Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The one that was Chill

Looking back over the Friday-Saturday-Sunday that just passed, there was nothing too remarkable that happened.  It was ferociously cold here, and we had the usual busy-ness, but not took much else going on to report. Chill.

Lara: Friday after school she was planning to stay through the varsity boy's basketball game, but ended up coming home before it even started.  She had felt ill during wrestling practice, and continued to get worse, so she found a ride home and spent the evening on her futon watching TV and resting.  Nothing specific - just worn out teenage girl syndrome!  Saturday she got up and went to Edmond with us for Jake's games, then had a chill evening.  Sunday we all slept in, then she spent the afternoon at the High School working on decorations for the upcoming SMAC week!  She sat in paint.  I think that's her best memory of the weekend.

Emma: Friday night she had a district basketball game, but it was over 2 hours away and none of us made it to the event.  She had not been feeling well, and didn't get to play either (She was diagnosed with flu on Tuesday morning). She is contemplating getting at least one Daith piercing for migraine relief after the season is over - still lots to consider there.  She spent the rest of the weekend in Newkirk with her Grandpa Bruce working on her truck.  She got pulled over and got a speeding ticket warning while driving his Tahoe in the tiny town.  I think that's her best memory of the weekend.   

This coming weekend is regional wrestling for Lara and regional basketball for Emma.  Go Sports!

Monday, February 5, 2018

The One Where Emma was Here and Lara was There

This past weekend was kind of a weird one.  As usual, LOTS going on, and the logistics are never easy (I will be so glad when they can drive themselves!).  The craziest thing (to me), is that Emma was in Stillwater for the better part of the weekend, and “technically” Lara was, too, but they never actually saw each other!  That’s incredibly rare.  And strange to me…  So, since they were never in the same place at the same time this weekend, I am going to do one recap per twin!  Here we go!


Emma had her last home basketball game in Mulhall Friday night.  The Lady Panthers lost to Crescent, even though Emma had quite a fan club present!  Nana, Grandpa, and the 4 Weavers were all in attendance!  Due to Jake having crazy early basketball games down in Piedmont, Emma went to spend the night in Perkins with Nana and Grandpa.  Finn was on that train as well!  Instead of leaving town at 6:30am with us, they got to sleep in, and Nana took them shopping.  Emma needed a new, professional outfit to wear to an interview this week.  She has applied for the Precision Metal Fabrication program at Meridian Technology Center, and she has her application interview coming up this week.  After a morning of successful shopping, Nana, Grandpa, Emma, and Finn met the rest of the Weavers in Edmond to watch Jake play his last game of the day.  The won a TOUGH one, so the reward was ice cream for all!  Emma and Finn picked a good game to go to – they got ice cream, too!

Stone Cold for the WIN
After we got back to Stillwater for the night, Emma went out with a few of her friends to hang out with their modified pick-up trucks, and a late dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  This girl is always up for an adventure!  Saturday morning, we headed back to Orlando about 11:45.  After a stop at her house to drop off her “gear,” she was back in Mulhall to work at the Fair Barn for the rest of the day.  We only got her for a few hours, but she did get to sleep in Lara’s bed, and somehow in the few short hours she was there she earned the nickname “Earthquake Emma” for the state she left the back of our house in! LOL!  We found a few of her belongings at our house, and Nana has a few at her house as well for the next time we see her…


Lara spent the entire weekend with the high school girls group from Eagle Heights Baptist Church.  The retreat called “The Gathering” had them meeting together at the church, then staying in one of the group member’s homes from Friday night through the church service on Sunday morning.  There were 9 girls in their group, and they had a great time.  Worship, bible study, group activities, quiet time, fun, and contests! 

Family Portrait a la Kardashians

Sunday at church

Much Love

One of the contests on Saturday involved each group (there were several age specific gender groups) was assigned to make a music video.  I have been able to see a few of them, but of course I think my girls’ is the best!  And, THEY WON!  But, of course they won – it was about loving your mom!  A vote against them was a vote against MOMS!  Here is the video:

When we finally did get Lara back mid-day on Sunday – after Emma was already back in Logan County -- she was EXHAUSTED, and her dirty laundry was taking over her room.  So, while the rest of us went back to Edmond (again) for Jake’s jr nba 3v3 games, she rested and did laundry.  She also got to watch the Super Bowl, which we missed most of due to games, eating, and driving back.  We were able to watch the last quarter as a family, then tune in together for the CRY FEST that was NBC’s This Is Us.  We love watching this show together as a family, and last night’s did not disappoint!  We are BIG fans of the Big Three, and last night we FINALLY learned how Jack Pearson died.

The Six Dream Weavers are off on more adventures this week, as always.  Can’t wait to see what the Twisters do THIS weekend and document it on the 2020 Project blog.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The one where nothing really happened

Scratching my head and shrugging my shoulders.  Because I don't really know what happened to the last weekend???  We weren't particularly super busy like we are sometimes, but nothing super special really happened either.

I do have a few pictures to share showing some memories that were made this weekend.  Pioneer basketball homecoming was Friday night, so the five Stillwater Dream Weavers went to that.  Lara had a long day at a wrestling tournament in Blackwell on Saturday.  Sunday we did church in the morning (we had been going at night, but basketball...)  where we got to see Emma and hug on her, and then Jake had 3v3 games in Edmond.  Another weekend in the books!

Stillwater High School Pioneer Basketball Homecoming

Lara and Colby took  pictures

Emma discovered Jake has GROWN a bunch

Emma is 5'8" - so I guess Jake is too!

Lara declared THIS is her favorite song (and video)!

Thomas Rhett - Marry Me