Saturday, August 23, 2014

It Started with a SPARK

How and Why we AdvoCare: Our 2 Minute Story

AdvoCare found us when we were overworked, excessively overweight, worn out with no energy, had no money, and no hope.  With 4 active kids and 2 full time jobs, we were struggling to just get by day to day.  Britt had taken a second job to help us make ends meet, but it definitely took him away from our family even more than our regular jobs.  That’s when our friend and AdvoCare sponsor, Lindsay, stepped in and told us about AdvoCare.  She showed us how the products could help us with our health, and how the opportunity could help us with our finances. 

Both of these aspects drew us in.  The idea of better health and a Plan B income really intrigued us, so we jumped right in with both feet.  We immediately signed up as distributors and ordered 24 day challenges for each of us – without ever trying a Spark or any other product.  We held our first mixer in our home that week.

We stuck to the 24 Day Challenge program and worked hard resulting in both of us experiencing great results.  We felt better, we looked better, our clothes were looser, and we lost weight and inches.  All the while, we were working the business to change other people’s lives for the better and we quickly earned our way to Advisor.  Since then, Britt has lost over 50 pounds and Betsey had lost 40.  We are walking taller, standing straighter and we are able to just function better on a daily basis.  We notice a huge difference in every aspect of our lives, and our kids are so grateful.  We also have more margin in our finances as well, which allows us to breathe a little easier - including unexpectedly having to replace 3 tires on 2 cars within a matter of weeks which would have DEVASTATED us in the past.

We knew that to continue our growth in AdvoCare, we needed to get to Success School.  We had an amazing experience there this summer, and we came home energized to hit the ground running.  We are building our team so we can rise to the top!  We are talking to everyone we come in contact with – whether it be the nurse at the pediatrician’s office, the mom at day care, the young family at church, or even the Fed-Ex man who continually delivers the AdvoCare boxes to our porch! We truly want to change lives – both physically and financially, and AdvoCare gives us the tools to do this. 

Britt and Betsey Weaver – remember those names!


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