Friday, August 18, 2017

First Day of School 2017

August 17, 2017.  The First Day of School is always an emotional roller coaster.  For everyone involved!  Who is my teacher?  What should I wear?  I don’t want to be late!  When’s lunch?  Do I need my backpack?  Do you have a pencil and something to write on?  I can’t believe you are in (insert grade here) already!?!  Do you know how you are getting home?  The list goes on and on and on. And this year, honestly, was no different.  I know I experienced about 25 emotions – all at once and then over and over throughout the day.  Here is a glimpse into how the day went.

I’ll start with the boys.  They get up early and go to school early and start early.  For #3 child, this is fine.  He sleeps hard and is ready to get up and go when the time comes.  For #4 child, this is not OK.  Lots of repeated trips to the room with back rubs, and bright lights, and bribes.  And that’s just to get him out of bed.  This ritual repeats for getting dressed, ingesting SOMETHING for breakfast, brushing the teeth (this is actually the easiest part) and combing/styling the hair.  And, I wanted them ready a few minutes early for pictures!  But we made it!  Then, Britt and I walked the boys the 4 blocks to Westwood for their first day of 5th grade and Kindergarten.

Once we were there, Finn said we should go to Jake’s class first.  Easy enough!  He is excited to have Mrs. Stuever for 5th Grade, and he has several friends in there.  After a selfie with mom, we were on to the Kindergarten hall way.  Finn had been in a good mood since he finally woke up “fully.”  He did great with pictures, loved walking to school, was a perfect little brother as we got Jake settled… And then as we neared his classroom he dug his heels in, and I basically had to drag him to class.  The next 7-8 minutes of my life left me sad, frustrated, and extremely sweaty.  With Dad’s help, and the Mrs. Edward’s (not the same Mrs. Edwards from last year – a different one.  That’s not confusing at all!) help, we were able to leave him in the classroom for circle time and go on about our day.  It was TOUGH.  There were tears all around.  I even texted my friend in the office 30 minutes later to check in.  She sent the Vice Principal on a re-con mission for us, to find that (of course) he was fine and happy and doing great.  WHEW!

After we got back home, it was time to take the #2 child to her first day of OFFICIAL High School!  I had told her if she would get up early for a quick pic with her brothers (at the top - no make-up), I would take her to get breakfast on the way to school.  She chose McDonalds.  After a quick stop there, we were off to Stillwater High School for her first day of Sophomore Year!  Drop off was a bit chaotic, and this is the pic we snapped as she stepped out of the car.

Later when the boys were dismissed for the day from Westwood, they came up to the 3rd floor of the Student Union to see me for a moment and tell me about their days.  It was SO MUCH FUN to hear them talk about the first day.  I would say both days were a success.  Jake said he was ready to go back for Day 2.  Finn, well, he’s Finn.  Not only are Jake and Finn complete opposites, so are their first day of school end of day emails from their teachers!  See below…

Emma and I texted a little bit early in the morning as she prepared for her school day.  She promised me a picture or 2, which I *FINALLY* got around 2:00 in the afternoon! LOL!  She did her ½ of the traditional Emma and Lara back to school pic.  I, however, had forgotten to do Lara’s!  So, we did Lara’s side after dinner (in her trainer clothes instead of her cute FDoS outfit, and I got to merge them together in the name of tradition!

Lara’s school day didn’t end until 5:30pm when Football Practice was over. #TrainerLife Finn had wanted to have dinner with Nana and Grandpa.  It was their 49th wedding Anniversary, so we all decided to eat at Joe’s!  Eskimo Joe’s, that is.  The big kids got their traditional First Day of School Milk Shakes for dessert, and it was the best way to end our First Day of School in 2017!

Happy 49th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad

Here’s to a great year, Little Dream Weavers!

Monday, August 14, 2017

The One Last Before School Started

They start back to school this Thursday.  This was their last weekend before it all gets very, VERY real!  Sophomore year.  So much to think about, plan for, and DO!  These busy girls are back at it so soon!  This last weekend was pretty precious.

IT was their Dad's "weekend", so Friday after football practice Lara headed out to the ranch in Orlando to spend the weekend with her sister out there.  Other than a few moments of an Instagram LIVE session where they were making chocolate chip cookies, I didn't  see them much Friday night or Saturday.  I know they made memories, though.  They always do.

I had asked them earlier in the week to set aside some time for me on Sunday.  Last year, we started a tradition of taking some fun, impromptu "Back to School" pictures of just the two of them.  For year and years - well, since Jake joined us and subsequently, Finn - we had taken  some pictures before school on the day of school, including a family photo.  But with the school start times being so far apart, and the girls never getting pictures of just them, we tried something new last year.  Plus, with Emma being 25 miles away, we had to find a new tradition.  Luckily, they wanted to do it again this year!  So Sunday afternoon, we loaded up between rain showers and header downtown to find some fun backdrops for cute, girly pictures.  We also made sure to incorporate their Dream Weaver Prints Back to School signs.  We had a BLAST, and the results were stunning - as always.  With subjects like these, how can they not?

Here are a few of my favorites (click on each image for a larger view):

But just as quickly as we finished the photo shoot and got back home, phones were buzzing and new plans were being made.  Emma had decided to stay at Nana's house Sunday night so that she could get a ride back to Mulhall early the next morning for work.  And Lara was invited to to Kayaking at Boomer Lake with some friends.  So, we were back in the car and all over town delivering teenagers to their next destination.  I see this happening a lot over the next several months until they can drive themselves!

Here are a couple of pictures of Lara from her Sunday evening adventure:

School starts on Thursday.  Emma is going back to Mulhall-Orlando High School a familiar place for her.  Lara will be starting her first year at Stillwater High School.  The Senior Class of 2018 at Stillwater hosted a Freshman Orientation night this past week to help the Class of 2020 meet new people and get familiar with their surroundings.  But, there is no orientation like trial by fire!  Here's to a NEW year, NEW friendships, and of course NEW ADVENTURES!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The One I Lost

I knew there would be weekends like this when I started the project, so this is a first, but probably not a last…  A very short entry.  Why?  Because I have no real idea about what the girls did this weekend.  I was in Kansas with my 3 men for MAYB Nationals Basketball Tournament for Jake (his team ended up 8th out of 48 teams in 4th grade).  And the girls?  Well, they did their own thing.

Emma was with her dad and step-mom.  They spent most of the weekend in Wichita, but that is about all I know!  They went to church at Life.Church in Wichita, and I know we were going to try to meet up on Sunday so she could watch Jake’s final game with the Dale Pirates, but it just didn’t work out.

Lara was in Stillwater with Nana and Grandpa. Friday night she went to a party at her friend's house with the GIANT slip and slide again - just like last weekend!  On Saturday  I know Nana used her elbow grease and (wo)man power to help clean Gigi’s house as we get ready to put it on the market!  I also know Nana took her back to school shopping around town and she got some fun new things for school.

Here’s to another weekend in the books!