Thursday, January 24, 2019

The One Where She Lost Her Keys

January 18 - 21, 2019

We had a pretty typical mid-winter weekend last weekend.  It was a long weekend with Monday off for MLK day.  Friday evening, Lara was at a wrestling tournament in Yukon, the local fam went to he Pioneer basketball Homecoming game in Stillwater, and all was well in High School Sports.


My cell phone rings at 9:29pm.  Caller ID indicates it is my redheaded daughter who is in Yukon.  My mind says, "Hmm.  She should be about done with wrestling now, so she is probably calling to tell me they are leaving."  Ah, but alas!  I answer the phone to the sound of SOBS and a string of words no human ear could decipher.  After a few moments, I was able to ascertain that she lost her keys.  And she had no idea where.  The last time she had them was that morning in Stillwater in the SHS parking lot.  She did some initial looking on the bus and in the gym at Yukon, but she was holding up the team so they left and I told her we would call next week.  FF to today (Thursday, 6 days later) and we still have no keys.  She admitted the thing she is most missing is the Niall Horan key chain she got at the concert with her bestie this past summer.  Not the pricey Volkswagen key...

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up from missing school on part of Tuesday and all of Friday, watching Finn and Jake play basketball, and lamenting the missing keys.  She also got her first taste of HURTS Donuts!  Twice!

Sunday night was a fun and memorable one!  It was the 2018 Football Banquet!  What a fun way to commemorate the amazing season this team had!

All.  The.  HARDWARE!

Why blend in when you were born to stand out!
On Monday, we went shopping together and she bought a fun outfit for her upcoming Spring Break trip to the beach.  When do bathing suits hit the stores?  We need to shop for those!

Didn't hear much form the one that lives in Logan County this weekend!  Maybe next weekend...

Off to another adventure!

Friday, January 18, 2019

The One With Snow in Kay County

 January 11-13, 2019

This weekend we finally got some snow!  In Stillwater, it consisted of snow you could see falling, big flakes, but you can't see it on the ground.  A little further north, it snowed enough on Saturday morning to cover the ground and make for some cool pictures (below).  The weekends this year seems to be less "full," but I think it is because Emma and Lara can both drive, have their own vehicles, and are busy in their own right.  *sigh*  It happens so fast, and yet so gradually.  I miss them.  But the weekend happened, and this is my platform to document it.

Lara spent most of the weekend with the Pioneer Wrestlers.  Meet in Ponca City Thursday night and a tournament in Yukon Friday (and Saturday, but she didn't go).  Saturday was her little brother Finn's first EVER organized sports even with an Upward Basketball game.  That started out pretty rough, but in the end he had a great time.  On Sunday, Lara spent time with her friend Erika and we to the Sing Along version of the Freddie Mercury/Queen bio-pic called Bohemian Rhapsody.  Pretty typical weekend for her these days!

Friday was the official one year anniversary of her time as a freshman attendant for Wrestling Homecoming, so we had to commemorate it with a Then and Now photo:

Emma spent her weekend in Ponca City and Newkirk areas of Kay County.  Her truck was fixed from last weekends fiasco, and she needed to work for her Grandpa a little bit to pay off her debt and earn some gas money!  She took these fun pictures of the snow as they drove in to Newkirk Sunday morning:

I didn't hear from her the rest of the weekend, but these days that's pretty typical!  She did text me to say a little gift I had ordered for her showed up at her dad's house...

70 more weekends...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The First One of 2019

January 4 - 6, 2019

This weekend was a much more normal weekend.  We were winding down from break and this weekend was the capstone to a great break.  Time to get everyone back into a routine, and back to going to bed at a decent time.  This last one was a bit of a pipe dream...

Friday night, Lara was off to babysit again.  She got a referral from her client last weekend, and spent this Friday night with 3 kids ranging in age from 7 years to 18 months.  She came home and told us this was the most interesting 7 year old she had ever been around.  I guess her brother isn't as cool as her babysitting kids!  But, she is glad to have some cash in her pocket to gas up her car.

Saturday, Emma came to Stillwater and spent some time with her brother Jake,  They went to lunch, and ran around town together.  The went to shoe stores and looked and or tired on shoes Jake wants for his birthday.  They went to all the places Emma wanted to go to, as well.  Lastly, they went to the fabric store to buy fabrics for Emma's latest project - "Wild Rags."  She wants to make them and sell them to her friends for way less than retail, but enough to make her some spending money!

Meanwhile, Lara spent her day with my 3rd redheaded daughter, Erika.  They went to lunch together and ran some errands together as well.  They ended up with matching Queen t-shirts today after they recently saw the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" and are in love with the band.  Somehow appropriate that the actor who played Freddie Mercury in the film, Rami Malik, won the Golden Globe Award for best actor on Sunday, and the move won for best film this year!  They are on trend!

Sunday was a lazy day for Lara, resting, getting organized for the semester, church, dinner, family meeting, watching the Golden Globes.  But, it was an adventurous one for Emma.  Emma was supposed to meet a friend from Morrison, along with his family, at church Sunday morning.  She went through Perry, as she needed gas, and "breakfast" from the convenience store.  When she went back out to her truck, it would not start.  She had to ask other customers for help.  Long story short, she learned a little more about her truck, never made it to church, and called both her grandfathers for advice.  She ended up driving to Newkirk to exchange vehicles with her grandfather so she has something to drive for the week, and so that he could work on the truck.  Not the way she wanted to spend her Sunday, but it's one she won't forget soon!

There are no pictures from the weekend.  Here's to the first week of the new semester!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The One That Ended 2018

December 28, 2018 - January 1, 2019

Another weekend stretched into the next week to include a significant holiday!  Emma and Lara are both enjoying the extra time to relax and regroup over the break.  Emma went to Newkirk to her Grandpa Bruce's house to work for him a little bit, and that allowed Lara some one-on-one time with her Dad.  Everyone is making the most of the time we've been given!  Of course, the TV binge watching is still happening.  Plus, we discovered the iPhone app for the game Ticket to Ride, we all downloaded it, and now we are in a constant state of counting trains and making routes...  Mom got an Instant Pot for Christmas as well, so we've been cooking fun meals in that and trying to figure it all out.  So far, the quick hard boiled eggs are the biggest hit.  Great way to spend the break, I think!

Friday was a lazy day of cleaning up from Christmas, naps, video games, and board games.  Saturday, we finally left the house - where there were snow flurries! - to catch and OSU men's basketball game.  We love these games during the holiday break where the attendance is low so they sell tickets at a cheaper rate!  Makes a fun family outing very affordable!  We had a great time, and the kids got a picture with Pistol Pete!

Family Fun

We Love Pistol Pete!
Sunday was a typical church day - even though Lara went with her Dad in the morning she still came with us in the evening.  Monday arrived - NEW YEAR'S EVE!  Our beloved Oklahoma State University Cowboy Football team had a game today - they played the Missouri Tigers in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee, and brought home the victory!  We enjoyed watching the game as a family!  That night, everyone went their separate ways.  Lara rang in the new year babysitting for a repeat client - gotta keep gas in Jett the Jetta!

The New Year started on Tuesday, January 1.  Another slow, chill day.  The holiday break seems longer than usual, but  will take it!  Soaking up all the moments with my precious teenagers and the rest of my family.  Like they say, the days go slow but the years FLY by!