Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Got Rid of a Tiny Human

June 11, 2014

Do you see that?  That's me and my son, Finn,  this afternoon.  My son - the tiny human.  That started out so super tiny.  In case you don't know his story, Finn was born over 3 months premature at 26 weeks gestation weighing a whopping 1 pound and 14 ounces.  For the past 2 years and 8 months we have wished and willed and prodded him to grow and gain weight.  For the 84 days he spend in intensive care, we called every night to find out how much he weighed.  This past spring, we even had to put him on appetite stimulant medication to help him gain weight.  Happy to say, he is finally on the 3% line on the growth chart!  Woohoo Whooooooo!  And today in our bathroom, he tipped the scale at a stupendous TWENTY FIVE POUNDS!!!!! God is so good!

So, what's that got to do with today or this picture or anything, really.  Well, Britt and I have been on our ******** weight loss journey for almost three months now.  I, too, weighed myself this morning in the bathroom, and I have lost gotten rid of a TINY HUMAN!!!!! THIS tiny human, to be exact.  I weighed myself, too, and I am down 25 pounds from my starting weight - the exact weight of my toddler.  And I am not looking back!

I sure love you, Finn, but I am never going to carry this extra 25 pounds around, again.  And, BTW - you are getting pretty heavy yourself.  Mommy needs you to walk on your own two feet more!  :)

P.S. - For those keeping track, Britt has lost 36 pounds.  So proud of him!

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