Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Costumed Christmas

This past weekend, Britt and I got to go on a date.  On a CAR date.  That included a ROAD TRIP!  This was HUGE.  We rarely get date nights in on our busy schedule, and to actually take SIGINIFANCT time to make something like this happen is HUGE.  It talks a lot of phone calls, texts, hits and misses to get 4 kids taken care of for a weekend – especially after the Tween Twins had a school dance on Friday night that they HAD to attend! And not surprisingly, it was not without a few glitches.  But, it was SO VERY WORTH IT!

We were invited to a Costume Christmas party Saturday night in Dallas thrown by our ******** upline Diamond and Platinum distributors.  We thought just getting the invitation was a big deal, and we were ready to move mountains to make it to this party!  Once we put it on the calendar, it was game on.  We started making arrangements for our drive, where we would stay and most importantly, where the kids would all be.  I am so grateful to all the families that helped all my kids have a good weekend while we were away. And of course to Nana the Wonder Sitter for shouldering the brunt of the responsibility and helping coordinate it all!

So, through the Facebook event page, we knew we were expected REQUIRED to wear a costume (there were threats! LOL!), and to bring a gift for the dirty Santa exchange.  Time to get creative!  After several days of brainstorming and thinking, Britt ordered a costume from Walmart.com, and I went to Hobby Lobby and gathered supplies!  The end result was the Pink Bunny from the Christmas Classic “A Christmas Story” and I was a festive rendition of Dancer the Reindeer.

The party was so much fun!  We were staying with our (very pregnant) friend Megan, and we all traveled to the event together.  She was a trooper!  I know she thought her elf costume looked ridiculous, and I know she was not feeling all that festive, but she was a great sport and helped us to have a really good time!
Liz and Rob - our hosts
With our friend Megan
A lot of the couples there were dressed as a “pair” or a “couple.”  All of the winners fell into this category, so we have made that note for next year.  Alas, we did not win any contests!  The couple from “A Nightmare Before Christmas” won the overall prize – they went ALL OUT!  The costumes and make-up were amazing!  We also had 3 Cousin Eddie’s from “Christmas Vacation” – and an EXCELLENT Clark Griswald!  Also from that movie was Aunt Bethany and Uncle Lewis – PRICELESS! As well as 2 Pink Bunnies  - AND THE LEG LAMP - from “A Christmas Story,” Bill Murray and the Angel from Scrooged, a complete Nativity scene, several Santa’s, Mrs. Clauses, elves, a Christmas Tree (and skirt), presents, snowmen, Jack Frost, a kid waiting for Christmas morning, and many more! The creativity was stellar, and the costumes had us smiling all night.
Costume Contest winners

YUP!  This happened...


While everyone arrived, we were treated to some GREAT ******** friendly foods, and an endless supply of water and *****.  These people know how to party!  The food was GREAT!  I think Britt wanted to stuff some of the wraps into his pockets.  But, FWIW, Bunny costumes don’t have pockets! LOL!  So, we just ate while we were there, and thought about what all was in them so we might recreate them at home later.

Then it was time for the “Dirty Santa” style gift exchange.  I don’t know exactly how long this took, but there were over 50 people there!  It was not a QUICK game. But it was pretty fun!  One of the gifts we brought got passed around quite a bit – that always makes you feel good when you bring a “good” gift!  We left with a set of 2 beer glasses and an AMAZING king size blanket in a beautiful teal color for our bed.  It is so warm and cozy and PRETTY!  Props to my husband for sacrificing his turn for me to “steal” this blanket to “freeze” it.  That’s how he ended up with the beer glasses.  We’re not drinkers, but the glasses are pretty cool!  The kids want to use the glasses to put Santa’s ***** in for Christmas Eve!

After a nice night of sleep at our friends’ house, we got up early and headed out.  But not back to Oklahoma just yet – we went to TARGET!  Cuz we don’t have one here!  We spent a couple of hours with our carefully crafted Christmas list and got a few gifts marked off the list.  Then, we barred back home to be with our kids!  MISSED THEM so much – but very glad to get to spend that precious time together as a couple reinvesting in each other.  And, our ******* family.  We are so blessed and honored to be on this awesome journey.  While the weight loss is great, (Britt is at 72 lbs gone, I am at 45) I think the most rewarding parts of our adventure are the PEOPLE!  The people we are meeting, the people we are helping, and the people that are now our FAMILY! It’s so rewarding and fulfilling!

Ended the weekend at LifeChurch where it was Baby Dedication day.  I got the distinct honor of praying over my (2nd) favorite preemie baby and her family as they embark on the challenging journey of raising their adorable miracle girl to being a fully devoted follower of Christ. What a humbling, yet refreshing experience!  Love this sweet face and her awesome family!  You will go far, Baby Lucy!

Baby Lucy

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