Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has NOT Sprung

There is snow/wintery mix in for forecast for this coming weekend, yet today is the first day of Spring.  Oklahoma, you are CONFUSED! LOL!  In all reality, this is typical of Oklahoma March weather.  I distinctly remember one Spring Break (I don’t know what year – it was either late high school or early college – it was VERY important that I call my boyfriend everyday!) I went out to Western Kansas to stay with relatives for a couple of days, and got stuck out there for the whole week!  The weather was fine there, and fine here in Stillwater, but I-35 was CLOSED between Wichita and Blackwell, so I had to wait it out!  Snow on Spring Break it not that uncommon, but my kids think it is the end of the world that it might snow!  Poor sweet souls!

Looks like I haven’t been on here to update in a bit.  It’s been BUSY!  As usual, I guess, but still...  Here are the highlights:

** Finn had his post op follow up with the ENT – all is well – go back in 4 months
**  Finn is taking steps and waving a bit!  Video Proof:

** Lara finished up her 6 week intensive Hip Hop dance class – still working towards her recital in June (next up – leaps and turns in April!)

** Nana the Wonder Sitter (aka “Mom” to me) and I attended ΑΔΠ State Day on the Oklahoma State Campus – it was WONDERFUL! Love my sisterhood! #WLFEO

**Jake played his last Upward basketball game of the season and served cupcakes to his teammates, and had the end of season celebration which was SUPER fun!
Instagram of the event!
** We went to an OKC Thunder NBA basketball game as a family (again.  Thunder Up!)

** Except for Emma who was diligently preparing for State Competition with her Odyssey of the Mind team

** Had our first “Restaurant Night” fundraiser for the Stillwater March of Dimes March for Babies ta Panda Express (YUM!) Click Here to donate to Finn's Fans!

** The Spring Version of the semi-annual Adorable Affordables sale happened last week – I spent 2 solid days helping set up, and shopped on 4 different occasions!  Had to re-shop for Jake, 10’s are too small, he needs 12’s!

** Had parent-teacher conferences for all three big kids!  Emma and Lara are crushing 5th grade, aside from a couple minor bumps in the road we are working out, and Jake is head of his Kindergarten class as far as reading and helpfulness go!

** Britt and I got to be part of a surprise birthday party celebration for one of his longtime friends and co-workers.  The guest of honor was truly SHOCKED and surprised.  That was fun

** My father-in-love celebrated his 80th birthday!

** Mom and I attended a cute bridal shower for my future niece-in-law (Is that what she’s called? My nephew’s bride?)

** Did I mention, IT IS SPRING BREAK THIS WEEK!  They love the time off.  It just means MORE babysitting for Nana the Wonder Sitter…

** Nana and Grandpa took the big kids to the Chickasaw Cultural Center  in Sulphur, OK for a day trip yesterday while Mr. Finn hung out at Krista’s Kids day care.  BIG day for all of them!

** I am enjoying the creative outlet Dream Weaver Prints is giving me!  Love to see the orders roll in!  (Check us out on Facebook!)  

Life just keeps moving forward, it seems!  And so QUICKLY!  Emma and Lara are gearing up for the BIG move to the Middle School next year, and Jake is ready for summer and baseball!   For some reason, I have been reflecting on Finn's NICU stay the past several days, which has led me to pin a few more things to his board on Pinterest.  I have also been working with a fellow NICU mom in her efforts to do some fundraising for her Oklahoma City March for Babies family team.  She has truly inspired me, and given me some GREAT ideas for our team, too!  Stay tuned for a fun event I am dreaming about!  Our March in Stillwater it not until late September, so we are not in full gear quite yet.  PLUS!  There is going to be a "Mercy Miracles" team for Mercy NICU graduates in the OKC March the first weekend of May, so the Six Dream Weavers are going as a team to that one as well!  We sure love our March of Dimes and NICU family!  Such a crazy time in our lives - yet it has made bonds and relationships that will last us a lifetime! #blessed

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