Friday, June 9, 2006

OMGosh! The SNEEZING! (and another new thing for me…)

OK! Have I mentioned that I sneeze ALL THE TIME? Well, I do. The joke in the office is, “Don’t worry, you can’t ‘catch’ what she has!” That’s all fine and good, but it is a bit annoying. And they aren’t productive sneezes – not like a cold or hay fever. Just like when you sniff pepper or another irritant. IRRITATING is the right word for it! I did some internet research, and it says some women suffer from this. It also said that while pregnant you produce more mucus, so that could cause it. Sites also said I may have a cold or hay fever. I have no other symptoms, so I am going with pregnant sneezes. And, since I had that with the girls, it kinda makes sense. But apparently, I am in a minority here.

Now, on to my other “new” pregnancy thing. Never, EVER, in my life have I been constipated. Didn’t really even know what that was about. Well, now I do. Add that to the LONG list of gastro-intestinal issues this pregnancy has caused (can you say, GAS?), and I have been miserable more than a few times. So, 2 days ago, I took a laxative. The box said take two, but I was nervous and scared, so I took one. Nothing happened. So, last night I took another one. Happy to say I FEEL better, but nothing has really moved. So, maybe it was just bloating? I have no idea – but again, my body is going CRAZY! Not to mention the medicine DRIED ME OUT! I woke up yesterday morning noticing that everything was dry – eyes, nose, mouth, skin. But this morning I was so dry I HURT. My eyes felt like they were sunk into my head! And my skin? WOW! Tight all over. So, pretty much not doing the laxative thing again. Caused more harm than good, IMO.

But, other than that, I am doing good. I have not felt as tired the past couple of days. I don’t know if that is getting better or if I am just handling it better. My goal is to enjoy EVERY MINUTE of this pregnancy, and so far I am doing a pretty good job of that! We are just all so EXCITED about the new baby in our lives!

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