Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 2

Well, it hasn't really sunk in yet! We weren't going to tell anyone until father's day. But Britt was SO excited, he wanted to tell SOMEONE! So, we told his sister and her family. And if we told them, we had to tell my parents. But while we were at his sister's we ran into some family friends, so we told them. Then we went to my parent's house and told them. (My mom was in SHOCK. We are due about 6 weeks after my brother and his wife. She is going to be grandma again x2!) So, as we were driving home from my parents, we both sent text messages to a few close friends. Got home, logged on to YIM and AIM and told a few more friends. So - we went to the opposite extreme, and told LOTS of people!

We are going to go to my grandma's house here in town at lunch today, then drive over to see his parents this evening and tell them. I have not posted on my Tackling Twins board yet, but I probably will after I go to the Doctor and have the results confirmed.

We are just so EXCITED! This is truly a blessing and a miracle. Britt and I can't wait to be parents to a newborn. We are now starting the discussion of whther ot not to fnd out the sex of the baby! At least we know what the 3rd bedroom in the new house will definitely be used for...

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