Monday, August 27, 2018

The One That was Quiet

August 24 - 26, 2018

So, nothing really happened this weekend...

Lara dresssd up for school Friday even though she was super late getting home due to the football scrimmage in Norman Thursday night.

Emma had Friday off school on Friday because it is County Fair time, but she still had to go to Tech for her morning classes.

Lara babysat Finn Friday night while Mom and Dad chaperoned Jake's middle school dance.  Her Hatfield brother and sister stopped by for awhile.

Emma broke up with her summer boyfriend.

Lara went to the HS Sunday afternoon to decorate for Howdy Week, but didn't stay long.

So, while it was pretty quiet compared to some weekends, I guess there was some activity!  Not as much as usual, though.  Glad for the quiet before the storm.  Fall is always a busy semester!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The One that Kicked Off Junior Year

August 17-19, 2018


Well.  They did it.  They sailed right though another summer and had to go back to school.  This time, as JUNIORS! Emma will be attending Meridian Technology Center here in Stillwater during her morning hours for the Metal Fabrication program, and Mulhall-Orlando High School in the afternoons for the rest of her high school coursework.  Lara will be a Pioneer at Stillwater High School with 3 "hours" of high school course work and her 4th "hour" (they use a BLOCK schedule) as student athletic trainer for Varsity Football, Wrestling, and Baseball.  (Still so weird to see those sports printed on her schedule!)

Leading up to the First Day(s) of school, there was A LOT going on!  It was a crazy week, and knowing they were barreling in to Junior year didn't make it any easier!  Lara was in full on Football mode with fall "camp" in full swing at SHS with 4 hour practices/films/walk-throughs every afternoon and/or evening.  Emma had a crazy schedule with Meridian starting on Wednesday, then M-O on Friday, plus her track needed some repairs, so she was busy making all that work.  BUT!  They love me and they carved out a little time to take some pictures in Downtown Stillwater to commemorate the event. (As always - you can click on an image to see it larger!)

JUNIOR YEAR 2018-2019

Class of 2020

Obligatory school signs

With Jake (11 - 6th) and Finn (6 - 1st)

Friday night Lara got her "debut" of sorts as the SHS Pioneers hosted a 5 team scrimmage at Pioneer Stadium.  She worked the 9th grade session, the JV session, and the Varsity session.  And it was a VERY long night!  The good news is, we look strong on offense and defense is coming along with a few kinks to work out.  And, Lara was rockin' it out there!

The weekend was spent recuperating from the first couple (few?) days of school and preparing for a FULL week the next week.  Lara also squeezed in a Surprise 16th birthday part for one of her dearest friends on Saturday night. 

And now we are Juniors!  Here's to a great year!

Emma Marie  - Junior Year

Lara Elizabeth - Junior Year

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Back to School 2018

The "Official" Weaver First Day of School 2018 was Thursday, August 16, 2018.  But, because we are "that" family and cannot every do anything the simple way, it looked a little different in a few ways.

4 kids. 5 schools. 3 different “First Days!” Looks like this! Emma - 16: Meridian for Metal Fabrication (first day 8/15), Mulhall-Orlando HS for Junior Year (first day 8/17); Lara - 16: Stillwater High for Junior Year; Jake - 11: Stillwater Middle School for 6th Grade; Finn - 6: First Grade at Westwood. WHEW!

Because of all the craziness, there were traditions we missed, pictures that didn't get taken, and general chaos!  BUT!  I did get Emma to come see us for a few hours after her first day of Meridian to (try and) get a few back to school pictures.  I wanted one of all 4 kids, and then some of the girls.  Can you believe we FORGOT twiTO TAKE THE HANDS UP PICTURE?!??!?!?!?!?!?  GUYS!  I am truly remorseful.  I may have them re-enact it next time they are both in the same place.  I am kicking myself for that one!

Time just marches on.  I cannot wrap my head around the fact that I have 2 drivers, a middle schooler, and my BABY is at the elementary school all by himself!  These last 7 years have flown by.  A BIG FAMILY with lots of activities keeps us busy, so time flies.

We all got together on Wednesday after Emma was finished with her Meridian Tech classes and had a little photo shoot.  Here are some of my favorites:

MY BABIES!  11th, 6th, 1st

Class of 2020


(Trying to hide the brace) SO HANDSOME!


And of course, it would noy be the first day of school without the Dream Weaver Prints First Day of School signature signs!  The girls took thiers early, but the boys were on the actual first day of school!  I got a couple fun pics of the biys as well.

Wait, WHAT?!?

They all had great first days.  Finn was slow to warm up, but his teacher said he is doing great!  Jake loves middle school!  Even on crutches!  Maybe it is all the special treatment... Lara is already super busy and super involved and super social.  Trying to learn time management again.  Emma is doing the 2 school thing and also needs to set extra alarms.  Here is to an amazing year!

AND THEY’RE OFF! One fiery red head off to move mountains. One gentle giant conquering school on crutches. One tiny miracle struggling with being “alone” at the big school. Here’s to a GREAT day!

Mom and Dad had a breakfast date at Braum's after we got them all off for the day.  First time it's just been the 2 of us all summer!  ;)

Saturday, August 18, 2018

MAYB Nationals 2018 - Jake Weaver - AET Elite 2025

MAYB Nationals Tournament is in Wichita Kansas the first weekend of August every year.  This is the second year Jake has been with a team that goes to this illustrious tournament.  Over 600 teams in grades 2-12 from all over the nation compete for the championship.  This year, Jake played for AET (Alexander Elite Training) Elite 2025.  These 5th grade boys worked HARD gearing up for the tournament, and were ready to take on whatever teams the brackets threw at them.

The tournament started for our boys on Friday morning, but Jake had been with his teammates since practice on Wednesday night.  Since this team is out of Oklahoma City, there is a lot of driving involved to get him where he needs to be when he needs to be there.  With all of the extra practice time leading up to the tournament, plus the team needed to be in Wichita on Thursday night, so he was staying with friends and traveling with another teammate to Wichita. Due to work, and doctor's appointments for Finn, Dad and I were going to miss the first 2 games on Friday,

The first game Friday morning was at 9:00am.  AET won this game 38-32 over a team form Texas, and were off to a good start.  The second game on Friday started at 11 against a Kansas team.  This was a tough game and a close match-up, and we were following the score though Group Me posts as we got closer and closer to Wichita.  When we were about 7 minutes from the venue, the clock ran out on regulation and we were going in to OVERTIME!  We hustled to the gym, parked, paid, and rushed to the court our team was playing on to see the final minutes of the OT game.  Unfortunately, we lost by 3 points - 38-25.  But there was still one more game on Friday.  Our evening game was against a team from Missouri.  We beat them 60-32, and the boys headed off to the hotel tired, but happy with their performance on the day and ready for Saturday,

Day 2 started pretty early as well with bracket play.  We were number 2 in our pool, and felt like this was the best place to start Saturday.  Our first opponent was from Minnesota, and we won handily with a score of 40-25.  After a location change for the next game, we played a team from Arkansas.  We also won this game 32-27.  These boys were having a good basketball day!   Our next challenge was another Arkansas team.  Unfortunately, we came up short in the end of this one and lost 51-47.  One more game on Saturday night against a local OKC rival, Franchise.  We beat these hometown boys by 10 points 43-33. That sent us back to our hotel tired, but ready to play for 5th place on Sunday!  Not exactly what we wanted, but in the grand scheme of things, a really nice place to be considering the caliber and sheer NUMBER of teams in the contest.

Sunday started out slow and easy.  We didn't play until 2:30pm, so we went to watch the 5th grade Championship game across town.  After that game, we went back to our gym to play for 5th place.  We were set to play another Minnesota team.  These guys were tough, and we knew it.  We were tired, flat, and no shots were falling.  We were showing our fatigue.  Jake came into the game about 7 minutes into the first half.  On his first defensive series, he and a teammate both went up for a block, they collided, and Jake landed on the ground with a painful groan and a loud THUD. His buddy landed on top of him.  Then his shoe rolled across the court.  While his teammate bounded back up and started to jog back down the court, Jake didn't move.  At this point I wasn't sure if it was knee or ankle.  He was holding his head and had started to cry a bit.  His coaches came on to the court.  Dad and I were both in the stands, and after an initial look at our boy, the coach scanned the crowd to find us.  That was my signal to get up and come see what was going on - Dad too!  They got him to a sitting position, then our two coaches lifted and carried Jake to the bench.  One of the site facilitators for the tournament came to see how we were doing.  He was a Certified Athletic Trainer, and he started looking Jake over while I went to the concession stand for ice.

Initially, we thought some ice, a little rest, and he would be good to go.  However, when the ATC came back to check on us at half time, he encouraged Jake to put some weight on the leg, and it was a NO GO!  This is when we decided we would need some medical intervention.  Jake is always the consummate teammate, however, and he was determined to stay for the second half of the game.  We were still struggling in the game - another player had a hand injury - not a good thing for one of our best shooters - and the AET Elite 2025 team was falling further and further behind.  With a final score of 51-35, we had secured 6th place in the tournament.  Again, not what the boys had hoped for, but the number SIX team in the COUNTRY is not too shabby!  We ended up the highest ranked 5th grade boys team from Oklahoma!  The coaches and families were so proud of the effort and attitude these guys presented.  After the medal presentation, post game talk, and prayer, it was time to get Jake taken care of.

Logistics of getting my Gentle Giant out of the gym when he couldn't walk was almost comical  Also, we decided to send Finn on towards Oklahoma with a teammate's family so he would not have to sit through the medical testing and office visit.  The coach and his teen aged son carried Jake out to our car - but not all in one trip.  They had to stop and rest a bit along the way.  A quick Google map search for urgent care centers led us to a clinic 5 miles from the gym.  Unfortunately, we got out of the car, helped Jake hop inside, only to find they did not have a working x-ray machine.  UGH!  Back in the car, another Google map search, and another 8 miles to the next stop.

This place was AWESOME!  So easy.  So friendly.  So CLEAN!  We were in and out in about 40 minutes total.  They took X-rays, and the clinician told us it was probably tendon related and to follow up with our primary car doctor early next week once we were back in Oklahoma,  The nurse put him in a knee immobilizer, and on crutches.  Jake had a quick lesson on how to use them, and we loaded up the car to head home.  After a bite to eat, we were southbound on I-35.  In the meantime, the family that had Finn met up with Nana and Grandpa in Guthrie to drop him off.  He had a great time watching Jumanji on their in-car DVD player plus he got cookies and a LARGE Dr. Pepper from Quik Trip!

Monday morning, Dad called to get an appointment with our pediatrician for Jake.  She did not have any openings until Tuesday, and after her assessment, she suggested a follow up with an orthopedic specialist.  She has always been very conservative, plus she is raising 2 athletic sons, so she takes these types of injuries very seriously.  The orthopedist we chose was the uncle of a player from Jake's Solid Rock team.  Our appointment with him was on the next day - Wednesday.  He reviewed Jake's x-rays, and determined that we needed to be conservative again to ensure perfect healing  He told us that if an adult had this injury, it would be considered a knee sprain.  But, since Jake is 11 and his growth plates are involved, we need to treat it more like a fracture.  There is some widening of the growth plate on the outside of his knee that needs to go back into place, so he is non-weight bearing for 4 more weeks.  He was put in a heavy duty knee brace, but can bend his knee fully.  Still on crutches, back to see the doctor on Monday September 10.

So, after a crazy week with getting used to our new normal (ice every hour for 20 minutes, wrapping the knee, working with the brace, CRUTCHES!), it was time to go back to school for a new school year.  For Jake, it's a whole new adventure.  6th grade at Stillwater Middle School!  The school is working with us and helping him by changing his schedule to move PE to next semester, checking out the elevator key to him (so many stairs in that building), allowing him to leave his classes a few minutes early to avoid the crowded halls, and they ensured him a top locker.  We have been back to school for 2 days now, and Jake is LOVING middle school and really doing very well with his limitations, We are anxious for September 10 to get here so we know what the next steps are!  His team has started up Fall practices, and he is really missing it, but we have to heal completely, so we can continue the journey.

We had a fun end of summer trip, even with the injury.  Finn LOVES hotel life!  We had a wonderful room on the 4th floor of a Hampton Inn.  Dad and I loved the mattress!  We had dinner as a family late on Saturday night, and there was a brief moment in time when we thought Finn was about to be carried off by a low-flying hawk.  We laughed, enjoyed each other's company, and appreciated a lot of  basketball.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure:

Jake and his travel partners

Warm Ups before game 1

Jake in action

rebounds for DAYS

Post Game Prayer

Jake and his poster

His Fortnite themed tournament shirt
Finn didn't want to check out of the hotel!

Watching the 5th grade Championship Game

6th Place in the NATION! AET Elite 2025

At the Urgent Care

Getting the immobilizer - always smiling


Middle School tour

At the Orthopedic Surgeon's office

Our new get up!

What it looks like getting ready for school