Friday, August 30, 2013

Who needs sleep?

This week has flown by in a whirlwind of school meetings, work commitments, and personal chores, yet it has crawled by at the same time.  Lack of sleep, new routines, and the "second week of school" slump are to blame.  This week, I had a to-do list a mile long for myself and Dream Weaver Prints, as well as projects at work, and errands that never seemed to end!  It's finally Friday, but I still feel like I need 2 more days of "work week" to get it all done!  And it doesn't stop!  New after school activities start the next couple of weeks for everyone...

This week, we've had something ALMOST every night.  Lots of late night dinners, baths, and bedtimes.  Sure messes us up after JUST getting back on track.  I'm not sure when Jake had a shower last...

Tuesday night was Open House for the 6th grade families at the middle school.  We got to meet their elective class teachers, get a presentation from the administration, and then meet with their team teachers.  It was all very educational to me as a first time middle school parent, but it was also a bit overwhelming!  I learned that I have to sign stuff.  A lot.  I'm bad about --  in the hustle and bustle --  I kinda sign things by rote - not really knowing what I am signing.  I think my middle school lesson is to try harder at paying attention to paperwork.  Other than that, the girls are still liking it (even though a schedule change for Emma threw a small wrench in her week), and I think they are going to do very well there!

Wednesday night, activities started back up at our church.  We have SO missed our LifeGroup over the summer!  THRILLED to be back in the fold.  So, that means it was Emma and Lara's first night in Switch - the Youth ministry program.  I didn't have to check them in.  They didn't need name tags.  They just walked into the lobby, all made-up and perfumed again, and starting hanging out with the "big" kids.  So Weird.  And Jake is in Konnect+.  Again, while I did have to get him a name tag, he just took off for class.  No need for mom.  So glad I still had Finn to check into a room!  But, shockingly, he didn't even cry when I handed him off to one of our AWESOME Little LifeKids volunteers.  They are GROWING UP TO FAST!  All of them!  So thankful for LifeChurch and all they do to minister to and grow my kids in Christ!  And, thankful the kids get that, while I get fellowship with my AWESOME LifeGroup!

Thursday, not wanting to feel left out, had to have something, too.  Curriculum night in Jake's first grade class at the elementary school.  I think I may bee too old (or too cynical?) for these.  I was one of the "older" parents in the room, and I felt a lot of deja vu while there.  Haven't I done first grade before?  Like, 5 years ago?  And, some of the "young" parents questions and comments... Well, annoyed me a bit. LOL!  But, I really REALLY like is teacher and I am glad I went to represent our family.  Jake is going to have a great first grade year!

Have I mentioned Finn doesn't get enough to eat on pre-school days?  Yeah, he doesn't.  That makes for kinda cranky evenings.  And 3am HUNGRY wake-up calls.  I have tried to explain that he needs his milk and he NEEDS to eat (all 20 pounds of him!), but I know they are on a schedule and such.  So, Britt, my AMAZING husband, gets up with him at 3am and feeds him.  While watching Daniel Boone on ME TV.  Thankful he lets me try to sleep.  We will get through this, right?

So, the adjustment period is still in full swing.  Next week, dance for Lara and fall volleyball for Emma start.  Closely followed by Flag Football for Jake.  I had the others in gymnastics at this age, so I am contemplating that for Finn as well.  We'll see...

In the meantime, we are 29 days from Stillwater March for Babies.   I am happy to announcer that Team Finn's Fans is a little over 1/2 way to their goal!  T-shirt sales CLOSE NEXT FRIDAY! If you want to order a T-shirt or need more info, be sure and check out THIS POST for all the details.  Also, be watching next week as I start "26 Days for March of Dimes" here on the blog.  In honor of Finn's arrival at 26 weeks gestation, I will be posting each day with facts, stories, and other fun things about or from the March of Dimes for the last 26 days leading up to the March!  Hope you tune in!

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