Monday, October 21, 2019

JAKE: Never a dull moment

Remember the birthday party a couple of weeks ago? You know, Finn's 8th birthday party at the Ultimate Air trampoline park.  Finn had a few friends there, an epic spiderman cake, and a great time was had by all?  Well, by MOST anyway...

Jake loves that place.  All of my kids do.  Lara has been there several times with her sports teams for team building.  Jake has been to a few parties there, and dad has taken Jake and Finn a half dozen times just for fun.  They are great supporters of the Pioneer Booster Club, and we are grateful to have this fun place in Stillwater after years of few alternatives for indoor fun for kids.  I know how dangerous trampolines can be, and I have seen some crazy injuries result from jumping - as a mom with friend's kids, as an advisor for the sorority and a trampoline park we went to once, and with my time working in the Orthopedic clinic a dozen or so years ago.  But they're FUN and the kids LOVE it and Finn wanted his party there.  So we did it.

Finn and his friends?  They were great!  And so was Jake - for the majority of the 2-hour party!  But with about 45 minutes left to go in the party, he was in the dodgeball area playing Ultimate Dodge Ball, and he got hit in the hand with a soft foam dodgeball.  Thrown by a teenaged boy.  Hit his right hand.  His pinky.  AND HOW.

About this time we were serving the pizza to the kids, and about to eat cake and open presents before that last 15 minutes of jumping,  Jake came up to the party room to join in on the food, but he was cradling his right hand and we could tell "something" was wrong.  Let us now ZOOM in on some of the pics from Finn's party:

kids eating pizza

jake in pain

"smile for the camera"

jake in pain

Finn opening presents

Jake icing his hand

One last photo of the group

Jake wishing the party would just END already
The party ended at 5pm.  Jake and I headed into town (this place is on the edge of town) to seek out an urgent care place.  THEY WERE ALL CLOSED!  So we went home, found an old finger splint, iced it, and went to bed.  Thinking it might be better in the morning.  Hoping it was just jammed.

Swollen, bruised, unable to straighten it

Splinted and taped for the night
I woke Jake up early Sunday morning to see how he was doing and determine our next course of action.  He had managed to sleep with his right hand behind his head.  NOT SMART!  He was in a lot of pain.  Helped him throw on some clothes, as we were off to the hospital's urgent care center.  Where we got X-rays (BROKEN!) and a referral to the orthopedic doc.

Spent the rest of the day with splint and ice.  We called the ortho doc on Monday morning for an appointment.  We went to see them late on Tuesday afternoon.  Where we got the bad news that we would need surgery.  FAST!  Doc wanted to do it Wednesday, but there were no openings, so we settled for Thursday afternoon.  Arrival time at the hospital was noon, and the surgery was supposed to be about 1:30, but we got pushed back - he finally headed to the OR about 4:00pm.  LONG, agonizing day for our nervous boy.

Before the 3 IV attempts

There he goes (3:50pm)

Reunited (5:15pm)

After a stop at Cane's for some food (he thought he was starving - hadn't eaten in over 24 hours!), we got settled in at home for the evening.  We kept him comfortable and medicated, and he slept through the night.  Not a bad way to start recovery!

Friday he just laid around.  He said his pain was at zero all day, but we kept him medicated anyway.  He was restless and bored and whined his way into a Walmart trip midday.  We ended up letting him go to the football game, as well.

Saturday morning he was up early for 7th grade basketball tryouts.  

I sent him in this sling, but Dad said it was gone before warmups even started.  He worked hard and did everything he could with his left hand.  Results were posted Sunday afternoon:

Restless Jake Syndrome struck again on Sunday, so we took the boys up on OSU's campus to see the Homecoming preparations.  They had just dyed the fountain orange and the signs were up for judging on Library Lawn.  

Monday it was back to school and learning how to be left-handed.  He had a 3 day week, as Fall Break fell on Thursday and Friday of the week.  Jake went to WyldLife Monday night, and FCA Wednesday morning - nothing is slowing him down!  He was just working through the week to be ready for his follow up with the surgeon on Friday morning.

When we got to the ortho doc, the PA came in and unwrapped Jake's hand.  Although he couldn't really "see" the pins coming out of his finger and they had a protective cap on them, he was still a little freaked out by the whole thing.  After she unwrapped him, she told him to sit still until the doctor came in.  I have never seen him sit that still!  He looked it over, said everything was looking good, and to come back on Nov. 1 to see if the pins could be pulled.  She wrapped him back up with a new splint and gave us supplies and instructions on how to clean it and re-wrap it every day for the next 2 weeks.  Oh - and Jake spilled the beans to the doc that he went to basketball tryouts 36 hours post-op.  We just weren't going to say anything...  But, Dr. P was glad Jake made the team!

So, 2 more weeks and we can see what the next step is.  The only thing the doctor was worried about was stiffness in the joint.  Jake, of course, thinks he is a medical miracle and this won't be a problem for him at all.  *eye roll*  He is going to a church camp (Clearwater Cove with WyldLife (YoungLife)) this weekend, so while I am a bit nervous about sending him in his injured state, everyone else is ok with it!  Pray for us all!

I hope to have a good update in 2 weeks!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The One with a Photo Shoot

October 11-13, 2019

Not bad for a slightly busy weekend.  Much of the weekend was focused on little brother - with his broken hand, basketball tryouts, and the agonizing anticipation of the team roster getting posted!  GEEZ!  But this one was still about the girls.  This was our first weekend with Emma in the house again with no distractions, and it had ALL KINDS of "moments" - good, bad, indifferent...  We were all on a learning curve for sure.  But it was nice to know where she was all the time and to have her around.  She is helpful and funny!

Friday Night Lights had us all dressed in pink!  And some of us had glitter in our hair!  It was COLD, but fun night.  Stillwater advanced to 6-0 with a 60 point win over Choctaw.  74-14 was the final score.  And the final activity of the night was getting the glitter out of Lara's hair because she had senior pictures the next day...

Some of the girls IN the Gatorade cart...

...How the Gatorade cart should be used...

Halftime Selfie
Saturday, the girls both got up early and headed to Guthrie together.   They worked at Missy's Donuts and Bakery until about 2pm - when it was time to head back and gear up for SENIOR PICTURES!  They went from Guthrie to Orlando to get some more clothes for Emma, then back here to Stillwater to get ready.  We met our photographer at the OSU Botanical Gardens at 5:00pm, then went downtown at about 6pm, and finally wrapped up around 7:15 as the sun was going down and it was getting chilly.  I have not seen the photographer's proofs yet, but Jake took a couplle "behind the scenes" shots, and I took a few silly pics of the "treasures" the girls found downtown.

They were snap chatting while we waited for the photographer

Behind the Scenes

Emma was dumpster diving while Lara was getting photographed

Lara found the Biebs in a store window
Sunday we all got up early, went to 8:30am church, and spent the rest of the day doing homework and getting ready for another busy week!  Emma is going back to Orlando on Wednesday.  And it is fall break for all their schools at the end of the week.  Stillwater has THURSDAY Night Lights this week, too.  So there's never a normal week!  Here's to 32 more weekends before they graduate!

Friday, October 11, 2019

FINN: Eight is Great

Happy 8th Birthday, Finn Ricker Weaver!

October 5, 2019

We had a Spider-man themed part at the Ultimate Air trampoline park in Stillwater.  Finn declared it the best day of his life!  He was so full of joy and exuberance this day!  What a fun afternoon.  (The anticipation to party time was a little stressful at times, but he made it!)  He had some great friends and family come to celebrate with him, and we are loving having an eight-year-old in our house again.

Finn is smart, emotional, funny, finicky (Still!), fierce, loving, caring, reserved, cautious, and imaginative.  HE loves LEGO sets, YouTube, Minecraft, Fortnite, Mario Brothers, and watching people play these game son YouTube.  He likes to play UNO, Monopoly, the Game of Life, Trouble (Star Wars edition) and any other board game family members will humor him with.  He likes to watch Fuller House on Netflix, along with whatever current kid movies are available,  He is SO CREATIVE and can spend hours with his LEGOs building things and making up stories for the characters.  He started piano lessons recently and is really enjoying this hobby!  He is a joy to watch grow.

Iw ould be remiss to mention his stubborn streak.  He gets his mind set and it is hard to change!  But that is to be celebrated, too!

This is also the day we will remember as the one where Jake was playing dodgeball and ended up with a broken pinky which required surgery to set...

Here are some pictures from the day:
Pizza And Cake! (This is right after Jake injured himself)

End of the party (Look at Jake, you can see he is in pain)

It was a late night, but of course, he had to start building right away!  We woke up Sunday morning to this:

And, he got to ditch the car seat!

On Monday, he got to celebrate with his 2nd grade class at school (Friday was another classmate's birthday, so we chose Monday.  Mom and Dad made awesome butterfly snacks (Lara helped too!)

Sure looks like it is great to be 8!  We love you, Finn!  Thank you for completing our family!