Monday, November 20, 2017

The One With Overtime

It's been a busy week with some crazy plot twists!  I think the biggest thing to happen, is the Twisters turned 15 AND A HALF, and were able to get their Oklahoma Driver's License permits!  That means, we have dedicated chauffeurs for the next 6 months!  Although, there is still a lot of correction and direction happening as they drive.  I've already had to grab the wheel once this week...

As for the weekend, it started off Friday night with Emma and her Lady Panthers taking on Agra in an away basketball game.  All of the rest of the Dream Weavers as well as Nana and Grandpa showed up to cheer them on.  The boys played first (PLOT TWIST!) since Agra was having the basketball homecoming this night, and the girls needed time to change from their fancy dresses into their game uniforms.  While the boys were fun to watch, for us the main event was the girls' game.  And it did not disappoint.  It was fast paced, emotional, and not without controversy.  Regulation game time ended with a tie, so we went to OVERTIME! (PLOT TWIST!).  After another few minutes of intense play, the Lady Panthers came out with the W and the place went wild!

Emma let me braid her hair

For the trip home (about 30 miles), Lara requested to drive.  Easy highway miles, plus some night time driving - good experience for her.  Her 10 year old brother was beside himself with nerves, but we all survived!  Nana and Grandpa were right behind us for the first half of the trip until they turned off to go home in Perkins.  She did great until about 300 yards before our driveway.  Out little street is notorious for cars parked on either side.  She had to squeeze between 2 that were directly across from each other.  After praying for Jesus to take the wheel, I took matters in to my own hands...

This was a weekend for the girls to be with their Dad, but Lara had a Pioneer wrestling commitment on Saturday.  An EARLY MORNING commitment.  There was an open tournament in Cushing, and she was set to attend as the student trainer.  She wanted to look nice, so she set her alarm for 4:45am.  I needed to get her to the high school between 5:45am and 6:00am, so my alarm was set for 5:30am.  We got to the back parking lot about 5:50am.  Only to be greeted by the coach, who told us the tournament had been CANCELLED!  (PLOT TWIST!)  Coach said he did not have Lara's email or phone number, so he had no way of telling her before that.  UGH!  Oh well - back home and back to bed!

Mid-morning, after getting a hold of her dad and her sister, Lara went out to Orlando.  Emma got to drive from Orlando in to Stillwater, and back.  Lara was the nervous one this time!  While I am not sure of many details about the rest of their weekend, I do know that Lara borrowed a hoodie, some jeans, and a pair of "sturdy" shoes from Emma.  Once she was dressed appropriately, Emma and Lara went to a bonfire at a friend of Emma's house.  I was sent this picture, and at first glace I didn't even recognize Lara! (PLOT TWIST!)

Emma's Instagram Caption:
"Lara, wearing wrangler jeans and twisted X... at a bonfire? Someone take a picture!"
The girls spent Sunday doing their usual Sunday things.  I know they went to church at 11:30.  The rest of us went at 4:00.  A great opener by the band with a cover of "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons, then a GREAT message called "Thunderstruck" by Levi Lusko.  So glad that even if we go with (PLOT TWIST!) different people at different time, we still get the same message!  We love our Life.Church!

After church, we picked Lara up, went to grab some dinner, had out family meeting, and finished up another 2020 Project weekend.  It truly is going so fast!  Next weekend - THANKSGIVING!

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Only Half Birthday Worth Celebrating

Emma and Lara.  Twins.  Sisters.  Twisters.  My first born babies.  The babies that made me a Momma.  Seems like a very short time ago when they were infants and I was begging them to sleep and to hold their own bottles.  And this week, they turned that magical age of Fifteen, AND A HALF!

In Oklahoma, it is a rite of passage at 15.5 years old to get your Oklahoma Driver’s Permit.  Both my girls took Driver’s Education this past summer (right after they turned 15) at their respective schools, so we didn’t have to take any tests or do any driving.  But the joy is in the journey, and we had fun and made memories along the way.

Emma came to Stillwater from Orlando Monday night and spent the night with us.  We got up a little extra early, because rumor had it the lines and wait can be VERY long at the Stillwater DMV!  Plus, Emma had a basketball game that night and to be eligible to play we had to get her to school as soon as possible.  A school 25 miles away.  We were in line on a chilly, drizzly, cloudy May 14.  We were about the 10-12th people in line, but based on observations we thought we were probably the 5th or 6th actual customer.  We were very excited when the door opened at 8am and we got out of the elements, but we knew that was not the end of our wait.

Lara was “L03” and Emma was “L04”, but there were other people with other letters and numbers in front of us.  Lara was finally called back to an agent about 8:25.  She did her thing with all the paperwork we brought, checked her vision, take a picture taken, made her finger print and answered her 8 questions, and she was done in less than 10 minutes.  It was back out to the lobby until Emma was called in at 8:36. Back to the SAME AGENT!  Emma’s took a little longer.  For a dozen reasons – Emma just does things a little slower, plus she talks and asks lots of questions – but the MAIN reason was because the agent grew up in Orlando, Oklahoma!  So, they had old home week.  LOL!  Once Emma was finished with all her DMV steps, it was back in the car and off to the tag agency.

We arrived at the Stillwater Tag Agency at a few minutes before 9:00am.  We considered ourselves LUCKY because the place was basically empty.  Emma and Lara went in ahead of me because I was looking for my checkbook in the car.  By the time I got in the building, they were both filling out the “blue form” with an agent who was working them both at the same time.  She was so nice!  Congratulated them on this milestone, asked them fun questions, and when she took the pictures for their licenses, she let them see the images before the printed the cards!  So nice!  She also let me write just ONE check for the both of them.  WINNING! We were out the door by 9:05am!

Very different than when they were babies!

Time to get these Twisters to school.  Lara drove us from the tag agency to Stillwater high school.  3 miles in town with lots of stop lights, lane changes, traffic and stress.  Oh, did I mention it was lightly raining at this point?  But she got there safety by about 9:20 – only missed the first few minutes of her first class!

Emma and I enjoying Lara's driving!

Now it was Emma’s turn.  She drove from Stillwater High School to Mulhall-Orlando High School.  24 miles, mostly highway, very little traffic, high speeds.  Very different experience (Which is so typical of my opposite twins!).  She got to school about 10:05 – (after a quick stop at her house to drop off her overnight bag) and had missed 2 classes already! But she was there in time to be able to play basketball that evening with her Lady Panthers.

I am glad that is over for another 6 months! LOL!  While I am excited for them to expand their driving abilities and I am thankful for a couple of cute re-headed chauffer’s for the next few months, it will be a whole new world when they can drive off on their own… *sigh* 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The one with wins and losses

Hard to believe another weekend is already in the books!  There were a lot of sports contests, and some wins, and some losses.  Both girls seemed to have some illnesses along the way this weekend as well.  The weather was dreary and dark and a little bit more winter-y than we have had yet this year.  The seasons are truly changing - in so many ways!

Friday was a divide and conquer kind of night.  Lara and the Stillwater Pioneer football team were headed to Bixby for their first round playoff game.  Emma and the Lady Panthers were off to Carney for their first basketball contest of the season.  Since Finn has been struggling with his coughing and breathing a bit this week, he was off to Carney with Nana and Grandpa to see Emma and her team; while Jake, Dad and I went to Bixby for the football game.

It was a cool night, and a long drive over to Bixby.  The game was very one-sided right from the beginning, and after a lot of hard work, grit, and FIGHT, the Pioneers came up short, and *just like that* the football season was over.  So surreal.

Meanwhile, in Carney, the Mulhall-Orlando Lady Panthers were ready to open their season.  Although our Emma girl didn't get to see any court time, her team came out victorious after a close and hard fought game.  She got to hang out with Finn and and her grandparents and stayed in the gym to watch the M-O boys team play, but they did not come out with the win.  A late night for ALL involved!

Saturday, we all divided and conquered some more...  Nana had a meeting in Perry; Emma was home resting in Orlando, Lara was home in Stillwater with a friend over to binge watch TV, and we took Jake to basketball in Edmond - Grandpa and Finn met us there.  We got home after the OSU Cowboy game was already over (THEY WON!), so we watched the replay of that game and just hung out the rest of the day.  Emma was going to come to Stillwater with us for the rest of the weekend, but she had either some food poisoning or a virus, so she stayed home to keep the rest of us "well."  Lara's friend Erika was here for the whole day and well in to the evening.  She "taught" Lara to play chess, and the two of them had a fun time irritating Finn.

Sunday everyone slept in.  Finn had a rough night with his coughing, and Lara was starting the cold the rest of us had already passed around.  So Sunday was spent watching TV and resting.  We threw it back OLD SCHOOL and watched High School Musical and High School Musical 2 on Netflix.  Lara watched Camp Rock, too!  Thanks, Disney Movies!

This afternoon it was church, dinner, family meeting, errands, homework, showers, and bed!  SO thankful for these restful Sundays! Now, if everyone could just get well around here!