Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School – 2013

(If the blog looks different, that's because it has taken on a bit of a March of Dimes Make-Over for Team Finn's Fans until the Stillwater march for Babies!)

Well, the first week of school is under our belts.  All of the kids had “new” in some form or shape as they went back to school.  And they all had GREAT weeks.  I am so proud of ALL of them.  They each have their own struggles to overcome and their own way of dealing with the changes.  We had some bumpy moments, as expected, but overall, the Little Dream Weavers each had a positive experience this week, and were ready to go back for more this morning!

The Twisters.  Emma and Lara started 6th grade at the middle school this year.  They are on the same “team” (set of core course teachers), but have selected different electives.  Their lockers are both bottom lockers, and are next to each other in the hall, and they have 7th period math together.  But, for the rest of the day, they are going totally opposite directions – don’t even have lunch together!  They are bus riders, and the first few mornings were rough with late arrivals, missing breakfast, and some general confusion.  The first day, the bus was an hour late picking them up AFTER school!  But, they thought it was fun to just hang out with their friends after school waiting!

EMMA. Emma is loving the independence and the social aspects of 6th grade.  She has already made several new friends at the bus stop and in her classes.  She is my true fashionista, trying out a new “style” of clothing almost every day.  She carries her purse everywhere (this is new for us), has been wearing make-up to school (just a little) every day, and almost ALWAYS has her phone up to her ear.  She is a true tween girl in every way.  Outgoing, outspoken, up for adventure at any moment!  And she NEVER STOPS TALKING!  She loves her classes, and has stayed very organized so far this year.  We hope the trend continues!

LARA. Lara likes the middle school.  She is really enjoying her PE class because of all the variety it offers.  She has her lunch “split” by 2 shorter periods of PE, so I think she is fascinated by that as well.  Plus, she gets a PE locker AND her regular hall locker, so she has plenty of space to store her stuff (Or lose it, she’s still pretty good at misplacing things.  We’re working on it!)  She carries her purse as well, but only because she has her inhaler in there!  Lara is a quiet force.  She has enjoying reconnecting with old friends, and is slowly getting into the middle school grove. 

JAKE. Jake is in somewhat of a “new” situation as well.  He started 1st grade back at the elementary school he went to Pre-K in, but he barely remembers anyone from 2 years ago.  Plus, this is the first time he has been at a school without his older sisters!  He is walking to school most days with some neighborhood kids, and walks home in the afternoons ALL BY HIMSELF!  Nana the Wondersitter is at home waiting for him, and I hear she stands at the window watching anxiously for him.  And she texts me the minute he gets there!  Eases my heart for sure!  He loves his 1st grade teacher and her student teacher as well.  He has several old friends in his class, and a new friend who lives in the neighborhood is in the class next door, so they play together at lunch and recess.  It’s also fun for him to have a playmate so close – they both enjoy video games and spend some afternoons together defending the universe!  He is exciting about taking snack for his class the first time this week!  He says his favorite part of the day is recess.  The first day they went outside 4 times.  He was pretty disappointed when he learned they really only have 2 recesses each day – that was just to make Day 1 more fun…

FINN. Finn started his first experience outside the home (and the protective arms of his Nana) last week.  He is enrolled in a pre-school  20-30 month old class at the Early Childhood Center at the Methodist church close to our house.  We went to orientation on Monday, and he started class on Tuesday.  He goes Tuesday and Thursday for most of the day – includes lunch and a nap.  We are hoping this helps with his speech delay and (lack of) social skills and some manners as well.  He is a textbook spoiled preemie who doesn’t do much for himself, so this setting should stretch and grow him!  He did great the first day, and while Thursday drop off was a little rough, he is getting a lot out of the experience and I can’t wait to look back at the end of the semester and see how it has changed him!  He loves all the new books to look at and the puzzles.  And of course, recess.  Who DOESN’T love recess?

4 kids.  3 schools.  It makes for a hectic schedule, but we love it.  We are gearing up for Fall activities as well.  Jake thinks he wants to play flag football – I need to check into that.  Dance starts next week for Lara, and fall volleyball is right around the corner for Emma.  I’m checking on a “Mommy and Me” gymnastics class in the evenings for Finn and I, too.  Of course, we couldn’t do all of this without the family support we get.   Grandpa is on dance drop-off duty this year!  I bet he’s thrilled… LOL!  Let the games begin!

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