Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The One Where Lara went to Branson

August 3 -5, 2018

Lara's BIG Adventure!

Lara went with her best friend Molly's family for an end of the summer, back to school, one last hurrah trip to Branson, Missouri.  Molly's sister took a friend as well.  So, 4 teenage girls, 2 parents, 5 days!  A great time was had by all!  Or at least I assume.  I was sent a few pictures, pulled a few off social media, and got a few phone calls along the way telling me of the antics these girls were having.  (The Weaver 4 were in Wichita Kansas for a national basketball tournament.) 

Emma was finishing up her summer in Kay County.  Last weekend up there, last day of work on Monday.  She has her own BIG adventure coming - you'll see!

So back to Lara.  They went to Silver Dollar City on Thursday and Friday, and shopped all day on Saturday - Tax Free Weekend!  I can only imagine what that hotel room sounded like!  They were all having so much fun, and there were no fights - until the last day and it was about where to eat.  Silly girls! LOL!

Here are a few pictures (in no particular order since I wasn't there. LOL!):

So another weekend in the books.  This coming week includes enrollment verifications and schedule pick-ups for JUNIOR YEAR!!!  How is that even possible.  Time marches on...

(I am up earlier that I needed to be today because Emma sent me pictures of her getting on a plane.  By herself. More next week...)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The One with a Concert

July 27-29, 2018

I didn't really hear from Emma all weekend.  I am sure she had amazing adventures and did fun stuff!  I ordered her a name sticker for her Yeti cup from Etsy, so we talked about that a little bit... I do know she was in Orlando instead of Ponca City this weekend and got to hang out with her Dad, Step-Mom, and Step-siblings.  She and Lara were in the same place on Sunday, but more on that later.  I also made her "First Day of School" sign this weekend, so she had to approve that for me...  Other than that...

Lara had a weekend FULL of making memories for sure!  On Friday, she met up with her BFF and their new friend from Indiana. - the one Lara met at the pool in the neighborhood she babysat in all weekend.  This young lady just moved to Stillwater and knew no one - now she has Lara, and Molly, and lost of others.  She had been back in Indiana for a few weeks finishing up move stuff, and now she is back in Stillwater for the rest of the summer - and the start of JUNIOR YEAR!

Vanna, Lara, Molly

Saturday it was CONCERT PREP!  Lara and her good friend Erika were going to the BOK Center in Tulsa Saturday night for the Niall Horan Flicker World Tour concert.  This was an all day event! LOL!  She had been shopping for the prefect outfit, shoes, knew what souvenirs she wanted to buy (she got a T-shirt and a key chain), on and on and on.  The even ran into another member of the Quad Squad (Lara, Molly, Erika, Morgan) at the concert!  Erika's Mom went with them, then Lara spent the night after the concert at E's house.

Erika and Molly - pretty girls!


They made it to the venue!


They were SO CLOSE to the stage

NH logo in lights

It's over - but the memories will last forever

Saturday once she got up and around, Lara was off to Orlando to hang out with that side of her family.  Lara and Emma went to the lake Sunday afternoon/evening.   had been working on the Back to School signs for them, so I texted them for input.  They "love" my tradition.  We are trying to find time for Back to School pics...  Some time Sunday evening they were both together in my town, but I didn't get to see them.  They think they're too cool for me. I guess!  ;)  Sure miss my babies, but love the fun young ladies they are today!

Monday morning bright and early Emma had a Dentist apportionment in Stillwater, then she went shopping with her Dad around town.  She headed back to Ponca City mid-day, and it was Lara's turn to shop with her Dad in OKC.  Monday night, after she left Orlando, Lara and Molly went to Life.Church for the last message of AT the Movies 2018.

What a great (long) weekend.  School starts in 2 weeks!

Friday, July 27, 2018

The One Where Lara was "Grounded"

July 20-22, 2018

Because it has taken me almost a week to get around to this post, it is going to be short and sweet.

Lara got grounded.  But yet somehow she still had a GREAT weekend with lots going on.  IDK how that works! LOL  She was grounded form all of her electronics.  He phone for 3 days; everything else (Kindle, Amazon Fire Stick) for 10 days.  Yet, she still got to go shopping on mom and dad's dime at Five Below (Everything is $5 for BELOW!), played Bean Boozled (Jelly Belly jelly beans game where some of them are GROSS flavors), and go to the movie "Mamma Mia!  Here We Go Again" with Nana, Grandpa, and me!  So while she was phone-less, and that was painful, she seemed to fill the time with fun and it went by quickly.

Grandpa, Nana, Lara and Betsey at Mamma Mia!

Emma went to Missouri with he Grandpa Horinek.  She got to drive some of the way, and they stopped off at some interesting spots.  She posted a couple of pictures to Instagram, so I stole them!

That's all I got!  See you next weekend!