Friday, June 2, 2006

Work Knows...

I told the Director of Football OPs yesterday - and he told his wife, so I knew it would get out sooner rather than later. So, I decided to tell my office manager and my direct boss this morning. Everyone has been really excited and supportive about it! So that's nice. And they weren't too worried about the timing. Luckily, football season will be over and the biggest part of recruiting will be too. I might be a little iffy to FLY to a bowl game, but I will drive myself if I have to!

So, I feel much better about that! Glad I don't have it looming over my head. We (the football office) are having a big event tonight (Football 101 for Women), and there are several people that are going to be at this event that already know, so I wanted to make sure the big bosses knew before they found out on accident tonight. So, I had to do it today! I am just glad it is out and I don't have to worry about who knows and who doesn't.

We are SO excited! YAY!

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