Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The One Where Lara Went to Alabama

 March 15 - 17, 2019

This was the opening weekend for Spring Break for all my kiddos.  Emma spent the weekend in Newkirk working for her grandpa Bruce at the Napa store.  She is going skiing later in the week with her dad and the rest of the family.

Lara is off on a grand adventure to Gulf Shores, Alabama with the Stillwater Pioneer Varsity Baseball team.  The opening picture is her "home" for the week - a beachfront, 12 bedroom, 12 bath home that sleeps 32 people!

Friday night, Lara took a babysitting gig - gotta get that last minute cash before the trip!  Then on Saturday, there was a home baseball game at noon on the new surface at Couch Park.  After winning that one, the 'Neers were all in Spring Break mode!  The plan was to load up the bus that evening and leave from the high school about 8pm to drive through the night.  Cane's Chicken Fingers was on hand to feed the crowd - and they were off!

Lara at the Saturday noon game

all packed up

Playing with Finn and Evie before she left

A few more hoops with big brother Jake

The Managers!

The Crew!  Off for Alabama

 Finn was not aware she was leaving - let alone leaving for an entire week, so he was pretty sad that night.  They arrived in Gulf Shores on Sunday mid-morning.  They went shopping, went to the beach, and had dinner before getting up super early Monday morning for game 1.  More pics and highlights of the trip next week!

Spring Break 2019, Part 1 - in the books!

Friday, March 15, 2019

The One Where Basketball Ruled

March 8 - 10, 2019

I think this weekend solidifies even more that we are a round-ball family.  I am not even sure how many games or teams we watched over the past few days.  at least 5 teams, 2 with our kids as players, 3 gyms, 6 games?  I don't know - it's all a blur.  What I do know, is there was lots of family time and lots of what Grandpa Larry calls windshield time!

Emma's junior class is responsible for organizing and planning the Mulhall-Orlando Senior prom this spring.  Each class member has a task to manage or complete, including bringing food and such to the venue.  Emma volunteered us for the invitation.  She knew I had some skill in that area, and she sent some inspiration pictures, so this weekend we finalized the invitation.

Also on Friday, I had to send Emma and Lara one of the scariest texts I am sure they have ever received.  Around 1pm that afternoon, their Nana had a single car accident just outside of Perkins on her way home from the dog groomer in Stillwater.  She rolled (TWICE!) her little Mercury Mariner SUV but miraculously walked away.  Completely unscathed aside from a small cut on her left arm from broken glass.  The beloved white car was totaled, but Nan was fine.  I texted the girls after we got the all clear from the ER.  She was back home by 4:30 that afternoon.  Sore and even painful for a few days, but back up and about by Thursday of the next week.  We are all so lucky this turned out the way it did.  She has THE BEST guardian angel...

Saturday really started our basketball weekend palooza with Finn's final Upward game of the season.  Emma and Lara were both in attendance (as well as Nana and Grandpa - Nana should have been home resting!), and he had a blast.  He is already ready for next year!  Emma spent the day with Nana and Granpa, and Finn joined them late in the afternoon so he didn't have to stay out late for the adventure the rest of us were on.  That evening, The Weavers and Lara traveled to OKC Fair Grounds to watch 2 state championship high school basketball games.  3A Heritage Hall was up first; they lost.  Next 2A Millwood; they also lost.  Heritage Hall has the amazing Trey Alexander on the team - son of Jake's AET coach (he also coached for HH), so we all decked out in AET gear for this outing! Then, the head coach of Millwood has a son on Jake's AET team, so we had to stay and support them as well.  Silver balls are great, too!


Sunday was Jake's final weekend of jr. nba 3v3 at Solid Rock.  We had a game at 2, and if we won that one, we got to play in the Championship at 3:30.  WE MADE IT TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!  Came up a little short, but Jake will be back next year!

Everyone is looking forward to the start of Spring Break next week!  BRING IT ON!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The One with The Road Trip to Tulsa

March 1 - 3, 2019

This has been a very cold start to March weather-wise.  The Groundhog said Spring would come early since he could not find his shadow early last month.  He lied.  We have had bitterly cold temperatures, ice storms, severe wind chills, and we have missed 3-4 days of school/work depending on which school, which district, and where you work since the start of February.  We are ALL ready for warm weather and Spring!

And with Spring, comes Prom Season!  We went prom dress shopping for Emma a few weeks ago, and this weekend it was Lara's turn!  The weekend started out pretty slow, especially since we were all trying to thaw out and stay warm. Earlier in the week, Emma had decided to spend the weekend at her Nana and Grandpa's house in Perkins, so we had the opportunity to see her more this weekend than usual.

Saturday morning, the whole family got to meet up for Finn's Upward basketball game.  And I mean the WHOLE family!  Extended Hatfield family included!  Sarah had spent the night with Emma in Perkin's at Nana and Grandpa's house, and Clay was the referee for Finn's game.  I had to catch a few pictures of this, of course!

Clay, Sarah, Emma, Lara

Finn Weaver Fan Club

Six Dream Weavers - "Little" Dream Weavers
And a picture of Everest Pearl Lara snapped on Saturday

Sunday was a ROAD TRIP day!  The weather was atrocious, so grandpa agreed to drive.  Lara and I drove her VW to Academy, where Nana, Grandpa, and Emma met us for the trip East to Tulsa.

We were headed to a hotel in South Tulsa for a HUGE prom dress and formal consignment resale.  Now, Lara has no prom date, and very little intentions of going to prom this year, but we stressed so bad about a dress for Wrestling Homeomcing (since we had a 10 day notice!), that we are PREPARED!  Prom this year?  Football Homecoming Court?  Wrestling Homecoming Court?  Senior Prom?  Whatever comes our way - we have it covered! LOL!  (Or at least whatever comes FIRST!) She picked an AMAZING 2 piece dress that will remain under wraps until she had a purpiose for wearing it.  Just know it is FABULOUS and suits Lara perfectly!  (At the writing of this, Emma is set to pick up her fabuoous prom dress from the store today after laterations are finished).  #promseason

She said YES to a DRESS
Also, we finally completed one of Lara's Christmas presents.  She wanted a hammock chair in her room, and we got one for Christmas.  Only one problem - we had no idea how to hand it.  After watching youtube videos, we decided a stand might be a better idea since she can take it with her when she leaves - or take it outside should the mood strike!  So, the stand came, and Dad surprised her with it on Friday.  She spent the rest of her weekend just like this (either doing homework or just watching TV):

One more weekend to go before SPRING BREAK 2019.  Both girls have trips planned!  I won't see either of them, and I doubt very seriously I see many pictures either...