Thursday, May 17, 2018

The One Where They TURNED 16

May 11 - 14, 2018


I think I will mainly tell this one through pictures.  (I added MONDAY to the weekend, since that was their actual birthday.)  Started the weekend Friday night when they were out at the ranch in Orlando with Emma's friends where they watched a movie projected on to the side of their barn.  Ended the weekend Monday night in Stillwater at The Hideaway with a pizza party with Lara's friends.  And a fun surprise for Lara!  Just look through and remember I saw these with lots of tears in my eyes...

Friday night in Orlando:

Mother's Day SNUCK in there!  I didn't see Emma, but I hung our with these rascals:
Happy Mother's Day!

And Monday in Stillwater:

There was a little surprise waiting for Lara after her pizza party...

And, she got to drive it home!

Lara's 2006 VW Jetta.  She named it "JETT"

It should be noted... Both Twisters FAILED their driver's tests on Monday - Emma in Ponca City and Lara in Stillwater.  They both learned from their mistakes, and because they have the best Nana and Dad (Britt) in the world, they got up very early Tuesday morning, all went to Ponca City DMV for the tests again - AND PASSED!  Success always comes from failure, and this was a valuable lesson to learn!  Here they are with their new licenses!

Emma - Perry, OK Tag Agency

Lara - Stillwater, OK Tag Agency
Welcome to SIXTEEN, girls! 
Hold on to it, as long as you can...

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The One With Endings

May 4-6, 2018

This one is going to be mostly about our Lara-Bug.  Mainly because I never saw Emma this weekend.  And I only spoke to her one the phone once - she was at the mall; wanted money for a swim suit.  LOL!  It's all good!  It is a busy time of year and we're all going 100 different directions.  It happens!

Sometimes, things come to an end unexpectedly.  I think this happened to Lara this pas week.  The SHS Varsity Baseball team played in their regional games last Thursday and Friday.  They were on a winning streak, and they believed they would play in the State Tournament the next week.  Unfortunate;y, Friday proved to be tougher than they had anticipated, and all of a sudden, 2018 Baseball was just, OVER. Lara took it pretty hard, but is so grateful for the memories and the relationships she came away with.

Since baseball is over, she has a week with her "boss" Aaron to prepare for Football, and those practices start on the 14th.  With no returning seniors on the trainer squad, Lara and Molly will be the leads on this!  Lara is very excited to be trusted with this responsibility, but it is hard to believe it's already time for FOOTBALL practice!

Other times, things end long after they should have!  Saturday and Sunday were spent MOVING!  That's right!  We moved in to our forever home this past weekend!  Ended an long era of rental houses in Stillwater - and we couldn't be more excited! Stay Tuned to the blog for more on that.  Took up a big chunk of our weekend, but we are so excited for this big change!

Next weekend - they turn SIXTEEN!

Monday, April 30, 2018

The One with Cars and Cleaning

April 27-29, 2018

This one was not super busy, but still loads of fun.  I am excited for the next few weekends - turning 16, ending sophomore year, moving on to new adventures!  But for now, let's recap...

Lara's weekend started a little early - AGAIN!  Thursday night was "Senior Night" at the Stillwater High School Varsity Baseball game at Couch Park.  She and I had a little impromptu photo shoot there before the game began.  Pioneers won, The Hatfield's passed out Senior Blankets, and it was a beautiful night!

Saturday, Lara got up early with me to go help me at our new house.  She cleaned and polished cabinets like a pro!  And, she brought her portable speaker to make sure we had tunes to keep us motivated - there is a lot of wood in the new house that needed a good polish!  After that arduous chore, she was off to baseball,, while the rest of the Weavers headed south for basketball games.  We got back in town in time to see the last few innings of the Pioneer baseball game!

Sunday, after helping watch her 2 little brothers all morning, Lara spent SEVERAL hours at the high school preparing and decorating for SMAC Week - which FINALLY starts today!  There was no AC, She didn't know how much PAINT would be involved, and she had some sort of paper war with her friend Clay.  Good Times!  They have worked so hard to this week of events.  So many delays, but it. is. HAPPENING!  Lots of fun events panned for the week!

Emma and I played phone tag all weekend.  I do know she went to a car show on Saturday in Perry, and got to drive a fancy car home that belongs to her step-mother's dad:

And then on Sunday she was apparently in Stillwater and drove this car:

Instagram keeps me updates on her where-abouts! LOL!

Looks like they both had good weekends!  Glad we are finally getting some late spring weather and that everyone has smiles on their faces!  It was a good weekend.