Thursday, November 8, 2018

The One Where They Broke Some Records

TEN AND OH!  10-0!  We are undefeated!  Not since 1976!  First Round Playoff game at HOME!  There is so much to be excited about!

Friday Night Lights DID NOT Disappoint.  we haven;t had a regular football week in a while, and this one left it all out on the field.  It was a tougher game, and lots of excitement.  Especially WHEN WE WON!!!! So now the Stillwater Pioneers are in the playoffs, and host Muskogee Friday night in Stillwater.  The stands should be packed - there is a ton of hype around this coming game!

Here are a few pictures from FNL in Del City:

The rest of the weekend was very relaxed.  Jake had a "date" of sorts at the bowling alley on Saturday afternoon, and Lara was his driver/chaperone. Lara is trying to be brave and do scary things.  So far, its at a stand still...

We went to bed Saturday night and turned back our clocks (at the writing of this on Thursday we have still not adjusted), then early Sunday morning we went to church. Dad took the kids to an OSU Men's Basketball game while Mom did some homework.

We didn't see or hear form Emma this weekend.  Maybe next weekend!

Let's keep working hard and make it to STATE, Pioneers!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The One Where They Fell for Fall

October 25 - 28, 2018

This one is going to be a picture diary.  It was BUSY!  And Momma's tired!  We had lots of fun fall activities going on - most of them somehow related to football.  'Tis the season!  On a side note, these girls are such amazing humans, and they have done a great job of surrounding themselves with AWESOME humans along the way!  We are sure proud of these girls.  16 is treating them so very well.  Keep up the good work, ladies!

Thursday night lights.  We won.  We're 9-0.  Go 'Neers!

Friday night - OSU Homecoming Walkaround.  And Lara babysat Jake and Finn so Mom and Dad could go to Mom's 25th High School Reunion.

Saturday morning: OSU Homecoming Parade.  OSU Beat Texas

Sunday night - KLIFE dance at Rosemary Ridge

WHEW!  And it's already next weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2018


12 weeks.  It has been 12 LONG weeks since that crazy afternoon in Wichita, Kansas when Jake had a basketball collision that resulted in a growth plate injury.  12 long, hard weeks.  And I figured it was time for an update.  Walk, Jog, Run!

Since the last post about the injury, Jake started 6th grade - middle school.  He had to learn to navigate the busy halls on crutches, and use thee elevator to go between floors.  He even went to his first middle school dance - on crutches.

First Middle School Dance

He also went to numerous high school football games, his first live theatrical performance of any kind to see "Wicked," and various other activities all made more difficult by his reliance on crutches.

The week after Labor Day, we had a followup appointment with his orthopedic surgeon in Oklahoma City..  We received the BEST news, and Jake was so thrilled!  We were released to weight bearing with 4 weeks of PT on September 10.  He was so incredibly happy to be rid of the crutches!  Walk.

Of course, there was still lots of work to be done!  He spent the next 4 weeks going to physical therapy BEFORE SCHOOL 2-3 days a week to get stronger.  He also had home exercises that he did everyday.  After 2 weeks, he was able to ditch the elevator key and use the stairs like his friends.  Which was cool at first, but then he missed the elevator! LOL!  At the end of the 4 weeks of therapy, we were back at the orthopedic doctor in the City - hopeful for more good news.  GREAT NEWS!  The doctor released him to go back to basketball practice!  Easy at first, but he could get and get back in the swing of things.  Jog.



Since then, he has eased back in to AET training (we're going once a week - hoping to get to 2x a week this month),  and weekly team practices.  The first day, he was 10 weeks post injury.  Jake's Coach told him to take it easy a couple times, but he refused. He hadn’t run a step in 10 weeks. At practice, he worked every step everyone else did. He did everything his teammates did. He might have been slow, he might have been out of breath, he might of been last. But he never quit. Since that first practice back, we've had to slow him down a bit, but he is working SO HARD to get back in shape and back in game form fir the first week of December when the team travels to Texas for a tournament.  He's doing GREAT and loving being back in the gym.

Lucky Number 13

AET Eltie 2025

This guy has big plans!  Already met his future coach:

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