Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hits so close to home

Team Finn’s Fans grew by two feet today.  Unexpectedly.  And it makes my resolve to be a part of this amazing organization even stronger.  There’s a sweet baby girl 70 miles from her HOME getting settled into her temporary NICU home this evening.  She probably won’t be able to attend the March of Dimes Stillwater March for Babies this year, but we will.  And this year, we March not only for Finn, but for sweet little Lucy, too.

Let me tell you about them.  Momma is one of my dearest friends.  We share so many things in common.  We can finish each other sentences, talk without even speaking, laugh at nothing and know why, and pick up a conversation 2 days later without missing a beat. She is part of the Stillwater March for Babies Committee, and since she knew she would have a newborn at the time of the walk, she and her family joined Team Finn’s Fans to help us meet our fundraising goals! Her older daughter is almost 2, and Finn loves her.  In fact, this was our Transformation Tuesday picture today:
Baby Girl #2 was due the 2nd week of September.  Scheduled C-section for September 8.  Until last week.  Thursday her doctor said she had high blood pressure and sent her to the local hospital.  Friday, due to pre-eclampsia, they transferred her by ambulance to the same hospital I had Finn at.  Yesterday they told her it was a waiting game.  This morning they told her it was BABY DAY!  What a ride!  Lucy was born at 4:07 this afternoon weighing 3 pounds 8 oz and 15.5 inches long. 

And it’s not fair.  NO ONE should have to go through the fear and questions they are going through right now – and what we did 3 years ago.  It’s scary.  It’s tough.  It’s life threatening.  It’s just not fair.  That’s why March of Dimes is so important to me and my family.  We want to see premature birth eradicated.  Figure out why it happens; figure out how to treat it; figure out how to prevent it.  Save the Mommas.  SAVE THE BABIES!

While she has a long row to hoe, Baby Lucy should do alright.  Girls fare better than boys in the NICU.  She has great support.  All the research from the last 76 years of March of Dimes are on her side.  She’s a fighter!  And she is LOVED.

Here’s how you can help Baby Lucy and other babies like her:

We want all families to be blessed with big, full-term, healthy, take-me-home babies!  Don’t you? Join us!

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