Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Life After NICU

Today is the last day for WEEKS with nothing listed on my cozi calendar outside of work commitments.  This next couple of weeks are CrAzY ones! T-ball games, an appearance at an OSU baseball game, dance company auditions, recital, 5th grade graduation, talent show, the girls' birthday party they turned 11 on Tuesday!  Such amazing young ladies!), and more I am sure I am forgetting!  I love all the fun and festive activities, but the pace makes me a Mombie (Zombie Mom)!  Oh, and did I mention we are still trying to get those last pesky boxes out of the garage?  We're at the point with unpacking where we don't miss what's still missing.  We know its out there, but getting to it is hard..  I'm hoping for a burst of unpacking energy on Saturday morning...

In the meantime, it's been a time of reflecting on our journey with Finn.  We know of a young mother who's first baby is just a few weeks old and still in the NICU and she is frustrated with her predicament.  She feels it is so unfair.  We totally understand and sympathize.  We learned of a 9 month old preemie baby who died this week.  He was a triplet, with one baby dying in the womb before birth, and now he has joined his brother in heaven.  The surviving brother is doing really well, but we cannot imagine the immeasurable pain this family is suffering from.  It reminds us how blessed and lucky we really are.  We have been focused on Finn's lack of language,but compared to what a lot of our preemie parent friends go through, this is so incredibly minor!  Plus, we are hearing a lot of parroting this week, and he tells us no all the time, so he is getting there!

On this day, we are lucky enough to have our birth story featured on the Life After NICU page. We hope our story can help someone else cope with the roller-coaster ride that is life in the NICU.  We want to provide hope and peace.  We pray daily for other families on this journey.  We are privileged to be preemie parents, and blessed to know so many others on this emotional path.

Free Printable from Life After NICU

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