Friday, September 21, 2018

The One with SIX Dream Weavers

September 14-16, 2018

What a FUN and SPECIAL weekend!  It was Football Homecoming 2018 for the Stillwater High School Pioneers, AND our girl Emma was at our house the whole weekend!  Times like these are few and far between and they deserve to be celebrated.  Beyond the football festivities and game, there was a lot of down time (read: homework), and we were able to capitalize on it and spend time as a family.  Such a needed blessing.

Of course, Friday was BIG and busy.  It was Homecoming, and Lara's BFF Molly was on the HOCO court as the junior class attendant.  She had a full day!  All of the student trainers went to her house for lunch and to help her get ready for the pep rally that afternoon, then it was SHOW TIME!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Emma met us at the game, but I think I only saw her for about 2 seconds the whole game!

This is my favorite picture form the evening.  At half time, my big kids all found each other and snapped this awesome photo:

Pioneers came away with the win.  And ended up being ranked Number 1 after this showing.  Pioneers are ON FIRE!

Saturday was homework, rest, and watch OSU Football.  Emma went to a rodeo in Perry with several of her area friends, and scared me half to death when she came in the house late - I was 1/2 asleep and I forgot I had a kid out in the world wandering around!  :)

Sunday was FAMILY day!  We went to church together, hung out, and went to dinner at Shortcakes.  We even got to "keep" Emma over night since she has class at Meridian in the morning - and I live closer to Meridian than she does when she is out in Orlando.

It was a truly special weekend, and one I hope we get to repeat again soon.  Here's to another week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The One With No More Wisdom (Tooth)

September 6-9, 2018

This one starts on a Thursday, because FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was on a Thursday this week, so we gotta play by someone else's rule this week!

Thursday night was the first road trip for the SHS Pioneers this year.  They were headed to Norman High School to play Norman North in what the local new media were calling a Battle of the Bedlam Namesakes.  You see, in the 1980's Coach Mike Gundy played for Oklahoma State and Coach Barry Switzer as the University of Oklahoma head coach.  Tonight, Gundy's son Gunnar was QB1 for Stillwater and Jake Switzer, Barry Switzer's grandson, was QB1 for Norman North. Stillwater went in there and punched them in the mouth!  Came out with a 44-14 win, and when the rankings came out over the weekend we are #1 in the Class 6A Div II district!

This was also the trainers first road game, so they got the "Weaver Treatment" with Cookies from "I Think So Cupcakes."
YAY!  Cookies!

Lara and Molly

All the trainers!

Celebrating the win and loading Aaron's truck

Friday, Lara had another little adventure.  This time, back to Broken Arrow to get her one and only wisdom tooth removed.  It had started bothering her late in the summer, this date was available with the surgeon, and it didn't interfere with football!  Win-Win!  She did great - very minimal bruising and swelling, and a super easy recovery!  Her friends and family were sad that she wasn't very loopy after the surgery and we didn't get any good video.  I think the anesthesia actually made her sharper.  She answered a lot of questions with quick and concise (surprising) answers - better than when she is not drugged up!

Waiting at the oral surgeon's office

Lara's mouth!  

She was reading a book on the way home.
She spent the rest of the weekend catching up on homework, recovering from her surgery, rinsing with salt water, and just hanging out.  As it should be!

Emma was in Logan County doing Emma things!  We are excited because we get to see her next weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The One That Started Football Season

August 31 - September 3, 2018

Labor Day Weekend. And Stillwater Public Schools took advantage of it!  Lara did not have school Friday or Monday - a nice, long 4 day weekend!  Oh but wait, FOOTBALL!

OSU had a Thursday night game (none of us went), and that started a weekend of football.  FALL IS HERE!  SHS Pioneers took on Edmond Memorial in their home opener on Friday night, and beat them silly!  Walked away with a 61-18 victory in front of a record home crowd!  What a way to start the season!  

It was also Welcome Week at SHS, and the kids had dressed up in themes all week.  Friday night after the game, there was a Glow in the Dark RAVE at the school.  Lara had planned on attending, but decided she was tired and dehydrated after the game so she headed home.

Saturday was spent recovering and catching up.  We had a little family adventure to OKC!  We went to the Tinseltown theater and watched "Christopher Robin" as a family.  Then we had an early dinner at Ted's - our fave! It was a nice way to spend a lazy Saturday.

Sunday afternoon, the team had football practice that the trainers had to attend.  BECAUSE!  This week they have a Thursday night game!  This is a crazy start to the season!  Sunday night, Lara and her friends/family went to Guthrie to see "Mama Mia! Here We Go Again" at the Drive-In theater.  Wonderful end of summer memories!

Lara also had to be at the school mid-afternoon on Monday for practice, then to work the JV game.  This little girl works SO HARD!

2018 SHS Pioneer Football

Lara and Molly's first game day pic - Junior Year

Lara - doing her thing!

Mom's FB brag post

Jake, Finn and Lara at the movies Saturday

Lara, Ashton, Molly, & Macy at the Drive-In

Lara headed out for the JV Road Game

Emma went to the Payne County Fair on Saturday night, but beyond that I don't really know what she did this weekend.  She had Monday (Labor Day) off from both of her schools, so I hope she got some rest and did something fun.  It happens that I don't know what they are up to sometimes now that the girls are both driving and can lead their own lives a little bit!  

Emma and her wild friends

I sure miss them being little! *sigh*

Lara & Emma - 2008 (10 years)

Until next week...