Saturday, October 21, 2017

The One Where We Herald Your Fame

This weekend gets credit for starting a little early.  Stillwater High School had THURSDAY Night Lights (2nd of 3 for this season - so weird) this week when they hosted Choctaw.  SHS Pioneers worked hard after the tough loss at Lawton last week and came out with the "W" improving their record to 6-1.  Great showing and a wonderful fall night for some football.  As usual, there is s pre-game pic, and I had to throw one in of Molly and Lara working hard...

But the best part of this weekend was America's Largest Homecoming at Oklahoma State University!  Emma joined us for most of the festivities, too.  Friday night was Walkaround where we spent time looking at the AMAZING house decs created by the Greek houses.  We marveled at the intricate pomping, and we ooh'd and ahh'd at the mechanics of the big scenes and the special effects in others.  I made our group stop in at the tent where we could get a family picture with Pistol Pete - can't wait to get a print of that!

Saturday morning was Sea of Orange Parade time.  Spent with so many people we love!  Nana and Grandpa, the Hatfields, the DeFreitas's, and even some extended family from Tennessee!  You never know who is going to show up at our little spot to watch the parade!

While some of us watched the game at home, Lara was across town babysitting 2 little boys so their parents could enjoy the game.  And of course, so she could earn a little cash! Emma went to Perkins to help Nana and Grandpa unpack some more.  She also went to a birthday party for her long-time friend Brock that evening.  That party broke up early when a big storm blew threw and rained them out!!!  Sunday was pretty relaxed as well.  Lara had to go to the high school for a football practice, as we have ANOTHER Thursday game this coming week!  We had dinner, our family meeting, and got ready for another fun week - leading in to Fall Break!

And just as a note on my 2020 Project - I started this blog Friday before Walkaround.  I thought about finishing it MANY times during the week, but it was QUITE a week for me, and i didn't get back to it until 1/2 way through the next weekend!  I knew there would be weeks like this!  :)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The One With The Ball

"The One With The Ball."  That's pretty funny.  Since it is fall.  and this family plays a lot of ball.  In the Fall.  Emma has basketball.  Lara works football.  Jake plays basketball.  Finn is a ball of energy.  But this weekend "Ball" took on another meaning. AS in, a dance.  A gala.  An event.  And there was much ado.  Perhaps about nothing.  But it was fun, nonetheless.

Friday night lights.  We played Lawton. In Lawton.  The left school at 1:30pm.  And got back at 1:05 am Saturday morning.  We lost the ball game, and got home in a downpour.  Not the best experience, but lots of memories

before the game

after the game
Saturday, Jake had basketball games in Edmond while Lara slept in.  When we got back to Stillwater mid-afternoon, it was time to get ready for the Fall Ball.  Stillwater High School Semi Formal was that night at the Wes Watkins Center on the OSU campus, and Lara had a date.  He was picking her up for dinner, then they were off to the ball!

fancy dress

full of sass

no outfit is complete without rustic cuff

hair by mom

with her date dylan

with morgan

Sunday, Mom had a birthday.  And Dad and the kids threw a little party.  It was a BALL! We didn't get much time (and no pictures) with Emma this weekend, but she was on this side of the county helping nana and grandpa put boxes in their attic, so I did get a birthday hug from her!

Not a bad way to spend a fall weekend with all kinds of balls!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Turning SIX with all the Tricks!

Finn Ricker Weaver is six years old today.  We have come a long way, baby! What an amazing ride.

Dad summed it up with this Facebook post:

These six years have flown by!!
Today as we celebrate our funny, finicky, feisty Finn .... we also honor those who were directly responsible for us reaching this day!! (he tagged every NICU nurse, doctor, respiratory therapist, NICU family support specialist, and every other NICU person we could think of - including his NICU friends with birthdays right around the same time.  Life Changing days those were!)

Finn is not a big fan of crowds, other people, or anything that varies from our norm, so we kept it low key this year.  His Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jake got him a new bigger bike, so that was waiting for him in the living room when he woke up.  He loved the colors and took it for a spin through our living room - dining room - kitchen.  After that, it was off to school to take snacks to his Kindergarten friends.  He chose animal crackers and cheeze-its.  (Not a fan of sweets, either).  He told us they sang happy birthday to him in class, and he said he had a good day at school on his birthday.

After Mom finally got home form a conference, Finn wanted to go out for his birthday dinner.  His choice? ESKIMO JOE'S.  He is part of their Birthday Club so he had gotten his coupon in the mail for his choice of a milkshake or 2 pencils from Joe's clothes.  Of course, he chose the pencils!  It was kids night, so he got to see his pals Joe and Buffy, and he told our waiter it was his birthday.  So of course, he got a complementary birthday sundae - which his brother ate.  LOL!

After dinner, Nana and Grandpa met us at our house with presents.  Finn got a few new things from Nana and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, his brother, and his sister.  HE squealed and screamed with delight and excitement with every present he opened!  And, after he opened each present, he then opened the packaging, and THREW IT AWAY in the kitchen trashcan before he played with the new toy.  I wish all my kids cleaned up after themselves like that!

Big Sister Emma was even in town running errands with her family, so she stopped by for a quick hug and a picture.

At bedtime, we remembered the cookie cake and candle.  So, we had another little celebration!  Finn asked for some cookie.  Took one nibble, and handed it off for someone else to eat.  But her loved blowing out the candle!

He really had a great day celebrating turning 6.  Tonight, his elementary school is having our fall carnival.  I've tried to convince him this is his birthday party!  I mean, its outside, there's games and inflatables, his friends will all be there, lots of food... Sounds like a birthday party to me!

Happy 6th Birthday, Mr. Finn.  We absolutely adore you and life would not be the same with out you.  Thanks for keeping us on our toes and teaching us patience. Always on your own time and in your own way - we love you for all your differences!