Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The One With Sky Booms, Family, and Fun

July 4 - 7, 2019

Another LONG weekend!  Since the 4th  was on a Thursday this year, the party lasted ALL FOUR DAYS!  OK, not really, but at least we did get a long break from routine and some family time in.  And while it is summer in Oklahoma, it was not as hot as it is going to get next week, so we were able to enjoy the holiday weekend and have some fun.

We had no real, solid plans for the weekend or for the holiday, so in true Weaver style, we played it by ear.  Seemed to work out pretty well!  There are always lots of choices for things to do on Independence Day, but this year we chose to keep it simple.  VERY simple!

Lara had a babysitting gig midday on Thursday, so the rest of us stayed home and relaxed for the morning.  I had texted Emma to see what she was doing, and we chatted on the phone for a bit.  She was busy working for her Grandpa in Newkirk, but I told her we were just going to Nana and Granpa's house later, and she was welcome to come, too!  I was super surprised when she showed up in Perkins later that evening!


She is not afraid of hard work!
After Lara was home from babysitting, we sent out to eat for lunch, went to 2 different fireworks stands, then went to the cemetery to visit Uncle Brian's grave.  As is our tradition, we lit smoke bombs from the flower holder atop his marker.  Fourth of July was also his favorite holiday.  Light things on fire; blow them up, repeat.

Then, we headed to Nana and Grandpa's with a load of fireworks to enjoy the rest of the evening.  We shot off a few small things before Emma got there, but then once she got there we blew up some more!  She and Jake even went to another fireworks stand for more stuff!

Emma's Here!

Sky Booms, Family, and Fun

Dad and Emma

Lara and Finn

Emma and Finn cleaning (Becuase, Nana!)

Lara, smoke ball dancing


My two red-headed firecrackers had a fun time together. and with family, and it did this Momma's heart good to have them together for a fun night.  Emma stayed the night at our house in Stillwater but headed back to Newkirk early the next morning.

Emma - 17, Senior Summer

Lara - 17; Senior Summer

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy.  Jake was picked up to play basketball by a team in OKC, so Lara spent most of Saturday and part of the day Sunday babysitting Finn.  They bought the new "Game of LIFE" boardgame - I hate it.  I want my 1970's version back.  It was more like LIFE!

We missed all the fun we have had the last 2 years (here and here) with our extended Hatfield family, but they were out of town for a wedding.  At The Movies started at Life Church this weekend.  Our Stillwater church lobby is decorated as the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The movie in this week's message was "A Star is Born."  It was a heavy message, but a good one!  I can't wait to see what next week brings - for the Twisters and at church!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

The One Where They Packed It All In

June 28 - 30, 2019

Remember the old (nor so old?) board game, Chutes and Ladders?  The ladders take you up and the chutes bring you down?  That's exactly what this summer feels like.  And I don't really see an end in sight for a while.  I keep hearing the term SENIOR SUMMER and I guess this is it.  The last summer they have with their classmates.  Next summer is unpredictable.  Next summer, there is no project 2020 blog. Next summer...

And this weekend was a big one.  Friday was a day we have had planned for a long time.  To help Emma decide what she is going to do after high school, we scheduled a campus tour and visit at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah - home of the RiverHawks.  And, in true Weaver fashion, it was a family affair.  Lara had to work in Stillwater at her Nanny job, and luckily she can occasionally take Finn with her.  So, Nana, Grandpa, Me, Dad, Jake, and Emma loaded up and drove 2 hours to Green Country in Oklahoma.  With all the rain and intense sun we have had this past few months, everything was so green and so lush!  The drive was long is you ask Emma, but the results were well worth it.  We got to see a presentation of all the things NSU has to offer, go on a campus tour and of course, the tour ended at the bookstore so souvenirs were purchased.  We had a fun lunch downtown, stopped in to see some relatives (and some real estate that's for sale), and headed back to Stillwater full of hope and plans for the future.

She thinks she might like it here
Bought a T-shirt (and a sweatshirt)
Parents Approve

Lunch at Sam and Ella's
The moment we all arrived back at "home base" in Stillwater (our house), Nana and Grandpa were exhausted so they were off to Perkins, and Emma and Lara loaded up and headed to Orlando - because they were off for another adventure early the next morning!  The girls spent Saturday through Monday with the Horinek family winding their way through Texas.  The main attraction was the Schlitterbahn Water Park in San Marcos, but they stopped in Waco, Dallas, Buc-cee's and other places along the way.  Here are a few pictures they shared with me as well.

The aforementioned sweatshirt

Magnolia in Waco



Next weekend - our favorite - the Fourth of July! Summer is basically half way over...

Monday, June 24, 2019

The One Where they Took Over Newkirk

June 21-23, 2019

Lara and Emma basically spent the whole weekend together.  This is next to unheard of!  I am proud of them for talking it through and making it work for everyone involved.

But first, there was Friday in Stillwater.  Pioneer Playday, the biggest fundraiser for Pioneer Athletics Booster Club, was held on Friday.  The first day of summer, and the HOTTEST and MOST HUMID day of 2019 so far.  Somehow, we survived.  Sweaty, dehydrated, and almost miserable, but it was a successful day and we came out of it proud of the job we accomplished

Lara was a HUGE helper for all things Pioneer Playday.  Thursday night, since my men were in OKC for AET 2025 training and practice, she was my only car and helper for auction set up.  We drove to the home of the person who collected the items, loaded up her car and several others, then drove to Stillwater Country Club to unload.  Once everything was inside (where there was cool air conditioning!), we began the setup process.  A couple of hours later, we were done and headed home.  Lara was also instrumental on Friday.  If there was nothing for her to do at the Country Club, she was babysitting Finn or helping run errands off-site.  She spent most of the day with Sarah, who was also the Victim" of being a committee member's kid.  They got to drive the gator, so it was a good day!

Thursday Night auction set up

Midday - so hot and sweaty!

Riding in the Gator with Sarah to deliver water around the course

After she was released from her Pioneer Playday and babysitting duties, Lara was off to Ponca City and Newkirk, Oklahoma (population 2,300) to spend the weekend with her sister and her grandpa.  I am not 100% sure what all went one up there!  I know they worked at their grandpa's Napa store in Newkirk for several hours on Saturday - she was compensated with a little cash and a whole tank of gas.  And they stayed at his house in Ponca City - not sure he was ready for the invasion of 2 teenaged redheads!  The girls also saw the movie "Toy Story 4" in Kansas, went to church in Newkirk, and supported the church kids' car wash - where Lara was not super impressed with the job done. She is spoiled by Coulter Car Wash in Edmond!  I also know on Sunday Lara had lunch with her grandma Karen before coming back home to Stillwater.

Of course, Sunday, what seemed like mere moments after her return from Kay County, she was off to dinner and who knows what else with Erika and Kendall for the rest of the evening.  Her summer nannying job start time got pushed back, so she didn't have to be up as early, so she stayed out later than usual.  I never see these crazy kids anymore!  Ah, Summer!

Another weekend wrapped up - here's to the next one!