Monday, April 15, 2013

Warm and FUZZY'S!

We are Team Finn's Fans.  The Weavers, Rickers, Jacksons, and lots of extended family and friends.  We are passionate about babies.  We have a special place in our heart for premature babies.  And, we love to work with the March of Dimes for stronger, healthier babies.

Team Finn's Fans is once again gearing up for the Stillwater March for Babies later this year. We wanted to kick start our fundraising efforts before the OSU students leave for the summer, as we want EVERYONE to get on board and get that "Warm and FUZZY" feeling about helping March of Dimes!  They help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.  Who can't stand behind that?!?

Here's how you can get some SUPER YUMMY grub, and jump start Team Finn's Fans fundraising efforts for the March of Dimes!  Next Monday night, April 22, Team Finn's Fans is having a benefit night at Fuzzy's on The Strip!  So easy!  Either print out the flyer posted below or pull it up on your phone when you get there and show it when ordering and 15% of your sale goes to our efforts! And, it lasts most of the evening - from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, so there is plenty of time for you come in for a taco, nachos, burrito, or all of the above!  (If you have not been to Fuzzy's - that is a CRIME!  LOL!  This is a perfect opportunity!  And just like it has for the Weaver's - it WILL become your new addiction!)

Not sure what to order or if you will like it (like than can happen!  Best Tex-Mex ever!)?  Here's a link to the Stillwater Fuzzy's menu with prices!

If you want to pick up an actual flier before that night, contact Britt or Betsey!  Britt is at University Health Services on Farm Road, and Betsey in 325E Willard Hall on the OSU campus.  Get in touch with us and we can bring you several fliers as well if you would like to help spread the word! 

Come get "Warm and FUZZY" with us next Monday night!

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