Monday, June 11, 2018

The One With No Pictures

June 8-10, 2018

You can sure tell it is summer around here.  Things are much more toned down.  Calm.  Peaceful  This weekend was especially slow since there were no sports for anyone to attend.

Lara came off a week of Nanny duty for 2 of her 3 kids she watches, and starts this week off with only 1.  Their summer schedules got a little off, and So she ends up working 3 weeks in a row, but never with the same mix of kiddos.  She was sad she missed out on the Nature Camp end of week picnic with her brothers last Friday - this is the first one in 10 years she has missed!  The rest of the weekend was slow and calm.  She and I spend some time together watching last last few episodes of Season 2 of "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix.  That show is deep.  And intense.  And powerful.  Beyond that, we worked around the house - still getting settled in.  Sunday morning she had to go out to the home of the family she babysits for - their 2 dogs got out!  Church, dinner out, and a relaxing evening at home rounded out her weekend.  Monday morning - back to the Nanny gig!

Emma is living the Kay County life!  I know she fished some this weekend.  And pet some dogs.  There is evidence of this on her Instagram account.  She is tan, and busy.  Other than that, I don't know much about her weekends!  I know she is working hard, meeting new people, and making memories!

Next weekend is Father's Day.  Sounds like they will be spending it with their father.  We will miss them!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The One Where the Parents were Out of Town

June 1 - 3, 2018

This one will be SHORT and SWEET!  Mom and Dad were out of town all weekend (Dallas - Jake played basketball).  Lara stayed home alone in Stillwater - with chores and work to do.  Friday night she went to the birthday party of the little girl she is Nanny-ing for this summer, and Saturday night she met her sister and some friends at Lake Carl Blackwell (Where she got a parking ticket and had a melt down.

Emma spent the weekend at Lake Carl Blackwell.  She caught a tiny fish.  And she talked her sister off the ledge about the parking ticket Saturday night.

Lara babysat Finn the last few hours we were out of town on Sunday, so she earned a GOLD STAR for her first weekend home alone without parents.

See you next weekend!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The One Where They Became Juniors

May 25-28, 2018
Memorial Day Weekend

MAN!  I cannot get over how FAST time is flying these days!  Killing me!  So, now, they are both done with sophomore years of high school.  Emma was out a week or so before Lara, and Lara finished up this past Friday.  Plus, they both started new summer jobs.  This is the second summer Emma has worked somewhere; it's the first for Lara.  Emma is living in Ponca City with her grandpa Bruce and working with him at the NAPA store in Newkirk - among other wild and totally Emma things.  Lara is working every other week in Stillwater as a summer Nanny for a family with 3 young kids.  Totally up her alley - even if she did get a pretty pink sunburn on her first day!

So, last weekend.  Again, went too fast.  Didn't see any Emma.  Tried to cram in all the things.  Ended up happy, tired, and not ready for the week to start.

Lara went to a Class of 2018 high school graduation party for her friend Jake G.  Then we went as a family to SHS graduation at Gallagher Iba Arena.  Partly to see her friends graduate, but mostly to see Dr. Bob and hear him give the commencement speech!  It was SO VERY LONG!  But a fun event.  Then, Saturday she went with us to watch Jake play basketball!

Grad Party

3 generations of PIONEERS

Basketball Trip

Emma was working and running all over North Central Oklahoma taking care of her horses, her grandma Karen, her house while her Dad and Step-Mom are out of town, and living her new life in Kay County!  WHEW!

But, we did get to see her Tuesday night.  She had to come to Orlando to take care of her horses, so she drove on in to Stillwater for free food to see us.  She and Lara both look rough after long days at work, but I made them pose for a picture!  #GoodMom

This week will go by just as quickly.  There's no stopping it, right?