Friday, June 30, 2006

Maternity Pants

Wow. Baby Bullet is BIG! Or at least my belly is. Britt and I had started noticing this week that I am looking pretty bloated and my lower belly is getting pretty firm. My mother asked me how much weight I had gained (!) and my grandmother asked my mom (within my ear shot) if I was showing “already?” So – 2nd pregnancy, in my 9th week, I guess I am!

I went to get dressed yesterday, and it was a challenge. It has been getting harder, but this was no fun. We just moved into our new house this week, and I need to do laundry in the worst way (luckily I can start tonight!), so I tried on 2 pairs of pants to no avail. On the brink of tears (aren’t I always?), I resorted to the maternity gaucho pants I had bought a week ago. They were big – BIG – but so comfy! I had a bridal shower to go to that wan an hour away last night, so the car ride and the event were easy to bear in those clothes!

Then, today is jean day. The stretchy denim capris I have been wearing every Friday are in the HUGE pile of laundry. So, I found the biggest pair of jeans I have in my closet, dug out a rubber band, and made do. They are kinda tight, and I sure am glad I am leaving work soon to go home and put on something more comfy! I guess I need to get on the ball and get some maternity clothes. YUCK! Anyone wanna donate to the cause???

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