Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The One With Clear Eyes

June 13 - 15, 2018

We got the enjoy the presence of Emma for a big part of this weekend as well!  TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW!  That's definitely a record since she moved to Logan County!

She came to Stillwater form her Kay County summer post on Thursday night, because she had some business to attend to in Stillwater on Friday.  But not only in Stillwater, in Tahlequah, too.  Earlier in the summer, she had lost her wallet.  In doing so, she had to replace a lot of things: driver's license, debit card, Cherokee ID, fishing/hunting license...  A few of those items require a trip to the Cherokee Nation Headquarters in Tahlequah...  So, I took off from work and we made a day of it!

Friday the Thirteenth started off with a visit to Emma's General Practice doctor.  She is having trouble with her heart rate and her pulse.  Nothing specific was found at this appointment, but we were referred to the pediatric cardiologist that comes to Stillwater once a month. For now, just a waiting game!

After we completed our Stillwater tasks, we met up with Nana and headed out to Tahlequah - 2 hours and 20 minutes away!  Nana had to go because Momma didn't know where we were going.  Momma had to go because a) Nana shouldn't be driving that far and b) Emma is a minor and needs a legal guardian for her transactions!  (Lara didn't go because she was working.) When we fist got to the Cherokee Nation HQ, the registration office - where we needed to go to get new ID's - was closed for lunch.  So we headed in to town for a quick bite and then came back to get in line.  Our process went really quickly - we all 3 got new ID's - and we were headed back to Stillwater!  A quick stop at Mock Brothers in Sand Springs, and we were back in Stillwater.  We sent Nana back to Perkins, and Emma drove us home.  She decided she wanted to spent Friday night at Nana's in Perkins.  But, we weren't done with her yet!

My first ride with Emma in her 1996 truck

waiting at the dr's office

Off to Tahlequah

At the Nation

Lunch with this cow

We got out ID's

My girl

Gotta go UPSTAIRS for this part

Headed home

One of the reasons Emma came to Stillwater was to bring the new headlamps for Lara's 2006 VW Jetta.  Their grandpa Horinek bought new ones for her as a birthday present since the original ones were so cloudy and gross.  Grandpa Larry and Emma decided Friday night that they would get up early Saturday morning - before it got hot - and install them.  So, BACK to Perkins Friday night to drop off "Jett" for a makeover.  Saturday morning, The Weaver crew and Lara were off to OKC for (wait for it...) basketball with Jake, and while we were at his games, Grandpa and Emma got busy!  They said the hardest part was putting the bumper BACK ON!  But it was a very worthwhile project!  And shout out to Nana for the photos!  They also went to town after the "hard part" was over and picked out a new front license plate for Lara.  Looks GREAT!

Old, foggy, gross headlight

Emma removing the bumper


Taking a break - and fussing at Nana for all the pics


New One!

Emma's Insta Story


Clear Eyes!

Sunday was pretty quiet.  We got up early and went to Life Church for Week 2 of At the Movies. This week's movie was "Boston Strong."  Sunday afternoon, Nana, Grandpa and Emma came to Stillwater.  They had some things to deliver to Lara. Then, Emma was off and back to Kay County for her work week!  It was nice to see her again so soon.  I doubt we see her much before school starts.  Lara is off next week, then works the week after that, and then Fall Football starts!  Guess I won't be seeing much of her, either!  *SIGH*  #Teenagers

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The One With Twins in My New House

July 6-8, 2018

We have to back up a little bit.  There was a PRETTY MAJOR holiday between last weekend and this weekend, and since it is a BIG ONE for our family, I would be remiss if I didn't document it.  Plus, one year ago this week, I started this blog 2020 project with the FIRST post - and it happened to cover 4th of July.  I love this time of year!

It all messed up with the actual HOLIDAY falling in the middle of the week - on a WEDNESDAY!  So, we actually started our party on TUESDAY night!  We all headed over to our friend's the Hatfield's for fun dinner, sides, and sweets, and A WHOLE LOT of firecrackers!  We started at duck with the "little" stuff, then it was on to the BIG stuff!  It was super fun, and a good time was had by all.  It was warm, but not hot, and we all came home with a little sun on our cheeks and hair that smelled a little like a camp fire...

when we got home at midnight

LOVE the comparisons!

Wednesday, the ACTUAL 4th of July, was spent with family.  We slept in to recover from the night before, but there was more family time to come, and more stuff to blow up!  Cousin Kayleigh was here from Texas and staying with Nana and Grandpa.  So we met for dinner, visited Brian's grave, bought more fireworks, and set them off at Nana and Grandpa's house in Perkins.

Finn, Jake, Kayleigh and Lara at Brian's grave site

Annual Smoke Bomb Tradition

Lara, Jake, Kayleigh and Finn at Nana's House

Mom and Lara lightin' it up!

Friday, when the weekend actually starts, we had a visitor!!!!!  For the first time since we lived in our new house (8 weeks, now!), Emma came to Stillwater and STAYED IN OUR HOUSE!  We were thrilled to have her!  Finn gave up his bed for her.  Well, sort of.  He started out on the floor of his room in a sleeping bag, but by the end of the night he was in bed with her! LOL!

After we ate dinner Friday night, the kids just HAD to get out of the house.  All of them.  So, for the first time since I had 2 licensed drivers, all my kids went in a car together.  ALONE together.  I took some pictures, then apparently there was some Snap Chatting by Child #1...

All 4 kiddos leaving in Jett the Jetta

I can't even

Saturday was pretty chill.  The girls went out in the morning and ran some errands.  Then, the took Jake to see a movie - Uncle Drew.  Jake LOVED it! I think the girls liked it, too, but the best part was just making memories!  That evening, Finn got to ride in Emma's truck with Emma and Lara as they ran some errands for us as well. This teenage driver thing is great!

Sunday, we all got up early to beat the crowds for At The Movies at Life.Church Stillwater.  Even though we went to the 8:30am service, it was still PACKED!  The movie was "The Greatest Showman" and the message was SPOT on!  I made the kids pose for a picture before church:

Jake (11), Emma (16), Lara (16), Finn (6.5)

What a great weekend it was!  Can't believe the summer is 1/2 over.  I heard a Back To School shopping ad on the radio this morning.  The kids are already talking schedule pick-ups and meet the teacher.  I finalized my class schedule as well.  Summer is speeding by!

Oh - and this fun comparison:

My kiddos are looking old....  Here's to next weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The One with Ninety-Nine

June 29 - July 1, 2018

***ALERT!*** ***ALERT!***  We are under 100 weekends left in this project!  We are at the 99 weekends left until they are out of high school.  NINETY-NINE!  Its not as many as it sounds.  The first 50 FLEW by - so I know the next 99 will, too!

Lara spent the last week at Falls Creek church camp with Eagle Heights Baptist Church.  She went with a great group of folks, learned a lot, and had a great time.  Being with a group of high school girls for 6 days non-stop was not without some drama (do not mention Lulu Lemon sports bras!), but it actually strengthened some of her friendships and showed her the value of honesty and loyalty.  Because she was gone all week, and didn't get back until mid-day on Saturday, I didn't see her until late on Saturday!  We (of course) were in OKC with Jake and his basketball adventures.  Sunday was more basketball, and Lara went to church at EHBC, then lunch with her friends, and an afternoon of laundry, naps, and relaxing in a quiet house!  She needed to catch up from her crazy week!  And with 4th of July landing on a Wednesday this year, the next week would prove to be busy as well!

Loading the bus

Group Pic!


Vehicles of the 3 in the "Framily" photo above... Lara, Molly, Clay

Emma was off in Kay County doing Emma things!  I am not really sure how that gal spends her free time these days!  But, she is always up for an adventure, and when she does call - there is ALWAYS a story!  I am just glad she is spreading her wings!

Nexy up? 4th of July.  Which means summer is 1/2 over...