Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Despite ½ of the six Dream Weavers being on antibiotics this week (Emma – strep, Finn – another upper respiratory infection, me – Strep), we had a fun Easter as a family.  The week leading up to it was crazy with doctor’s appointments, missed school and work, and the business of kid’s activities.  T-ball practice has started, Emma started a new season of Volleyball this past weekend, and her Odyssey of the Mind team is 2 weeks from their State competition!  I always forget how BUSY Spring is, until it gets here!  We even squeezed in a quick family picture session on a bright Saturday afternoon!  We needed a family picture for our March of Dimes Stillwater March for Babies Ambassador Family paperwork, and we’ve put it off several times due to weather, illness, and being busy.  We were SO glad to get that taken care of!  And I can't wait to share the results!

I really love Easter.  I read through 2 different 1 week reading plans on YouVersion leading up to Easter to help remind me WHY we celebrate this holiday.  I love Good Friday – because we know Sunday’s coming!  A lot can happen in just 3 days!  I love that Christmas is the promise and Easter is the PROOF!  He bled and suffered for us.  He died for us! And he ROSE for US!  I love the newness of Spring, and the fun new clothes everyone breaks out for the occasion!  Britt wore a bow tie!  I had a fun new eyelet dress and a trendy necklace.  The girls were in new dresses and shoes, and the boys in plaid shirts – Jake with bright green skinny pants and Finn in skinny jeans.  We looked good, if I do say so myself!  There are no pictures of just us, but here are a few from our festivities.

getting ready for the egg hunt

Mom and her boys (Finn in his 2nd outfit for the day!)

Aunt Paula with Lara and Emma
We started the day off with the kids tearing into their Easter baskets – which were devoid of the “traditional” Weaver gift of swim suits  due to the fact that the EB was clueless on size, style and colors for the big kids, and Finn already has 4 for this season (he got a new outfit instead).  
The kids got certificates to pick out their own when the weather warms up.  Peeps, Reeses, sunglasses, headbands and flip flops rounded out the baskets.  Britt had hidden 100+ plastic candy filled eggs in our yard, so the hunt was ON!  The big kids came inside with 25, 27 and 29 eggs – so they did a pretty good job of being even without even trying!  Finn had 2.  LOL!  And, we found a few more later in the afternoon…  Then, It was off to church at LifeChurch.tv Stillwater!  We experienced and AWESOME worship set, which included this opening:

And this:

Of course, Craig Groschel’s message was amazing, too!  What an awesome experience.  We lunched at Aunt Paula’s house with all the Grandparents.  That was the smallest group we have had over there in while, but it was super fun.  The big kids played a little baseball in the front yard as it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and took a trip down to the pond as well.  It was a very nice afternoon.  That night, we went to my parents house to watch the last installment of “The Bible” on the History channel as a family.  It was truly a great way to spend this glorious holiday.  So thankful for my family, for my savior, and for the amazing blessings we have all around us.

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