Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Drumroll, Please

You’ve got to be curious.  I know you’re wondering.  What ever happened to Britt and Betsey and that ** *** ********* thing they were doing?  Shouldn’t that be over with by now?  I wonder how they ended up?  How do they feel?  Did they lose any weight?  Are they still doing that ******** thing?

Well, you are right.  The last day of our ** *** ********* was last Thursday.  It is now Tuesday… Why the wait, you ask?  Well, you know… kids, jobs, illness, LIFE!  But, we are really excited to let you in on how it all went.  While we are on separate journeys, we are TOTALLY in this together.  We both ended Thursday evening feeling good, and feeling accomplished.  We started, we persevered, and we completed it.  We drank at or WAY above our goal for water every day!  And we’re not stopping there!  We talked to our mentors about what steps to take and what products to keep using, and here we are still rocking the results…

I know, I know – NUMBERS!  You want to know numbers.  But, let me start by saying, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!  I know Britt does as well.  We feel like we are standing straighter and walking taller.  It may sound a little cliché, but we feel HEALTHIER!  I don’t feel winded after climbing 2 flights of stairs.  I can walk longer and quicker.  I don’t feel temped by foods as much!  We BOTH tackled Easter without one single piece of candy!  No chocolate.  No jelly beans.  No gummy bears, Starbusts, lollipops or anything else!  We did eat the hard boiled eggs, though!  YUM!  Great source of protein!  And, we both see it in our wardrobes!  The pants I have on right now?  UGH!  They just won’t stay up!  Clothes that were tight feel better, I can tighten things up a bit, and in general I like my clothes better now!  I know Britt has had similar results in his closet as well!  Plus, friends say they can see it in our pictures.  I love that!

Back to the results and actual numbers!  We got up early Friday morning to take pictures, measure, and weigh.  Neither one of us are ready to show the pictures.  We’ll keep those under wraps until the results are truly visible.  But, we each measure 1-2 inches smaller in every area we measured.  Again, our clothes were already telling us this, but it’s nice to see it on the tape measure as well.  Time for the ultimate test – the scale!  Britt had weighed a few times during the second phase of the challenge, so he had a general idea of how he was doing.  I, on the other hand, had NO IDEA!  So, he weighed himself, and did the math.  Are you ready for this? EIGHTEEN POUNDS!  In 24 days he lost 18 pounds.  I was shocked.  And happy. And so very proud!  GREAT JOB, Baby!

So what about me?  How did the scale treat me?  First off, I have to say, it’s just not fair that men lose weight so much more quickly and easier than women. LOL!  BUT!  I am so pleased with my results as well.  After I weighed in, I figured up that I had lost 10 pounds during the ** *** *********!  A total of 15 gone since I started with ***** about 6 weeks ago.  SO EXCITED!

And like I said, we’re not stopping there.  We are still *****ing it up 2x a day, using **** *********** ******, as well as some other supplements we would love to tell you about.  All of the products are from the **** **** and we are very pleased. 

Our next weigh in won’t be for a few weeks.  We have to pick a date in the future, so stay tuned to find out when that is.  In the meantime, let us help you start your journey!  We want to share this success with YOU!  Please just ask!  We can tell you more about what we have been doing and what the ** *** ********* can do for you.  We are so excited to start this new, healthier chapter in our lives, and want EVERYONE we know to feel as good as we do!  We are so blessed to be on this journey, and would love to share it with you! 

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