases. Grabbed baby name books off store shelves.  Pulled names from our own minds.  And at MANY lunch dates, we read our lists to each other and marked off HUNDREDS of names as no-go’s.  The girl names that finally remained were Holley (with the “ey” like my name; courtesy of the 4 year old who has just seen Cars 2 and loved Holley Shiftwell), Stella (ending in “a” like Emma and Lara), and Kate (family name on my husband’s side – 4 letters).  Needless to say, we didn’t even need these!  The boy names were Nathan (Nate), Barrett (Rett) and Finn.  All from name books or websites.  The afore mentioned 4 year old was particularly attached to the name Finn.  Again, Cars 2 – Finn McMissle.  Plus, Britt and I are fans of the FOX TV show Glee, and Finn Hudson was a main character, so the name was “known” a bit and not completely off the wall.  (You can see the names in a game from our Gender Reveal Party post!)  The other kids’ names were so traditional; we didn’t want to veer too far off that path.  As for his middle name, we wanted to honor my older brother Brian who had passed in April of 2011.  We didn’t feel comfortable using the name Brian, so we chose to use our last name, Ricker, as Finn’s middle name.  I am so glad we decided to do this.  Makes his name truly unique, and it completely suits him!  Finn Ricker Weaver – Smiley and serious, tough and tenacious!

Here’s a video of 4 year old Jake the night before the gender reveal party – praying for a boy named Finn McMissle, or if it had to be a girl, at least name it Holley Shiftwell!

Jacob Alan Weaver:  (en utero name: Bullet.  Because we are die hard OSU Cowboy fans and that’s our football game day mascot’s name! And a fetus is small. Like a bullet…) I dug deep into the archives to find a post about Jake’s name.  I’ve been in the blogging/journaling business a long time…  Sadly, the post I found wasn’t very exciting!  But, I do know how we chose his name!  We knew from very early on – before we had time to really discuss names, even – that our baby was a boy.  This was Britt’s first child, and as such I gladly left the major part of the naming decision up to him.  He wanted to leave his legacy with a good, strong name.  We talked and decided we wanted to name him Jacob after Britt’s dad.  Since he wasn’t a “junior” we decided to go with a different middle name from his grandfather.  So, we chose Alan, which is Britt’s middle name.  I remember we bought a frame for the ultrasound picture that definitely showed our baby’s gender to give to Britt’s parents, and we wrote “Jacob Alan” on the frame.  His parents – especially his Dad – were elated!  Such a neat memory we get to share with our Jake some day! Jacob Alan Weaver: mischievous and silly, class clown and big tease!

Emma Marie and Lara Elizabeth Horinek:  (en utero names: Jenna and Barbara.  Because I was in Texas, the Senior George Bush was president, and those were the “First” twins!) I had to dig WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back to find any documentation on these names!  I typed my journal on a computer, but it was not online anywhere.  I had printed the entries as I went along, and they are in a binder.  And yes, I knew where the binder was!  Once we knew the babies were both girls, the girls’ father and I decided we would each name one baby.  Seems fair, right?  But, we each had veto power if we thought the chosen name was hideous.  Luckily, that was never an issue.  We had also decided we didn’t want to do the matchy-matchy thing (like Haylee  and Kaylee) or even the same first sound thing (like Madison and Mackenzie).  We did decide to do 4 letters, and end in the same sound.  They were twins after all!  We couldn’t disappoint the people who wanted  ”twin-y” names!  He chose the name Emma Marie.  Emma after a distant grandmother, and Marie was the middle name of his paternal grandmother (who actually died in a tragic car crash on Thanksgiving Day the November I was pregnant!).  I chose Lara Elizabeth.  That was the name my mother had originally chosen for me.  But my brother insisted upon calling me Betsey.  But I always knew I wanted to name my daughter that!  Lara is after my Dad (Larry) and his favorite song from Dr. Zhivago “Lara’s Theme”  and then I stuck with Elizabeth since Betsey is a derivative of Elizabeth. Plus, that way they both girls ended up with "traditional" names.  I also liked the fact that there were no “obvious” nicknames for either name.  I wanted them to be called what we named them.  Their “Twister” nickname came about when they were about 6 months old and a sorority sister of mine told me a story about her brother being in Kindergarten and coming home and telling the family about the “Twisters” in his class.  They later deciphered that he mean “twin sisters!”  And we still call my girls the Twisters 10 years later! Emma Marie: strong and determined, creative and passionate.  Lara Elizabeth: goofy and fun, smart and loving.

So, what’s in a name?  How did you choose the names for your children, or how did your parents choose your name?  Good feelings or bad feelings about it? I think these stories can be fascinating!


  1. Braxton Wayne Fritts: Nickname: Boog. We were driving home from Tulsa or Bartlesville (dont remember which) and Brian said the name randomly- neither one of us are sure where he thought of it, but we just both looked at each other and huh- yah i like that! And it stuck! On my dads side the first born boys have the middle name Johannes- its been passed down for generations back in Germany, so we wanted to do something like that but since he wasnt an Amanis, we decided to take Brians middle name and pass that down to him. So his name is Braxton Wayne Fritts. His nickname is Boog- when he was really little we always called him Booger and it just got shortened to Boog!

    1. oops forgot this tid bit! When he was in my belly his nickname was Baby B- bc we were waiting till the gender reveal party to let everyone know the baby's name and we knew the name was going to start with a B either way- if it was a boy it would be Braxton and if it was a girl it would be Bridgette- so until that day he was just Baby B :)