Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The One With Court

Another weekend.  And another one that started early and ended late.  This one was special for Twin B.  And that's why it started early.  Last Thursday night, January 11, 2018, was Stillwater High School Pioneers Wrestling Homecoming.  We may not be the best wrestling this team - plagued with injuries - but homecoming is always special.  And in Stillwater, we celebrate it the best way we know how!  So, this post is a photo show of all the fun we had last Thursday.  Each picture can be clicked on for a larger view.

Lara was chosen by her peers to be the Sophomore Class attendant for the Wrestling Homecoming Court.  Sophomore and Junior classes each have a female attendant with a male escort.  And the Senior class has 4 queen candidates with their escorts.  For this event, the girls were chosen by the wrestling team, and they each got to choose their escort from the boys on the team in their class.

We know she had been chosen before school got out for break, so priority one was finding a dress!  We found one she LOVED online at eshakti and ordered it quickly so it would get here in time.  Next up were hair and make-up appointments.  Then, we waited for the big day.  I had taken the day off to spend it with my girl, and after going to her 1st hour class, she was dismissed for the day - as there was a pep rally that afternoon.

First few stops - hair at Wavelengths with Charlene, Nugs at Chick-fil-a, and Make-up with Betsy at Ulta.

Next up, we headed to the high school for the pep rally rehearsal/run through.  As I expected, it was a bit chaotic. LOL  Started late; confusion about if the girls should be in their dresses or not, and Lara's escort was MIA at go time - even though we had seen him and knew he was there...

So, even though Tanner (her escort) missed out on the rehearsal, the pep rally went off without a hitch.  Dad and the boys joined us for the pep rally.  Jake loved his first high school pep rally - the senior basketball boys danced and his sister was in a fancy dress!  Finn (who kept calling it a pepper alley) was just glad to be checked out of school.  It was fun to hear them talk about Lara, and we were super excited that the emcee for the even pronounced BOTH Lara's first AND last name correctly!  VICTORY!  We learned all about the queen candidates and at the end of the pep rally, the students were dismissed to go vote for their queen.  And Lara was done until the dual started later that night.  Great time for a few pics with family and friends.

One of my favorite pics of the day was a random one we snapped in the lobby of the fieldhouse as we were leaving to go home for a couple of hours.  She just glowed.

After a break and some rest and food at home, it was back to the high school to get ready for the Big Event.  This time, I was left at home, and Lara's BFF Molly took over the "mothering" duties of getting Lara into her dress and make sure she looked her best.  The votes had been counted, the court was presented; and the Queen was crowned.  It was a BEAUTIFUL night in so many ways!

Lara had to change quickly out of her dress and back into dressy clothes for her student trainer duties.  She chose pink jeans, and an off white shirt with lace insert cold shoulders.  She looked adorable the whole night!  We didn't get anymore pics in the dress since she had to change so quickly!  But, we did catch one with her sister before the festivities started.

Lara and Emma - Twisters

Love this girl!

My Shining Star!  You looked so beautiful, Lara Beth!  Great job!

So, Thursday night ended with  Emma and her crew leaving after the first couple of matches, the wrestling team posting a loss, and Lara collapsing into bed late that night after a long and busy day.  Friday, she was up SUPER early to be at the high school by 5:30am to get on the bus for a wrestling tournament in Moore, OK.  Emma had a basketball game Friday night - tough loss.  SO, they each got to their respective homes late Friday night, then Lara was back at the school by 6:30am Saturday for the long SECOND day at the Southmoore Tournament!

Lara got home late Saturday afternoon, went to dinner with us, then was off to her dad's for the rest of the weekend.  I never really know what goes on at the ranch in Logan country, but I did get a weird snap chat video of Lara getting ice cubes out of a tray with some random Grey's Anatomy show reference and Emma's infectious giggle in the background.  Plus there was a story about Leon the Mountain Lion... 

This weekend ended late due to the MLK Day holiday.  Lara and the boys were out of school, and Jake played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament where Lara killed at keeping Finn entertained.   After all the excitement of a long weekend, Monday night bedtime was a welcome distraction!  Another installment of the 2020 Project in the books.  What's next?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The One With Perfect Attendance

This weekend was the last weekend for the winter break for the girls.  Lara was slated to go back to school on Monday, while Emma got one more day of reprieve as was set to start back at The M-O on Tuesday.  But, because winter sports never sleep, this was yet another busy sports weekend for all involved! 

Emma and the Lady Panthers hosted and played in the annual Mulhall-Orlando Basketball tournament, so that kept her pretty busy Thursday through Saturday.  After her last game on Saturday, she came to Stillwater to spend part of the weekend with us.

Lara and the Pioneer Wrestling team had a regularly scheduled match in Blackwell on Thursday night, then a 2-day tournament in Jenks on Friday and Saturday.  Those 2 days were very VERY long! 

And with all of this going on, Jake still had basketball games on Saturday as well, so it was a team effort for the Weavers as well!  We always call day/weekends like that "Divide and Conquer" because between Mom, Dad, the Ricker grandparents, and the Horinek crew, we have to divide our efforts to conquer the raking to, watching, and bringing home from duties!  Thankful for a big family who all live close that are able to make this happen.

Saturday night, Emma stayed in Stillwater while the 4 Weavers went to Edmond for Jake's games.  She had plans with her friend Brock, and that also left them on Lara duty in case her bus got back to Stillwater before her parents did!  (I will be so glad when they can drive and have reliable vehicles to do so in!)  Then, all my chicks were back in the nest that night and it was glorious!

Sunday was Mom and Dad's 12th wedding anniversary, and there were lots of plans for the day, so we earned or Perfect Attendance for 2018 badge at church early.  We all piled in Rip (our 1997 blue Ford Explorer) and made the trek across town for Life.Church.

The rest of the day was spent in various ways.  (Mom and Dad went to see The Greatest Showman at the movies.)  Lara had a fun afternoon planned with her BFF Molly, and a few other kids to go to the OSU Women's Basketball Bedlam game.  The group was Lara and Molly, Molly's sister Macy and her friend, then the BOYS - Jake and Colby.  They also went out to dinner together after the game - Raisin' Canes.

Emma went home to Orlando late in the afternoon, only to make plans with her friend Rhett to come back to Stillwater later in the evening for a bite of dinner and a movie - Jumanji.  There were reports that they almost ran in to each other at Cane's, but it was busy with a bus load of kids, so Emma and Rhett opted for Taco Bell.

I will admit I have spent too much time thinking about when they are out on their own I will only have my boys.  Stinky, loud, LOVABLE boys!  And I will miss my girls.  However, this new age of dating that we have entered has met me with even more BOYS!  They both have chosen wisely, but, BOYS! LOL!  I guess I will get over it.  Boys are pretty cool.  And I love meeting new people.  So, I'll take it!

Here's to second semester of sophomore year, girls!  Go get 'em!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The One Where We Welcomed 2018

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2018!  Due to being on break from school/work, this time of the year is always a little surreal.  No one knows what day it is, what time it is, or what appropriate clothing options are!  And this year was no different.  It was great to be relaxed and enjoy some down time - even if the temps were frigid and going outside required layers and hats and gloves and sprints between the car and buildings!

Emma was at her home in Orlando this weekend.  She had basketball practice basically every day and a scrimmage early on Friday, so it was just easier for her to stay out there.  We did get to see her on Sunday at church, though!  She spent New Year's Eve with some friends - and I know from a Face Time call between the Twisters that she was playing UNO at one point...

Lara spend her lazy weekend hanging around the house, texting with friends, hanging out, and going places with us as a family.   We went to an OSU men's basketball game, and OSU women's basketball game, she saw a movie with a friend (Wonder) on NYE, a movie with me and Jake (The Greatest Showman) on New Year's Day, and did 5 loads of laundry. We cherish this time together!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

OSU Men's Basketball vs. West Virginia Friday 12/29/17

Church with Finn Sunday 12/31/17

Lara and Emma - NYE 12/31/17

OSU Women's Basketball Game vs Kansas State Sunday 12/31/17

Random Lara selfie from my phone dated 01/01/18

With Jake and I at the movies 01/01/18
Just writing the Date for today - January 2, 2018 - makes me realize how quickly it is all going.  The girls GRADUATE from high school in 2 years!  2020 is closer than I ever though possible!  Loving every moment I have and so glad I started this project!