Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finn Firsts: Haircut (and STEPS!)

Yesterday was full for FIRSTS for our Finn!  The first first was his first haircut!  In the middle of the afternoon, I met Nana the Wonder Sitter at Shine Salon for my friend (and Jake’s friend and teammate’s Mom) Mika to work her magic on Finn.  I remember for Jake’s first haircut Britt insisted I take him to a barber (for men).  Somehow, I got to side step that requirement this time around.  Maybe because Finn is SO WIGGLY and we knew Mika would take good care of him no matter how crazy he got!  And don’t be mistaken - he was VERY wiggly!  But, he did a good job of trying to cooperate while sitting my lap, and Mika worked wonders snipping off the crazy parts and shaping up the unruly parts.  He looked so handsome (if not a bit concerned about the whole process) when we were finished!  So proud of him!

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 I think all the excitement wore him out, so he took a strange little after work/before dinner nap - which left us trying to decide what to do about church for the kids and LifeGroup for us.  In the end, we decided to go - and I think it was a blessing that we did!  The big kids OF COURSE had fun in their classes - Jake just started Konnect when he turned 6 a few weeks ago, and Emma & Lara always have a blast and come out of Roots all fired up with funny stories to tell!  And while Britt and I love spending time with our LTC LifeGroup, tonight we got a wonderful surprise!  Due to Finn still having lingering respiratory issues, and our church kids area being under construction with dry wall dust, paint fumes and carpet glue residue everywhere, we decided it best for him to stay with us and go to the home we meet in.  They have 2 little boys, so we knew Finn would find something to do!  We also had just a few people from our group in attendance, so it was a small audience.  I guess it was just the right size for Finn to show off for.  He has been standing unassisted for a couple of weeks, and he "tries" to take steps, but really just stumbles and falls face first.  But not at LifeGroup!  He took TWO FULL steps, stopped, then sat down!  Everyone who saw it cheered and clapped, and the look of accomplishment on Finn's face was priceless!  Later at home we were encouraging him to do more, and he took SIX steps between Dad's recliner and the couch I was sitting on!  YAY FINN!  I hope to get video of soon of some of his first few steps!

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