Thursday, December 14, 2017

The One Where They Were Spread Out

Rural Oklahoma.  Kids active in Team Sports.  And other clubs and activities.  There are weekends where we do not connect much, if at all.  This was one of those...

Another weekend has passed.  The 2020 Project has made us all look at things in a different way.  Really lean in to the weekends and the experiences.  And to cherish the down time and the calm moments.  This weekend was a busy one for all - as usual this time of year.  With Christmas just a few days away, it seems everyone is celebrating, and with team sports kids, there is always a competition or a practice right on the horizon.

As I write this, it is Thursday.  Of the next week.  I think this is the latest so far that I have gotten around to logging my weekly #2020project entry!  I will probably start in on next week's as soon as I am done here!  As a family, we have had something every night the past week, and next week is no different!  Love my crazy, busy, big family, and all the adventures they take us on, but this old Mommy needs a NAP!

This pas weekend for Emma started with her Mulhall-Orlando Lady Panthers heading to Agra for an area tournament.  They lost out on Friday, but that didn't mean things were getting less busy for my #1 daughter!  She was soon off to Midwest City for her FFA MFE (Made for Excellence) leadership conference.  I know she had a blast with that and was able to connect with old friends, meet new ones, and hone her leadership skills.  My favorite part of that experience was her sending me a short clip of her FFA crew singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing!"  That's the Dream Weaver theme song!

Emma at MFE

Only one I got of her in official dress
Lara's weekend started early on Thursday night with a wrestling match at Stillwater High School with her Pioneers facing Southmoore.  As a team they came up short, but there were a few fantastic duels where our wrestlers came out on top.  And if that wasn't enough wrestling, there was an area tournament in Perry that started on Friday and lasted all day Saturday.  Lara left from school to head up there on Friday, and got home late Friday night.  Only to get up super early Saturday morning and go back!  We had to have her at the high school by 7:15 Saturday morning.  She must really love being a trainer!  ;)  She was done by early ebeing Saturday, and then got to spend the rest of the night recooperating because the rest of te Weavers were with Jake at his basketball tournament!

cleaning up blood from the mat Thursday night

Sunday, we got to rest, and go to church.  Much needed day of catching up!  After church that evening, we met some friends on campus to take their Christmas Card picture in front on the big orange "O" on Library Lawn.  Since we were there, I had the kids pose and I got one of them as well!

Another weekend in the books.  Another marble out of the jar.  Childhood is fleeting.  Right before our eyes.  So beautiful to watch and share.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The One Where We Decorated

Thanksgiving is over, so that must mean Christmas is right around the corner.  And even though the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear, the way we like to do it is by putting up a Christmas tree, lights and inflatables in the yard, and stockings hung with care.  And this was the weekend to make it happen!  Among all the other usual things we do on weekends...

Emma spent this weekend with her dad, and Lara stayed in Stillwater with us.  Aside from decorating our house for Christmas - which led to finding some real gems of the girls as babies and toddlers, we also had our usual trip to Edmond for Jake's basketball game - and an awesome meal at Ted's!  Lara and I also made some fun ornaments for her to share with the SHS Wrestling Mat Maids.  Emma was in the holiday decorating mode with her family as well.  They went to a tree farm in Edmond to pick theirs out.  And Lara helped Finn pose with the inflatables in our yard. Other than that, it was an easy weekend of homework, laundry, church, and our family meeting.  Here are a few pictures of our weekend adventures:

So as we get ready to celebrate Christmas with our family, we are still in Basketball and Wrestling seasons for the kids, so our night are full of adventure!  Plus, there is the school year to finish out...

Monday, November 27, 2017

The One with Kansas Connections

Long holiday weekends mean there's plenty of time for memories and mayhem!  This year, Thanksgiving Break proved to be a perfect time for all of that!  We started out with a skeleton of a plan, and it turned into a fun few days filled with family, surprises, and family antics.

We had made plans to go to "Aunt" Brona's house in Montezuma, Kansas.  It was "her year," so that meant all of her kids and grand kids would be there.  She has 5 grand kids ages 9-1, and then add my 4 - it was a lot of kids and a lot of hilarity.  And NOISE!  ;)  We knew it would be a big time with this BIG family, and it was not disappointing!

We left out mid morning on Wednesday out of Stillwater.  First stop was Orlando, to pick up Emma and her gear for the trip.  Next, we made a lunch break in Wichita.  Spangles, of course, per Jake's request.  We made it all the way to Greensburg, Kansas before we had to stop and stretch our legs again.  We went to out favorite little park that we first found on our Road Trip in 2013.  We let off some steam, then it was full speed ahead to Montezuma!

Once we got to Montezuma, it was a night of catching up playing games (Ticket to Ride, Spoons, and the little guys played a cards and marble game), grilling out, and celebrating November birthdays.  Britt, the boys and I stayed in the basement at "Aunt" Brona's house (with 12 of our closest relatives), while the girls went down the street to "Aunt" Kamela's house.  So strange, to me, to be on vacation with them, but I never really saw them... Just another reflection on the teenage years I suppose!

Thursday was Turkey Day!  24 for dinner, and so much fun!  Great food, great company, fun, games, and new experiences.  Emma and my boys went shooting with the big boys.  She got to try her hand at some big guns, too!  The boys each got to shoot the .22, and are glad they did.  After shooting, Emma went out with her cousin Todd to do some pheasant hunting, while the rest of us went to the wind farm for some family pictures. Then, it was back to the house for leftovers, and more GAMES!

Lara's first time at SPOONS!

After another good night of sleep, we got up Friday morning ready to hit the road!  There were the obligatory pictures, lots of hugs goodbye, and promises to not wait 4 years before we do it again!  We left late morning, and after a stop in Dodge City for yummy Mexican food for lunch, we were Oklahoma bound!

All the cousins!  Ages 15 to 22 months

Twins holding TWINS! Lara and Alex then Emma and Isaac

Lara (OG) and Emma

Lara (OG) and Lil Lara

When we were about 1.5 hours out from home, we got 2 phone calls that changed out next few hours.  First, we got a call and were offered 6 free tickets to the OSU vs. Kansas football game that was set to kick off in Stillwater at 11:00am on Saturday.  We were headed back so that Britt could be there to Uber, but going to Senior Day at Boone Pickens Stadium sounded AWESOME!  So, we started figuring out what all we needed to do to make that happen for our family.  Then, Emma got a call that she needed to stop by her house in Orlando to check on the horses and the dog.  Our 4.5 hour trip home would now be a solid 7 hours! LOL!  But, we made lots of memories along the way!

So, Saturday morning we were up early, bundled against the wind and cold, and on campus by 8:45 am to see The Walk and participate in pre-game activities - which included Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Cheese Fries at Eskimo Joe's.  We got to the stadium just in time to see the Senior Day activities, then we watched the cowboys beat the Jayhawks in the last home game of a spectacular season.

It got warmer so we took off our sweaters!

Found an "OLD" friend!
After the game, we took the Tahoe back to Nana and Grandpa's house in Perkins and spent a few hours there just hanging out with them.  Once back at home in Stillwater, it was time to relax.  Britt was out driving for Uber, the boys were on their devices, I was doing laundry, and the girls invited me to watch a movie with them.  Such a sweet time!  We sat in the dark, wrapped up in blankets, ate left-over Thanksgiving treats, and watched a silly movie.  A great way to end the night!

Sunday we all slept in and had a lazy morning.  Mid-day, we took Emma back to Orlando so that she could get some laundry done before she had basketball practice that afternoon.  Emma drove us out to Orlando, and Lara drove back to Stillwater.  They are both getting really good at that route, but need to practice more in town!  We finished our restful Sunday night with church (Lara was our driver), dinner (Lara was our driver), and a family meeting.  Back to the grind on Monday!

It was a Happy Thanksgiving for ALL!