Saturday, August 30, 2014

It’s AdvoCare Saturday!

Labor Day Weekend 2014. Here we are! Season opener for my OSU Cowboys. On a neutral field in Texas, against last year’s National Champion, but still. COLLEGE FOOTBALL! And Go Pokes! We want to see LOTS of Pistols Firing today.

But another fun part of that for me, the game is sponsored by AdvoCare. That’s MY company! A company and products that have literally changed my life. For good.

So, what else makes it “AdvoCare Saturday” you ask? Well, not only are they the title sponsor of a game I am very interested in, they are also title sponsor of another college football game, AND Trevor Bayne will be driving the Number 6 AdvoCare car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in Atlanta! Here’s what the looks like on TV (all times CT):
  • 7:00 pm ABC AdvoCare Cowboys Classic: Oklahoma State vs Florida State from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX
  • 8:00 pm ESPN AdvoCare Texas Kickoff: Louisiana State vs Wisconsin from NRG Stadium in Houston, TX
  • 7:30 pm ESPN2 NASCAR Nationwide Series with Trevor Bayne in the No. 6 Advocare Ford Mustang from Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, GA
  • 7:30 pm TWC Sports FC Dallas at Chicago

On a related note, I broke through another weight loss barrier this weekend! I have left another “tens” number in the dust – for good. Never going back. I might also have gotten back to weighing less than my husband... I had a slight panic attack last weekend when we weighed in and he was about a pound under me on the scale. Men lose it so much easier! Just not fair! But, I refocused, set a “mini” goal (have a big one coming up on my birthday in a few weeks!), and pressed on. Even with the shoulder injury and yucky steroids in my system for that, I had a good week on the scale. MOMENTUM!

All this to say you are going to see the AdvoCare “A” a lot this weekend. Not just from me. If you watch sports on TV, you will see it! And it might make you curious… What is Advocare? Why are the Weavers so passionate about it? What does it mean for me? I want to answer ALL of those questions for you! You can read about our story and watch a short video here, but the best way to get involved is to chat with us. Let us tell you the “why!” Let us share our passion with you. Let us change your life!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It Started with a SPARK

How and Why we AdvoCare: Our 2 Minute Story

AdvoCare found us when we were overworked, excessively overweight, worn out with no energy, had no money, and no hope.  With 4 active kids and 2 full time jobs, we were struggling to just get by day to day.  Britt had taken a second job to help us make ends meet, but it definitely took him away from our family even more than our regular jobs.  That’s when our friend and AdvoCare sponsor, Lindsay, stepped in and told us about AdvoCare.  She showed us how the products could help us with our health, and how the opportunity could help us with our finances. 

Both of these aspects drew us in.  The idea of better health and a Plan B income really intrigued us, so we jumped right in with both feet.  We immediately signed up as distributors and ordered 24 day challenges for each of us – without ever trying a Spark or any other product.  We held our first mixer in our home that week.

We stuck to the 24 Day Challenge program and worked hard resulting in both of us experiencing great results.  We felt better, we looked better, our clothes were looser, and we lost weight and inches.  All the while, we were working the business to change other people’s lives for the better and we quickly earned our way to Advisor.  Since then, Britt has lost over 50 pounds and Betsey had lost 40.  We are walking taller, standing straighter and we are able to just function better on a daily basis.  We notice a huge difference in every aspect of our lives, and our kids are so grateful.  We also have more margin in our finances as well, which allows us to breathe a little easier - including unexpectedly having to replace 3 tires on 2 cars within a matter of weeks which would have DEVASTATED us in the past.

We knew that to continue our growth in AdvoCare, we needed to get to Success School.  We had an amazing experience there this summer, and we came home energized to hit the ground running.  We are building our team so we can rise to the top!  We are talking to everyone we come in contact with – whether it be the nurse at the pediatrician’s office, the mom at day care, the young family at church, or even the Fed-Ex man who continually delivers the AdvoCare boxes to our porch! We truly want to change lives – both physically and financially, and AdvoCare gives us the tools to do this. 

Britt and Betsey Weaver – remember those names!


First Day of School 2014

Well, another school year has started with a bang!  It’s always crazy getting back into the routine, getting all the school supplies purchased, getting everyone to bed on time, coaxing everyone out of bed on time.  But we are 4 days in.  And we made it!  2 7th graders, a 2nd grader, and Year 2 of preschool for the little guy! He is going 3 days a week this year instead of the 2 he went last year.  Trying to get him caught up to his peers with language and social skills!

I will let the pictures do most of the talking.  I am in just in SHOCK that these are my babies.  The time has flown.  When we went to meet the teacher for 2nd grade last week, Britt remarked how it felt like we were just in Jake’s 1st grade classroom last week!  So true.  And funny that we found his last report card of the year from 1st grade still in his backpack after the first day of 2nd grade!  OOPS!  Emma and Lara are ruling the Middle School as 7th graders.  They are such wonderful young ladies.  Level headed, low drama, smart, dedicated, organized.  So proud.  And Jake!  MAN!  He is just a joy.  Somewhat shockingly, NOT the tallest kid in his class this year, too!  ;)  He loves his teachers and Westwood – such a great fit for him.  Sweet little baby Finn is almost 3.  And talking up a STORM!  I am so proud of how far he has come.  He’s still a nervous nelly, and has his funny quirks, but he is much more social this year and people can converse with him which truly helps.  He is going to have a great year in the Rainbow Room at FUMC ECC.


It’s strange to stop and think during the day that the 6 Dream Weavers are spread out all over Stillwater.  But it sure is nice to come home at night and we’re all cozy under one roof. God id good.
OH!  And they first Middle School Dance was Friday Night as well...
*sigh* Who ARE these girls???


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sisterhood: Bid Day 2014

It is August.  The middle of August in fact.  Around here, that means a busy time.  Back to School.  BID DAY!  Last Monday, the Alpha Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Oklahoma State University welcomed almost 60 new Alpha members.  It was not as hot outside as it has been in recent years, but it was HOT inside!  ;)  Lots of hugs and excitement for these young ladies - and I am honored just to be a part of it!

For the Weavers, it also means volunteering our time to work Welcome Week registration in the ballroom of the Student Union for a few hours.  It's a family tradition!  Britt and I have done it every year for the past several years.  It's super fun, and great people watching.  We had out their first ORANGE T-short for orange Fridays, a map of campus to help them get around, and a booklet showing the week's events.  These are Freshmen who have just arrived on the OSU campus for the first time as students, and it is SO MUCH FUN!  (Great people watching, too!)  We worked out shift late Tuesday afternoon, and it did NOT disappoint!

This morning as I was trolling my apps on my iPhone waiting for the rest of the house to get going, TimeHop Abe reminded me of this post from exactly one year ago today.  Remember this, readers?  I was so excited about how this story turned out.  Well, revisiting that reminded me that there is a Part 2 - and I'm going to tell you about it today!

While my (skinny) husband and I were greeting new students Tuesday night, I was (as always) on the lookout for ADPi lavalieres, headbands, bags, T-shirts and any other identifying apparel.  In the 2 hours we were in the ballroom.  I saw 2 girls with my letters.  JUST TWO!  That's crazy - I normally see at least a handful.  The first one was not in my line - in fact she was CLEAR DOWN at the other end of the giant room.  I didn't feel like being too obnoxious and flagging her down.  But the second one?  She was in MY LINE!

Here she comes, right up to us to get her registration taken care of and most importantly to get a brand new orange T-shirt.  She had on a necklace with the Greek letters Alpha Delta Pi on a sweet little charm.  So, of course, I had to engage her.  She was so excited to talk about her new sisterhood! (We got a GREAT group this year - can't wait to see what they do in the future!).  She said she remembered seeing me at the house on Monday and was glad to meet me.  As part of the conversation, I asked who her "Bid Day Buddy" (older Delta member who helps the new Alpha members navigate the craziness that is Bid Dy) was.  YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO HER BUDDY WAS!!!!

Ok, you probably already guessed.  You're right!  It was the young lady from last year's post.  I can't make this stuff up.  I was floored - and so was my husband.  ADPI just keeps surprising me over and over.  Renewed my love for Stillwater, Oklahoma State University and Alpha Delta Pi.  What a GREAT week I had.  I always love a fresh, new fall semester, and this was just icing on the cake!

Welcome to campus, #OKState18.  Here's to a wonderful year!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

At the end of our ten days…

We did it!  We completed the 10 day cleanse that we started out on last week.  We ate super clean for 10 days, followed the program, and used the Advocare cleanse products.  We both feel GREAT and are so glad we took this time to do another cleanse!

I went into the cleanse at a weight loss plateau.  I had been within 2 pounds of the same weight for about 2 weeks.  I was stuck.  And I didn’t like it!  I knew I felt “sluggish,” and I knew a cleanse would really help me out.  And BOY!  It sure did!  I lost SEVEN (7) pounds in the past 10 days.  It was all the garbage that was just hanging out in my gut. I feel GREAT!  My favorite part of the cleanse was the water intake!  I had dropped off on how much water I was drinking daily, and following this program got be back on track!  My next goal is 20 more pounds by my birthday…

Britt had gained a little bit, and he, too, was ready to get back on track and loose the weight for good!  He has been rocking the weight loss all along, and he dropped 5 pounds during this 10 day period – leaving him just 5 pounds away from his birthday goal of 50 total pounds lost.  His birthday is ONE WEEK from today!  I know he can meet (and exceed!) his goal.  His favorite part of the cleanse was the Peaches and Cream Fiber Drink!  We both did citrus last time (and I did this time as well), but he wanted to change it up a bit.  He really liked it!

So, between the 2 of us, we have lost a total of 75 pounds since we started this journey in March.  We are so happy with our results!  And doing this together has helped keep us motivated, accountable, and moving forward.  I am so glad I have my partner and best friend right by my side for this life changing journey.

What about you? What are your goals?  How can we help you meet them?  We would love to tell you more about our journey, the products, and our business!  AdvoCare is about changing lives, and it has certainly changed ours!  Come Be A Champion with us!