Saturday, August 30, 2014

It’s ******** Saturday!

Labor Day Weekend 2014. Here we are! Season opener for my OSU Cowboys. On a neutral field in Texas, against last year’s National Champion, but still. COLLEGE FOOTBALL! And Go Pokes! We want to see LOTS of Pistols Firing today.

But another fun part of that for me, the game is sponsored by ******** MY company! A company and products that have literally changed my life. For good.

So, what else makes it “******** Saturday” you ask? Well, not only are they the title sponsor of a game I am very interested in, they are also title sponsor of another college football game, AND Trevor Bayne will be driving the Number 6 ******** car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in Atlanta! Here’s what the looks like on TV (all times CT):
  • 7:00 pm ABC ******** Cowboys Classic: Oklahoma State vs Florida State from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX
  • 8:00 pm ESPN ******** Texas Kickoff: Louisiana State vs Wisconsin from NRG Stadium in Houston, TX
  • 7:30 pm ESPN2 NASCAR Nationwide Series with Trevor Bayne in the No. 6 ******** Ford Mustang from Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, GA
  • 7:30 pm TWC Sports FC Dallas at Chicago

On a related note, I broke through another weight loss barrier this weekend! I have left another “tens” number in the dust – for good. Never going back. I might also have gotten back to weighing less than my husband... I had a slight panic attack last weekend when we weighed in and he was about a pound under me on the scale. Men lose it so much easier! Just not fair! But, I refocused, set a “mini” goal (have a big one coming up on my birthday in a few weeks!), and pressed on. Even with the shoulder injury and yucky steroids in my system for that, I had a good week on the scale. MOMENTUM!

All this to say you are going to see the ******** “A” a lot this weekend. Not just from me. If you watch sports on TV, you will see it! And it might make you curious… What is ********? Why are the Weavers so passionate about it? What does it mean for me? I want to answer ALL of those questions for you! but the best way to get involved is to chat with us. Let us tell you the “why!” Let us share our passion with you. Let us change your life!

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